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the medicaid waiting game blues

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I spent the morning getting documents and forms in order to apply for medicaid so I can get prenatal care.  The low-cost clinic I have gone to since my job reclassified me as part-time and took away my health benefits does not handle pregnancy related care.  I feel really grateful to have a friend who has been there and was willing to reassure me about the process and encourage me through the paperwork panic attack (I am always afraid I will fill something out wrong and mess it all up) but by the time it is all processed, I will be at the end of the first trimester.  I am terrified something will go wrong and I won't have prenatal care.  I am also a lot bigger than normal and scared I could be having twins (they run in my family and I am over 35 and this is my third pregnancy sooo. . .) and won't be able to relax about it until proven otherwise.

I hate this waiting game and am a nervous wreck.  Anyone btdt?  I could use some reassurance.

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I really feel for everyone- things are so different up north (I don't know if I  "CAN" mention my country- lol). There are definitely pros and cons to our system but I don't have to worry about any of that. It's different in each province but I am very lucky that our midwives are free (as well as everything else). I couldn't imagine worrying about all that on top of being pregnant BUT on the plus side, it seems as though you have a lot more choice than we do... I don't know about all the details of our health program or yours, so this is my uneducated observation, be easy on me:)

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i'm playing the waiting game too. dh gets benefits through work but it would be over $400 a month for a family plan, so he is the only one insured because it's $20/month for just him. the longer he works the lower the rate will be, so hopefully after the LO is born, we can afford it. since i'm in a state that stopped processing new apps for the kids health program and has stopped funding for transplant patients, not sure if i'm going to be able to get on this time around. while i know state isn't going to cover a MW, but i want a "just in case plan b". i went the low-cost clinic rout with my first pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, and i wouldn't do that again. the wait was always really long and DH and i both swear the woman setting up appointments and sending people back to see the doc had something against me because we'd be there for hours waiting. if i get denied, i'll just apply again in 3 months as my state allows.


edit: i should have mention i did get on with my last pregnancy with dd. so good luck!

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I know I am within the income guidelines, so I think this falls more under the categry of neurotic pregnant lady panic.  I have almost all of my paperwork and documentation but need to wait until I get my next paycheck stub and am waiting for a new social security card to come.  Hopefully I can take in my receipt for requesting a new social and that will be enough.  My EDD is May 1st, though, so I am seeing everyone's posts about dr.'s visits and getting increasingly nervous.  I know that at my age there are added risks (like 25% miscarriage rate) so I am just praying and holding my breath.  Bottom line: I have had two high risk pregnancies that required medical intervention but resulted in fabulous, healthy children.  If I start leaking or contracting, I will go to the ER and tell them my app is pending and they will be required by law to treat me and medicaid SHOULD cover it once I am approved.  I know this logically, but still worry.

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This is what is so infuriating to me about our health care situation.  I HAD health insurance, but got reclassed as part time.  Most weeks since then, I have worked full time hours, but because every fifth week or so they only give me 15-20 hours, I am not eleigible for full-time benefits.  I am one of the most highly trained people in my department, but this week I got fewer hours than the tardiest, most incompetent slacker in the department.

But hey, I have a job in this economy, so I have no grounds to complain, right?  I probably won't be able to work at all much past 20 weeks, if past pregnancies are any indicator, so I need to focus on getting finances in order and keep my head down and work.

It just really, really gets up my nose that so many workers can't afford insurance or can't afford their dependents' insurance.  It's really, really unfair.


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i'm playing the waiting game too. dh gets benefits through work but it would be over $400 a month for a family plan, so he is the only one insured because it's $20/month for just him.

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I am luckily still on Medicaid from my last baby, but have been through this process a few times, and it really does suck. I should be on UCSD student insurance but as soon as I am done with classes it stops, as in- when I take time off to have a baby. Arg. Also can't put babies on my DP's insurance, because his deductible will increase by several thousand dollars a year, and he pays his whole deductible every year for expensive meds that he needs.

Our healthcare system is so obnoxious.

Layne- I keep hearing people say that they can't complain because at least they have a job- you DO have a right to complain! Yes, many people are really hurting right now, and they have the right to complain loudest, for sure, but the rest of us getting the scraps in the economy shouldn't be made to feel like we should just shut up and take whatever we get. The middle class has been shrinking and getting more screwed for a long time now and we have EVERY right to complain about it!
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Oh, I definitely complain.  I was being a little sarcastic.  Before we moved here, I was literally too scared to ever put a toe out of line because we were in a town with 50%+ unemployment and I was one of the few who had full-time benefits.  Now, having transferred to a less depressed area, I am still a little scared but also know that between what I would get in food stamps, etc., if I quit and what I pay for my commute, I am only coming out a couple of hundred dollars ahead each month by continuing to work.

SO, I am a lot less worried about making my corporate overseers mad.  I work hard and do a good job because I have pride.  Period.  Slacking would degrade me.  That won't ever change.

But I know I am compensated way less than I have earned and I will not be sad to leave when I get too far along to work. 

A friend who worked for WIC told me that a lot of her clients were older mothers who had never received benefits with their earlier children but now with the economy the way it is, they qualify for the first time in their lives.  That treating them with kindness and respecting their dignity was soooo important to her.  That she deeply felt their need not to be judged for being in need. 

I really hope I encounter people like her as I apply for WIC, medicaid, etc.  It is very hard for me to be in this position after having escaped poverty while my first was tiny, fallen back into it after a divorce, and worked my way above the cut-off levels for benefits again. 

Babies are blessings always and I know there is an Italian proverb about every baby being born with a loaf of bread under its arm.  I believe that.  We will all find a way.  I just have to figure out how to get what I need to keep myself and the new kid healthy for the next several months and hope this stupid system does not stay this way forever. 

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I hear you, Layne. We are doing OK these days, but during my first marriage things were very, very tight, and when I got divorced things were very hard. I applied for WIC once but decided the little bit of help it offered wasn't worth the degradation of waiting for hours in the office and being treated like crap by the people there. I'm glad your friend is so thoughtful, I could have used that back when my first two were little. I wish the people at the prenatal clinic I have to go to were that thoughtful, too! I should be able to transfer to a different clinic soon, but in the meantime, I have to endure some very condescending, prying behavior from them.
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