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"Best Formula" for if you need it?

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We plan on exclusively breastfeeding. I've also got an Avent manual pump, and a Medela Mini-electric... plus a passing offer from my SIL to have her PIS after she's done with it. Breastfeeding is very important to us. I just want to stress that. 


That said, I don't plan on having any formula in the house "just in case", but I would like to have a brand/type in mind for the worst case scenario in which we do need to run out and pick some up. I'm not the type to run out and just grab the first thing I see (how many of us MDC moms are, really?) and I don't want to be stuck at 3am one night, frantically researching what brand to buy. 


So... I just want to know if anyone else has done extensive research on what could be considered the "best" brand overall? I know it will depend on each baby, but as a starting point. There's so many options to go through!

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It will really depend on the baby and whats important to you.  This is a pretty mainstream site but I like the breakdown here to help you decide.







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after being an exclusive breastfeeder with my two ds's i sadly have to formula feed my darling babe.  as we

have serious food allergies with our other ds, we decided to try good start with omega -the milk protein is partly 

broken down for easier digestion.  so far so good.


good luck with the breastfeeding - i really hope you can make it work.


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It really does differ for each baby and even seemingly similar types can be different. Mine take Similac Soy; I tried Target Up & Up Soy and it was a disaster even though they should be identical.

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In my opinion, the best formula would be homemade. I have a few websites that I can direct you to if you end up needing to use it. My good friend planned on breastfeeding, and still is working on his latch at 8 weeks old, he gets about half breast milk and half formula, but she makes it at home. There's some great recipes out there, and the is thriving on the combination of breastmilk and formula. Honestly, all the canned commercial formula is simply yuck. I know some may disagree with the homemade formula idea, but I wouldn't touch a can of formula if my life depended on it! :)

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I think it would depend on what you needed to have on hand for the homemade formula. I'm not opposed to it in theory, but if we do end up using formula, it really will be a last resort type thing... I'm picturing a frantic rushed last minute trip to the store... so i just don't know if it would be practical to anticipate making it at that point.. ie- I'm not sure either of us would be in the state of mind. 


Carrie-- the link you posted is almost exactly what I'm looking for-- basically just a breakdown of what is most important to look for, and then I can go from there. I just haven't had a chance to sit down and be all smart iwth it yet! lol. 


Hopefully we won't need it at all, but at least I'll be prepared if we do!

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okay well in that situation I think I would try to use organic then. I think Earth's Best makes one.

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if you have to run out for some i would definitely recommend getting liquid - either ready to eat or concentrate - as it is much easier

to prep if you had not been prepared to bottlefeed.  also i personally avoided soy based formula & focused on ones with the highest omega & add probiotics to it.


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I'm not as worried about prepping it, I've prepared way more formula bottles than I'd ever liked to (years of child care), I've just never been the one with the burden of choosing it! It's so much eaiser just trusting that everything baby needs is in my breast milk! lol. Having to actually pick out all the ingredients takes so much more work. And of course they all claim they are 'most like breastmilk'. 


Thanks for the tips about the omega and pro-biotics. I'll check on those, though I think most of the top brands are adding omegas now if I remember correctly? I'll have to look. 

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Keep in mind too the one you think is best and pick might not work the best so you have to be open to trying different ones.  Of course, this is all hypothetical, but in the off chance you can't bf or need to supplement, finding one for your baby is what's important, not finding the "best" so to speak.  You want to find the best one for your baby.  That's the tricky part.


Most people will warn you to stay away from soy, but if baby is galactosemic or is truly allergic to cows milk, soy is the way to go.  There is no one right answer.  Just another perspective. thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

Most people will warn you to stay away from soy, but if baby is galactosemic or is truly allergic to cows milk, soy is the way to go.  There is no one right answer.  Just another perspective. thumb.gif

What she said!

We supplemented when DS went to daycare. I'm not a big fan of soy but he tolerated it much better than a dairy based formula. I've read up one side and down the other about how babies with true dairy intolerance usually also have issues with soy, but we found a substantial improvement when we switched to soy. It's all about finding out what works for your child.

I was a big fan of the Baby's Only formula by Nature's One, because it does not contain any GMO ingredients or corn syrup. But it also didn't have much for added stuff - DHA, omega-3, etc. So it really does just depend on what's most important to you and what your baby tolerates.
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We had to supplement a bit while I built up my supply. There was no way I was letting my baby go hungry because I wasn't making enough milk.


I'd echo people who said you have to think about what's most important to you. We chose Earth's Best Organic. I was hesitant on using something with lactose, but even more hesitant about giving my son a lot of soy. There are other organic ones, but I decided on Earth's Best after looking at ingredients and what was available to me nearby. For me, the most important was making sure it was USDA certified organic.


Don't let anyone tell you there is anything wrong with supplementing IF YOU HAVE TO. I have major mama guilt about it, but in the end it was best for my son because he needed nutriets while I worked hard to build my supply up. And now he is EBF!

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I had a good friend pump some extra and keep it in her freezer so I could use it if needed. That's always another option!

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Also I recommend you do a Google search for any local milk sharing groups in your area. Remember mom's breast is best, the next best is actually another mom's milk, not formula like those companies imply. But honestly though, you should relax and not worry about that particular "what if". Because I've come across some research lately (and if I hadn't stupidly misplaced the link I'd share) that stated that a mother's mind set has some very real results when it comes to breastfeeding. Mothers who think "I'll try to breastfeed and see how it goes, but just in case..." are much less likely to succeed than a mother who thinks "I am breastfeeding my child. Period.". Just proves what any veteran bfing mama already knows (and I wish that I did) that it's all mind over matter!

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Oh definately agreed. And we will be breastfeeding this baby. But it's an OCD thing. I --need-- to have a plan in place for me to feel comfortable. lol. I'll definitely check out milk sharing groups though. We've talked about it a bit in the past and I know DH isn't super comfortable about it, just because last time I looked into it, for here- there wasn't any local bank that did it, therefore no screening process, which is important to him. But maybe that's changed!

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I don't know how you feel about your pediatrician, JJ, but you can always ask them as well.  When Nora was flagged for galactosemia, in a panic I asked them what brand/type I should get b/c I hadn't researched formula at all.  They gave me a few names and said which one they saw most often, etc.  I had spent countless hours reading and learning about bf'ing but not a lick of energy went toward learning about formula feeding.  

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We fed up and up (Target brand) that is the equivalent to similac and couldn't be happier!  We won't ever use anything else, and the price is AMAZING!

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Baby's Own is the only brand that doesn't have HFCS as a sweetener. The other organic brands (Earth's Best, etc) started out with better quality sweetener and then they dumped it due to expense. Baby's Own and whatever the goat's milk formula people are also the only ones who comply with the WHO breastfeeding code, which includes not marketing formula to infants because it is inferior nutrition. Thus, they are labeled toddler formula but suitable for infants. 


But really, formula is more or less the same.


And I would strongly recommend you not concoct your own. Modern formula is superior nutritionally to homemade, even if you buy the most generic anything and even it is not organic and even it if it is HFCS sweetened. My poor cousin was raised on one of those raw goat's milk + fomulas and his health as an adult is seriously compromised as a result. Multiple doctors have traced his multiple digestive/allergy issues to the infant feedings that ruined his gut.


Finally, focus on breastfeeding information and have support lined up. Having formula on hand (buying it just in case, taking that bag home from the hospital, may sleazy formula companies rot) is linked to lower rates of breastfeeding success.

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