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DEM Southern Utah

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Hi all! I just moved back to the four corners area (im in Monticello) from GA where i was studying to be a midwife and was doing my apprenticeship. this area has no homebortj midwives i beleive anymore (hence the GA move for training) Anyways im back! i haven't taken the Narm exam yet but i beleive you can practice homebirh and midwifery as an LDEM, CPM or DEM here
im thinking ill just practice as a DEM for now. I'd be covering SN area of pro ably Mexican hat to moab and the canyonlands area.

now im wondering do i need a business license to have my independant practice? What are the steps to setting up in this state as an unregulated and unlicensed traditional midwife? in GA there's no regulation, and my preceptors had a business license for their practice for taxes etc.

thank you! smile.gif
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Yes you need a business license. I would contact the town you are in about that. You will need to set up things with vital records so you can do birth certificates. Other than that nothing is required. If you decide to take the NARM and get your CPM then you can choose to license. I am a midwife in St. George Utah. PM if you would like more details.

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I didn't even think about birth certificates. Can't do them in GA. how do i do that? i went online but couldn't find anything about it. also- would a dem be responsible for things like PKU/ heel stick. tests or is that a referral? i know drug wise all we could carry is o2. and what is the average charge for a dem in this state? thank you. smile.gif
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one more thing lol i keep thinking of stuff. Can DEMs bill some insurances? or should i do like i did before and have them pay up front and submit a reimbursement claim to their insurance? i wont be setting up for births till summer since im pregnant but i could start taking women due then for prenatals. trying to get my ducks in row
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DEM can try to bill insurance using a company like Midwifery Billing. And some midwives get reimbursed. Some midwives do the genetic screen but most refer to a doctor or the health department because it is something like $150 for a midwife to submit the test (PKU). Many people use Medicaid or insurance to cover those tests. They can also sign and submit a waiver. Certain midwives in each area are trained in doing the hearing screening so you need to find out who that is or else your clients will be hassled about not getting it done. Average cost for the area I am in is $1600 to $2200 for a home birth. Most charge $2000. Look here for info about birth certificates and call the office to get everything set up. https://vr.health.utah.gov/uintah hope that helps and good luck. I know that area needs midwives. Every once in a while I will get a call from someone who doesn't know the area well and will ask if I will travel. I will up to 2 hours but that area is 5-6 hours away.

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