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I would also like to recommend acupuncture. I never thought it was really necessary(although I was always intrigued but I have been going since I was 5 weeks along and I can't even express in words how incredible it is! When I started going I was so tired and feeling so sick I couldn't stand long enough to shower and getting in the bath tub made me feel sick really queasy. Every week I felt better and better and by last week at 11 weeks I felt better than I have in years in terms of energy. And I am even talking about before parenthood and before my last/first pregnancy.
My acupuncturist also gave me a homeopathic remedy for fatigue and nausea and other things but primarily that. It has been incredible!



I really want to try acupuncture! I was looking into it when I was feeling really nauseous, but it's soooooo expensive. I think it was $145 or something for the first visit. I stay at home, so I definitely don't have the extra income to work with. On a brighter note, Minnesotacare is changing its policies and as of January, acupuncture will be covered! So...I'm waiting for January before I do it, so I don't have to pay. :) I really wish I could do it now, though. I think it would really help with my fatigue and nausea.


As for the anemia, I know that my iron levels are okay, but I have pernicious anemia (which is a B12 deficiency from celiac). I started taking 2500 mcg's of B12 a few days ago and I've noticed a large increase in my energy levels. I stopped taking it a while ago for some reason (I probably ran out), but I should be taking a lot of it everyday whether I'm pregnant or not. I'm actually able to do the dishes and laundry again. I've been completely useless for weeks.


Next week I get to hear the heartbeat, so that will definitely make all of this "pain" worth it! :)


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I should check to see if acupuncture is covered. It would be well worth it to me.


DH has to work late tonight. He won't get home until around 9. Dinner has been served and the kiddos will all go to bed in one hour. I have the start of a cold so I will probably veg out on the couch and fall asleep if my tired body so desires it.


I just keep reminding myself of my favorite moment after childbirth. Right when that little warm wet baby is placed on my chest and I get to feel it's skin, it's squishiness, and hear it's little cries. That is what is getting me through right now.

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