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Autumn Books for Kindergarten-ish?

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Yes, I realize that story-telling is the preferred, but due to my memory, I read the books instead. ;)  Any suggestions for Autumn?


We just read 'Possum's Harvest Moon,' which is about a gathering of animals at the end of Autumn, and it occured to me I'd love to find some other seasonally-appropriate books to read.



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The sun seed is wonderful.

And as far as storytelling, you don't have to memorize stories that are prewritten. If you want to tell stories, they can just be on the fly. Like the story of how an acorn becomes a great shady oak tree that drops acorns. The story of how the tree soaked in so much sunshine all summer long that by the end of summer, their leaves glowed with light of summer sun (autumn colored leaves). Stories of what the parents used to do I'm fall.

Oh! Just thought of another, Christopher's harvest time. All of Daniella dreschers books that are "in the land of ______" go through the seasons. So does Children of the Forest. Woody Hazel and little Pip. The Apple Cake. Some of the seven year old wonder book is autumn I think. The Sun Egg has some autumn in it. Depending on the weather where you like The Story of the Wind Children may be appropriate. The Story of the Root Children ends in autumn.

How old are your children though? I didnt know, since waldorf kindergarten is considered 3-7. That determines which books they would be ready for. There's lots! Wynstone puts out a book chock full of verses stories etc for each season. The title is just "Autumn" for autumn. I think its on sale at alot of online places right now.

HTH! Sorry for typos, my phone "corrects" my spelling and I don't always see it happen to fix it.
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Thanks! We do have many of the books you have mentioned. I will pull some out. I was thinking specifically Autumn-based, but you have made some good points for the others.


Dd is an older kindergarter at 6. Hopefully I can share some of the more enchanting things about the season with her.  She is always trying to be older than she is, so I'm not yet ready to read the 7 year Wonder book to her. ;)  

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My 6 year old's favorite fall book these days is  Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  It was been inspiring some pretty great artwork and creative play.  He also likes Pumpkin Moonshine by Tasha Tudor, and one of our all time favorites that could be multi season but we generally read it in the fall is Oxcart Man by Donald Hall, with Barbara Cooney's lovely folk art illustrations.

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Thank you!


I just stumbled upon a good 'end of summer' book last night - Time of Wonder by Robert McClosky. It's a bit long and wordy...perhaps better for 1st grade read-a-loud depending upon your child. We did it in two nights.  And for those who like Blueberries for Sal and One Morning in Maine, Dd seemed to be under the impression the children pictured in the book were the little girls from those books more grown up and she liked that.


We also did St. George and the Dragon and I'm going to have to say it was a bit gorier than I had anticipated for this age. 

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