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one year birthday

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My daughter will turn one next month. I am so tuned out for "girl" stuff with an older son, and we have SO many things already that are perfectly lovely and gender neutral there seems to be nothing we need. But I don't want to give her nothing :( Anyone have any nice ideas for baby girl gifts? Thanks!




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I felt the same way. What about a nice little baby doll? We liked this one http://www.atoygarden.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=601 or some sort of movement toy like a ball track. 


We also took the opportunity to replace a couple of toys that didn't work well like I never liked our shape sorter and replaced it with one that was great etc.

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We just got this for DD2 (for Christmas... shopping early).  It is so so so cute!  I am so happy with it. It is weighted and just feels so lovely.  We are planning on getting the big doll for DD1 for Christmas too.



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Oooh! I asked this question awhile back here and got some really great ideas.


My father is a woodworker and built a few toys for my son. His favorite, though, is a wagon my dad built after the one at Nova Natural (here: http://www.novanatural.com/baby-toddler/toddler/walkers-wagon). My dad built his own pattern and filled it with blocks he made and my mother painted.  By far, I think that's been his favorite gift (though his birthday was just a week ago).


We're attending a birthday party for a friend whose son turned one this week, too. I hand dye playsilks and so I'm giving her son a "landscape" set that includes a brown silk, a blue silk and a green silk. Hopefully, he'll find plenty of uses for them!

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Thank you for the idea! They are all wonderful! I guess the problem is because I have an older son, we have so many of these things already. We have playsilks coming out our ears. :) And blocks. And wood animals. And stackers. I love that block wagon combo, but living on a sailboat we wouldn't have space for it. 


Maybe just a stuffed animal...? She loves her brother's stuffed dog and cheetah, maybe a little one for her like this? 

http://store.imaginechildhood.com/blacktailjackrabbit.aspx or this http://store.imaginechildhood.com/yellowduckling.aspx


Thanks for the ideas... keep them coming!



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We had a similar conundrum when our second boy turned one. Our boys bdays are a month apart, so our older one decided to give ds2 his small blue kleen kanteen that ds2 loved drinking from and then ds1 got a very exciting bigger pink one he was wanting. My ds's love a set of matching shirts they have. We also gave those board books from nova natural with Swedish(?) Names like buiten spelen or something. And the wooden on the farm one. All beautiful.

My 6 1/2 yr old says to tell you she will love Fagus toys and their front end loader because his little brother does. (Roll eyes) . He also wants you to be told tree blocks and also michaels has little wooden construction equipment for 2-3 bucks. He says stuff she can roll around.

We also gave a special wooden spoon. For their next bday, we got from ikea a set of two stainless espresso cups/saucers that should be indestructible for snack time since they seem to enjoy using the same thing at the same time (more eye rolls...with love of course because its super sweet)
I will try to think of more when ds1 isn't breathing down my neck. :)LOL
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Of those stainless espresso cup/ saucers from Ikea -- I know exactly what you're talking about! Those are great, love that idea. And a Kleen Kanteen too.


Tell your son thank you for the idea ;) He's right too -- she already LOVES and I mean LOVES her brother's matchbox cars, so wheel are a good thing. 


I appreciate all of your thoughts! Thank you! I am open to any and all First Birthday ideas! Keep 'em coming!

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