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Anyone else...

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So tired you can't function?


This may sound extreme, but I feel worse (physically) than I did my first trimester.  I don't just mean aches and pains (which are definitely there and definitely sucky).  I mean fatigue.  Debilitating, brain-power-zapping fatigue.  Crying fit-inducing exhaustion.  And I've been sleeping much better the last few nights, since discovering Calms Forte.  I mistakenly assumed that a full night's sleep would revive me.  But I've never been so sleepy!

I am finally reaching the point in pregnancy where I feel like I can't take it anymore.  Up till now, it's seemed like this pregnancy just flew by, and I couldn't believe I was so far along.  But now, with my due date still 6 weeks away, I'm kind of panicking.  I honestly don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of this pregnancy.  This is really, really hard.  My back is killing me and my tummy hurts and I can't get comfortable and I am so, so sleepy.

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Have you talked with your midwife/doctor about your fatigue?  It may be an iron issue or something else that's solvable?  My sister's midwife told her to drink oatstraw, rrl and nettle tea to help with fatigue.  She said that while it tastes bad, it does help. 


Oh, and if you can afford it, it's TOTALLY worth it to go to a chiro.  I have felt so much better with this pregnancy than I expected.  My hip/lower back back is almost non-existent and my PSD is totally manageable.  Also I've heard that actupuncture is good for pain too.

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I can sympathize, but I know that mine is from low iron.  Have you had your hct or ferratin drawn lately?  I'm not sure when those tests are done, or if they are routine in normal pregnancies.


I have no suggestions, because I cant fix it for myself either- but your not alone.

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Thanks guys.  My iron is great (it's been tested regularly throughout this pregnancy) -- I just think my body is finally slowing down.  Plus I just went back to work, which is intense (I work with 3-year-olds with severe Autism).  And totally draining.


I'll look into seeing a chiro, for sure -- thanks, Abra!

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Yep, I've had a rough week with disturbed sleep from sick children, allergic husband, and revival of clingy nighttime ds.  It's been horrible and not only do I feel like I simply cannot stand up sometimes, I am also a huge irritable mess.  Yelling and irrational mess.  It's not good.  My iron is fine as well.  I think it's pushing just a little too hard and you fall off the edge into severe fatigue.  The only thing I can advise is the normal stuff... get plenty of sleep when you can, take it easy when you can, make sure you're eating/drinking good foods regularly, etc.

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I was just talking about feeling this way to my midwife yesterday.  We were talking about how maybe being tired and moody is my body's way of letting me know it's time to kind of draw inward, get some space from the world, and all the million things that need done.  That idea really resonated with me and so I think for myself at least the more I acknowledge this need I have to rest, to sleep, to just BE with no pressure to DO anything is really helpful to not feeling so fed up with my body's limitations right now.


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I feel your pain! I am an early ed teacher, so I totally get what your day must kind of feel like and the exhaustion that never goes away. My memory is the worst it has ever been and I find myself struggling to make simple sentences by the evening. Make sure you take some time for yourself if you-put your feet up when you get home, have a nice shower, get a massage. I find taking time for myself, doesn't necessarily help, but gives me enough energy to get whatever else I need to get done.

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Thank you all so much for your responses.


I came down with a cold the other day so I think that explains the extreme fatigue.  It's so nuts, I haven't been sick this entire pregnancy, even though I've been around snotty little kids since the beginning!  I was getting cocky about it... I spoke too soon!


I appreciate the reminder to slow down and take care of myself.  I'm visiting my hometown right now because we had a wedding and my baby shower to attend, and we're heading back home tomorrow.  After that I'm going to re-assess my work situation and figure out exactly how I want this last month or so to look for me.  I also feel great relief that my baby shower is over (and it was SO, so great!) because now I KNOW everything we've got for the baby and I know exactly what more we need to get, so I don't have the anxiety of waiting to start setting up our space.  That's been a waiting game for me, and I can't wait to get home and start getting the nest ready.

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