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Hi. this forum seems dead now now that has changed. anyhow I'm a early 30's mom of three. 11months,7,5. i bf and cloth, but I'm not really crunchy. i would like to be more..but really our monies don't allow it sometimes. i like sci fic and ghost stories. I'm active on face book and on line in general.  i have only married 14 months. d/h and I dated when we were 15/16. didn't see one another for 15 years and one night i goggled him..the rest is history i guess. we are a step/bended family. This is very hard. . d/h was a single dude when we started to talk again and he moved up here from NC to be w me. and was ...different...LOL. Not for the weak of heart, I'd say. But life is good. I'm a SAHM. In school on line.

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