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long cycle after D&C

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Hi Jennifer, I hope you can answer me with this query...
I was wondering about menstrual cycles after a D&C? I have one ovary (after 12cm cyst twisted causing ovarian torsion 5 months ago) and now more cysts are coming up on my remaining ovary. I had a second laparoscopy to remove the second cyst 3.5 weeks ago and I was mid cycle. I also had a D&C. Now day 40 in cycle (normally 27-29).. Do you think this is normal expectation after a D&C that my cycle length is much longer? I know women who have D&C after miscarriage can take some time to get regularity back into their cycles, but I wasn't pregnant... I have also had sore and swollen breasts for about 2 weeks but I dont think I could be pregnant now..
Do you have any thoughts?

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With multiple cysts on your ovary, it is likely that your normal hormonal rhythms may be off, which in turn can cause lengthening of menstrual cycles.  The D&C can certainly cause hormonal fluctuations as well, as you suggested in your post.  The breast swelling and tenderness may be part of this imbalance.  Focus on nurturing yourself, eating healthy foods, and having a regular sleep/wake rhythm.  All of these things will help your body to regain its natural hormonal rhythms.  If you cycle does not return, or if you have other symptoms that are concerning, you should contact your gynecologist or naturopathic physician.  



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