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WooHoo!! Here I go...

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So, after my midwife appointment on Thursday (postponed first from Tuesday to Wednesday for a birth and then from Wednesday to Thursday for ANOTHER birth) and an internal exam telling me I was 3cms dilated, about 80% effaced and that my cervix was ripe and mushy... I had some bloody show, and then woke up this morning with mild contractions for about four hours... then they stalled out, but started up again tonight a few hours ago. OWIE! They are still mild-ish, but getting stronger and stronger to where I can't sleep anymore (I tried) and I have had more spotting throughout the evening.


I am up watching TV and the midwife is expecting my call to have her come out at some point tonight. I don't know when I will call her (and my labor coach friend) yet, but for now I am enjoying my last few moments of solitude for the next few years. WooHoo! At over two weeks past due (almost three actually), I am READY. I will remember this in a few hours when I am screaming through transition, I hope. Here comes another one... whew.

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Hope it was the real deal for you, Mommel, and that you're in a good labor pattern or holding your baby by now!
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Swift and easy birth to you and your little one!  Hope your babe is in your arms soon!  :)

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You're in my thoughts, hope everything went great for you and babe! xoxo

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Good luck mama! Can't wait to hear!
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Yay! Go mama!

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Hoping you're holding your little one!smile.gif
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Happy transitioning!!!! Power through it!!! biggrinbounce.gif

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YAY!!!  Thinking of you, mama!!!

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DDC (stalking and) crashing because this may be the only way I can find out what's happening and get a message to you! 


I'm praying for you and your little boy.  I'll leave the skype on and near the bed all night.  I have candles lit for you and the boy and we are all sending loving vibes to you...I am so excited for you.


PS...by the next few years you mean like 18 - life, right? LOL


I love you so much, Big sister, I know you can do this!  Love and light and lots of deep moaning. Call when you feel up to it, not sooner, and know that we lovingly and patiently await the good news of his arrival and your safety and health.




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Awwww... my little sister (and mama mentor!!) checked in on me!!! joy.gif


My birth story is up now. It was a very long journey, but SO worth it all.




P.S. You have to send me your new number... I can never seem to time the Skype thing right.


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