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Homemade Gift for Crafty "Tween" on the Fly?

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I just got a call from DD1's friend, she forgot to invite her to her birthday party, which is today, in 6 hours. help.gif I am trying to think of something really quickly that I can make for her, or put together rather inexpensively for her. I think she is turning 9 or 10, I know she started 6th grade this year.


In any case, she always loves my handmade things, so I would love to make her something, I don't think she would be "too cool" for it,  but my mind is drawing a big, panicky blank. I did get her into screen printing, but I know her Aunt got her a kit already.


She is always ready to learn new things, so if nothing else, I could run out and put together some sort of craft or activity kit, but our funds are rather limited, so I am not sure I could put something together that is very nice in the 10 buck department.


Anyone have any ideas for me? lol.gif


*I cannot crochet or knit

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can you sew? a handmade apron and a box of cake mix would be nice. A cookie sheet and a nice notebook of recipes with some ingredients.


A friendship bracelet kit, some safety pins and embroidery silks. Then print out some instructions, there are plenty of tutorials online. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Friendship-Bracelet is the first one I came across.


In the same vein a macrame kit, with the string a few beads and print out some instructions http://www.free-macrame-patterns.com/macrame-for-kids.html has some nice ones for kids.



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I can sew, but I would need to go out and get material, and then would not really have the time to make it. eyesroll.gif Oh, what I would give for a few days warning! If I actually had now until 6 to gather materials and work on something, I could do it, but I have a 1 y/o and a 3 y/o to be taking care of as well, so the actual time I will have to work on anything is cut down quite a bit.


The friendship bracelet kit would be a great idea, if I didn't know she already has one. orngtongue.gif


I'm going to check out the macrame kit, though, for sure.  Despite the fact that I can't really knit, I did introduce her to knitting a couple years ago and she loves it, so I think this would be right up her alley. I don't have a printer, though. irked.gif I'm going to keep that in mind for future presents, though, because...


I've decided to make her a little terrarium like these! Then I am going to make a few little mushrooms or something like the ones I made here out of fimo, and then give her a few packets of Fimo or Sculpey as well so she can make more things of her own. All I will need to pick up is some activated charcoal (if I can figure out where the heck I get it!) and the clay. Woot!

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6 hours is pretty tight to get anything together, I'm glad  you thought of something.

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