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CD patterns and supplies

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I was at Joann's today getting some things for curtains, and I was surprised to see a bunch of cloth diaper making supplies by a company called Babyville Boutique. I bought a book on making cloth diapers, and everything needed to make them was available. I think they're pretty new, but I'm excited I'll be able to find PUL and snaps easily.


Has anyone made any diapers using these products?

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Just don't use Joann's PUL!!!  It delaminates itself extremely easily... to the point where they now just want you to wipe it clean.  Not to mention it's printed on the wrong side, lol!  Obviously not designed by someone who uses it.  :)  But if it's another company, it's probably fine!  I buy most of my supplies online... it would be nice to have it in a local store.

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hmm, gonna have to check our new JoAnn's.  They never used to have ANYThing for cloth diapers. 

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After this post, I was reading up on it... apparently it's a new line they're bringing in starting this month to most Joann stores and Hancock's stores.  Yay!  I hope they have good absorbent materials as well as the PUL/snaps/FOE!

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There is (more than just some) major ethical concern re: the testing of that pattern and information stealing and such... and I've heard the PUL has been delaminating, but that last part is secondhand.

I would suggest Fattycakes pattern if you want to make, best pattern I've sewn that fits a huge range of babies very well.

There are some amazing diaper sewing websites out there... I'm happy to direct you to a free one that is an incredible resource and help if you want. Just pm me.
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oh, not cool! I make my own patterns, so I wouldn't be buying the book, but I was excited about the convenience of getting materials. It sounds like they did have delaminating issues, but it might have been a bad first batch since the company is reimbursing, retesting, and didn't have any issues in their original testing.
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Yeah it's nice to have diapering fabrics in a 'real' store, but it was bad enough that I'll just buy online instead. I have a kajillion snaps and use wool so my stash of PUL is fine. I have some super cute PUL I'd be happy to share some of! It's really cute. smile.gif And a polyester print so it won't wick. If you don't mind sending me a pm with your addy I'll send you a few cuts. smile.gif

I'm excited to cloth diaper again!! I need to work on some Smalls and Meds.

What are you working on?
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i am excited to make diapers for this  LO. has anyone used kam snap pliers? i prefer snaps over velcro.  

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I have a pair of the original pliers... I think they changed them a bit since the first set, but I'm not sure. They did take some getting used to, but I use them constantly! At first, I pushed a little too hard so if the snap was off center, the stem part would squish to one side making it hard to snap. Now I am better at centering and have a gentler hand with it. smile.gif It took quite a bit of use to figure it out to the point I don't mess them up anymore, but it was functional from the start, I just had to redo snaps occasionally (and they're a pain to get off!) or shave off excess plastic if they were difficult to snap due to being off center. I'd definitely recommend them though.... I hate velcro dipes and love being able to add snaps cheaply! I have even done some snap conversions with them... difficult on back-opening pockets, but JUST BARELY possible. smile.gif

BirthFree--sent you a PM! I haven't started making diapers for the little one yet, but I'm planning on making smalls that snap down to newborn size for now. Mostly covers with a couple of pockets for the diaper bag. Once I get the OK from DH I am going to buy lots of bamboo fleece to make extended tab prefolds... those will be half of my newborn/small stash. The other half is flats I already have.
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I have some of the KAM pliers. I think I got them 2 years ago, so I'm not sure if it's the new kind or not, but they're very easy to use. I just put it on and make sure it looks centered then squeeze. I've only ever had to remove one snap (well 2, but one time was because I used 2 male sockets, d'oh!). I don't make my own diapers though. My friend used to own a cloth diaper store, so for me it wasn't worth the time to try to make them when I could buy FB for $7 each.

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