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Aluminum vaccine adjuvants: are they safe?

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Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science's understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community. We hope that the present paper will provide a framework for a much needed and long overdue assessment of this highly contentious medical issue.

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Thanks for posting. I hope I can get access to the full text from work.

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Thanks for posting

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Wow!  This is the first time I have seen a published scientific article call vaccine safety into question.  I hope more scientists take a closer look at the aluminum in vaccines.  BTW - Dr. Sears has been beating this drum for years. 

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I just found this abstract yesterday, via other means, and came to mothering today to see if I couldn't find more information on aluminum adjuvants and their safety.  I appreciate the whole text, thank you very much, ASusan.  Can anyone point me to additional information about this vaccine ingredient?  Does anyone know, off-hand, exactly which vaccines contain this ingredient?

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