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Front Range in CO or Laramie, WY?

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Looking at a possible relocation.  Pros and cons of Front Range towns as opposed to Laramie, WY.  What is the homeschool climate like in both states?


Thanks for the input!

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I don't know about homeschool requirements in CO. 

Homeschool requirements are pretty manageable in WY.  Basically file a letter with the local school district saying you're homeschooling.  And that's it (more or less).  And there are quite a few homeschool families in Wyoming. 

Laramie is high altitude.  Summer is short and much cooler.  If you garden, it will challenge your skills.  The same can be said of parts of the Front Range though I suppose.  Laramie is probably the most progressive city in Wyoming, and a pretty town (college town).  It's also about an hour away from Ft. Collins where I suspect the cost of living is much higher. 

If I were you, I'd compare the cost of living and real estate prices, and if you're looking for employment obviously pay attention to the availability of jobs in the towns you're considering.  Personally I'd probably incline towards Laramie over the Front Range simply because the Front Range feels more congested to me, and while I haven't researched it, I suspect costs of living/real estate costs are higher there than in Laramie. 


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I don't know about homeschooling, but we live in Cheyenne and DH goes to grad school in Laramie. It's really cold there, much colder than here even. Fort Collins is more expensive, but beautiful and full of choices (think all kinds of stores like Wholefoods and all major stores and clothing stores and thrift stores and so on) and the climate is much milder. Gardening here in Cheyenne is hard, and harder still in Laramie (we had snow until May, growing season is late May until Mid-September, everything already is dead in our garden). I would always opt for CO over WY for the opportunities and since I don't homeschool for the philo exemption which is not available in WY. I also had my baby in Denver (just 1h from FoCo) at the freestanding birthing center (insruance covered) which was wonderful. A shorter drive would be cool :) There is a thriving homebirth and AP community in FoCo which cannot be said about my area. I do know though that there is a homebirth CNM in Laramie.

The only con of CO really are the higher prices.

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Thanks for the input. :-) Those are things I'm wondering about.
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I think Fort Collins would appeal to me most. Hubby likes Laramie but not after he brought me up there and heard me complaining about the cold all the time! :-)

I'm a very soon to be accredited API Leader so it would be nice coming into a AP friendly city. (I'm also an LLL Leader.) We are big bike riders so Fort Collins sounds like a fit.

Thanks for the input!
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