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I am extremely pale myself!

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I am almost afraid to type this as I am holding my breath....but - I think insurance is going to cover the homebirth! That means I only have to pay $300 more if so. It all appears it is a 'go' but I won't know until after the first of the year.


What a blessing and I just feel so much more relaxed about it, *almost*.


With the relief comes the list making LOL


~Positions during birth to practice again

~Foods/liquids during water

~Birth kit

~Car/hosp kit incase of transport (I never did these in previous births, but living so far away from hosp. with no family around to 'fetch' for us...I feel it is a must now JIC)


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Onemore- that's awesome news! Bated breath here, too. How do you practice labour positions? Seems awkward... or I'm lazy!


My nipples and areolas are much darker as well.  I don't know about bigger. My areolae are usually so pale they blend in to the rest, it's only when I'm pregnant that I can clearly identify where it ends and boob begins. My midwife mentioned (how did this even come up? I didn't ask) that it's a target for the baby because they see in shades of grey for the first little bit so darker is better.





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omg Grace, no way are you lazy! 2 small one and pregnant with a third and working? I remember that time of my life. Barely, but I remember enough to know that there is no way in this world I would want to repeat it...except through photographs. I always tear up seeing my sweet kids being that young. *sniff*

You deserve a huge pat on the back and box of chocolates for the work you do.


Practicing birth positions is something I do to try to 'wire' my brain with before labor begins. Positions I can get into so that by the time labor comes I have something in my bag o' tricks that I've practiced.

I always have preferences on what was most comfortable, so when labor gets really uncomfortable I have a position I slip in to without thinking about it as I've already practiced it. Just something I do, and have done. It has helped, but perhaps I would have naturally went into those positions anyways.


Who knows, just something I like to practice and do before the actual baby day :)

Heres an example I am going to look through: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/labor/PR00141

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Onemore, that would be awesome if insurance paid for it!  


What is everyone doing with siblings for the birth? One of the aspects I love about hb is that I don't have to worry as much about them, but I don't want to have not nothing figured out. With my 2nd baby, we lived around the corner from my ILs so MIL just came over at 3 in the morning and we headed to the birth center. Now she's an hour away so she can't exactly do that.  I'm assuming if it happens in the middle of the night, that the kids will just sleep through it all and dh will be with me, but what if they wake up or what if it's during the day or when my son is at school and needs to be picked up or something? I just haven't figured out all the logistics. And what if there is a need to transfer? Should we have someone here just in case of that or just in case the kids are up and bugging me and I need dh to help. (and I don't mean that my kids typically "bug" me but I was watching a hb and the woman's 2ish year old child kept trying to talk to her and calling out "mommy" and grabbing her arm and I just think that would really bother me while I'm in labor).  


So, what is everyone else planning?

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I am not for sure myself, Katie. Thinking about it, though.


We will have the children here for the birth (we homeschool, so chances are good that they will be home when I go into labor hehe) but I definitely need someone like family here to look after them as one of my children needs assistance with pullup changes and bottom wiping, plus I do not want any of them to freak out and my one in particular- have a class 5 meltdown during my labor.


The mw has 2 teenage daughters I thought could be helpful, but then well - the daughter with the pull up issue is 6 1/2 and I am not sure how comfortable the girls would be helping with that - kwim?

Sooo, I think I will call my mom and sister. They live 3 hours away, but that should be plenty of time to have them up here and if I go quick - I go quick. That's like 2 movies or something.


All the kids have their own 'to do' list they made themselves for my labor. LOL

Youngest wants to be in charge of water sips, oldest wants to be in charge of backrubs, and middle wants to just be there.


My then 2 1/2 year old watched her youngest sibling be born 5 years ago. All she kept saying was "BABY!" excitedly. It was happy having her there, not a distraction.


Probably didn't help you at all, but I think this is what we are doing.




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I so do not have a sitter!!! Any close family/friends are an hour away. I could probably ask someone from LLL but I'm not really close with anyone  :( hoping to go in the middle of the night but then again DD is still in our bed...

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Originally Posted by sosurreal09 View Post

I so do not have a sitter!!! Any close family/friends are an hour away. I could probably ask someone from LLL but I'm not really close with anyone  :( hoping to go in the middle of the night but then again DD is still in our bed...



Oh one hour away shouldn't be too bad Sosu. For my births family was always an hour away (except this one)...Ofcourse, you could just go super quick too.

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Well I guess the bigger issue is they all work too so if I'm in labor and call someone it depends if they can even leave and then also if I even want them watching DD. My choices would be my sis or my best friend but my sis is a PCA for a paraplegic and can't just leave him but she does have 3 days off a week so maybe I will get lucky LOL My friend said she would come but her DD is in daycare 20 mins from her so it would probably take her 1hr 40 mins to really get here...


MIL works at a hospital and I don't really want her there.


My mom passed away when I was a kid


My dad has issues and I can't leave my kid with him and he's a cabbie


and my bro and SIL work too and we aren't oober close.


That's it for family...

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On another note just remembered something about my SIL. Her 12 y/o DD is all about the human body right now and I offered to let her come to the birth to see how it all works and she almost died! She was like "Absolutely not over my dead body!" shrug.gif

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Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that Sosu (about your family).


I think that was also really cool of you to offer your niece that experience also! Kind of odd how some people are about birth, huh? We all obviously got here somehow, so you'd think people would be a little more relaxed about it!


I forgot if you mentioned if you were hiring a doula?

Your dd will be 2 1/2 or so at the birth (if I am calculating correctly) so you may be really amazed at how calm little ones are at a birth. It is like they just 'know', and help hold the space.I have been to a couple births where little ones were. Best behaved kids ever on that day - was crazy.


Maybe just have snacks ready for her and a special movie or toy or something for the big day that you guys can have her watch herself with?

I just read a birth story with their 2 year old daughter watching movies and playing most the day in the other room while the lady was birthing. lol - it was awesome.


If you are hiring a doula, it shouldn't be too hard for dh or doula to minister to you and watch daughter and switch off through the labor. With as quick as your last birth was - it will probably be super quick this time too. LOL

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I don't have a doula but I don't think I'll need DH LOL I didn't with my DD. I kicked everyone out last  time winky.gif


My niece was adopted so SIL has never given birth which may be why she's so weird about it but I so wish my niece would be able to have that experience. When I said it you should have seen the excitement on her face! Of course she is being raised with "birth is gross and so is BFing" wish things were different! She is always trying to please her mother who is well a difficult person (and I know I used to live with her!) so she tries to be just like mommy (materialistic as hell) she even said to me she's just going to adopt like mommy did so she won't have to give birth greensad.gif I told her she could always do both...

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Just dang sad.

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My mother in law is going to be there specifically for kid-care. Mine are both very young though (will be 3.5 and almost 2.5) so having someone just for them would be ideal. I also have a doula who can do childcare/ me care/ whatever as needed, and my husband can switch back and forth as well. I definitely feel the need to have SOMEONE with me all the time, but i don't particularly care who it is as long as they (mostly) leave me alone and don't talk too much!


Sosurreal- hrmph. Your family sounds pretty useless in this case. I think it would be really nice to have someone for backup- what if this time you do want someone? Maybe even have a doula available but mention you MAY not need them...? Also sad about your niece :(

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Well I'll have the MW and her partner.

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Anyone thought about hiring a doula for kid care?  My family is pretty anti home birth (even though I've already had one at home, it was WORSE last time though) and I don't want their energy in my space (and our house is SMALL).  Last birth my then 2 yr old slept through the whole, quick, thing.  This time I envision at least one of my kids being awake perhaps.  And I figure if the kids want dad then the doula could helps support me.  I'm a doula myself so it'd probably just be one of my doula friends, not sure who yet.  I actually asked my little sister to do this for our last birth and she said no, that it'd be awkward.  Ummm.... ok.  So, definitely NOT asking any of THEM this time.  


My bigger concern is our teeny tiny house.  I plan to have a birth photographer (again, a friend- I'm really in the birth world around here, haha), 2 midwives, my kids and the kid doula, husband and me... that is a LOT for this house.  Like, basically it's like a tiny apartment, except it's a house.  We have an offer on a short sale, but it probably won't go through until end of April and I'm due the beginning of May (well, midwives are saying Apr 25th, but I think it's May 3ish) so it's very unlikely we'll move before this birth... though I can DREAM, the new house has a tub big enough to give birth in!!  

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I can't afford a doula this time around since I'm paying for the homebirth, but I'm thinking of having my MIL come up and just stay downstairs. I definitely don't want her in the birthing room (my bedroom, where there is a bathroom and the pool will be) so as long as she's fine with staying out of the way and bringing the kids up but going back downstairs when they come up, I'm fine with that.  I am not sure about the middle of the night though. I feel bad having her drive an hour up in the middle of the night if all she's going to do is be here and the kids will be asleep. So I may risk it if it's the middle of the night and either hope they stay asleep or have them up for the birth but that's it.  I'm not sure....  I may also have some very local people on standby in case there is an emergency and I need someone to come over asap.  I'm not sure, but it's stressing me out!  

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New here. This will be my 2nd baby but first home birth! We are starting our hypnobabies classes at the very end of January. I can't wait =)

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Puppylove- that's awesome!!!  Who is your instructor (I'm a Hypnobabies instructor)?  I did Hypnobabies for my 2nd birth (1st home birth) and it was FREAKING AMAZING.  That's why I teach Hypnobabies now.  I haven't decided when I'm going to start the program myself, I have a new series starting next Tuesday, so I may start then, or I may start with my end of Feb class (though I'd like to start a bit earlier than that).  I'm excited to use the program again!!!

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I was just reading back posts on the costs of home birth vs hospital and we are in the same boat as a lot of you! A hospital birth with our insurance would cost $500. & our home birth is 4200. I found an amazing midwife who is taking $200 off and letting us make payments of $200 a month for as long as it takes! Without her, we would never be able to swing it. I am sooo thankful I found her, the thought of a hospital birth was really stressing me out. I was so down about it. So now I will have a midwife, a doula and my DH there for support and my DD will probably be with my mom for most of the time. My family is not excited about a home birth and my dad is pretty upset about it. My in-laws seemed more curious/shocked than anything but I don't want a ton of people around or coming and going so I think I will just wait til baby is here to have them come over.

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