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Waldorf Doll Heads (And the prestuffed Weir Crafts Kit Heads)

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I'm going to try making a doll for DD2 for Christmas. I am excited and totally nonplussed. Yes, both. I have so much of everything to do before then that I honestly just wish I could buy one. However, money is pretty tight, so unless I want one of the scary-faced, lumpy, disproportionate dollies from the Underworld that I found for pretty cheap, I'm going to have to make it. Which, of course, I am very excited about. I am making everything else for our holidays, so I am kind of grateful that I am being pushed into it, I am sure I will be very happy that I did when I am done. Which is the thing, I am much more excited about having made my daughter's doll than actually making it right now. hide.gif


Mostly, I am scared it will turn out to be a scary-faced, lumpy, disproportionate dolly from the Underworld. lol.gif


Anyway, I think I am going to order one of the 16" doll kits from Weir Crafts. I am the most nervous about doing the head. My SIL said it was terrifically difficult, and I am scared of getting it horrifically wrong. What do you think? Would it be wise for a first time doll maker to order one of the preformed heads?


And if I do order a preformed head.. can anyone tell me if it has a nose, or if I would be able to add a nose to it? I have to be honest, the noseless babies scare me a little bit.



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I actually didn't find making the head that difficult.  I used Freya Jaffke's method in "Toy Making with Children" the first time.  One thing that helped  that is not totally how Waldorf books will tell you to do it was to use a clean cotton tube sock that had stretch as the inner head.  It had more stability than the tube gauze.  In fact, I've also used high quality organic cotton socks on both inner and outer heads. This required less stitching and tightening. Whatever method you use, adding a nose is pretty easy.  Wind up a small ball of wool.  Sew to the appropriate part of the inner head with small stitches.  Ease the already sewn cotton "skin" over top and check to see if the nose still looks right.  If the preformed head already has an outer skin, then it will be difficult to add the nose without it looking appliqued on.  Waldorf heads are usually too firm to just directly needle sculpt the nose like some other methods, you would still need a bump added to the inner head.

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Thank you! As I posted this a couple days ago, I did already place my order and did decide to get the preformed head, mostly because I just have so much to do right now. I hope that I would be able to make one, but considering my massive to-do list, this seemed like a sensible way to reduce the time I will need to spend on this project, and hopefully I will have an opportunity in the future to give it a try myself, when I don't have so many other things stressing me out. shy.gif


The preformed head is just the inner tube, so I am relieved to hear that I will be able to give the doll a nose, thank you. orngtongue.gif

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You're welcome!  Good luck with your first doll.  It's so much fun!

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