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I see that there are lots of mixed opinions re: drinking coffee during pregnancy, on the internet. Books that I have read are mixed as well. I have had headaches, and have been thinking about having a cup of coffee in the morning to try to combat.... What are opinions here on caffeine use during pregnancy? 

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I don't think a little bit of caffeine is going to hurt anything. I gradually made the switch to decaf coffee when we were ttc, but I've had a few cups of regular here and there. 

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I think it is widely considered ok to have one cup of coffee, I never drink coffee but always have a cup of black tea in the morning, pregnant or not! If I remember correctly, it is something like 5 cups of coffee a day that has been shown to cause problems, but I would think it's a good idea to stay well below that.
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I've had an americano or latte throughout all of my pregnancies.  Not necessarily everyday, but that's because I'm not really craving it everyday.  And many times I find I really enjoy the first half and then am not so interested in the second half, so I just listen to my body.  For me, I find the dehydration aspect of drinking coffee the worst, so I just try to be mindful of staying hydrated.......but don't feel one iota of guilt when drinking the coffee:-)  I've been told now that I shouldn't get pedicures, shouldn't use lavender, shouldn't drink coffee, should stop riding my bike - all well intentioned, I'm sure, but it seems to me this list gets longer and longer and more paranoid with each pregnancy.  I'm kind of of the philosophy that it's better to just live my life as healthily as I always do, and carry on while I feel comfortable.  Noone knows for sure what effect all these things are having on the fetuses, as noone wants to be the guinea pig, hence the extensive debate around it.

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I drink about 1/2 a cup of coffee every couple days.  My midwife said everything in moderation, so that's what I'm going by.

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If I have coffee (no more than 12oz)  in the morning, then I don't drink anything else containing caffeine during the day.  If I skip my coffee, then I might have some tea.  I do this mostly because I used to drink a LOT of caffeine and my tolerance to it builds up quickly.   From what I've read you want to keep your caffeine intake to less than 200mg/day.  I think you can google "caffeine content of beverages" and find some helpful charts.

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I had coffee this morning as I had a terrible headache... could only drink half the cup as well.... totally disinterested in it, although it was previously my fav thing to drink. It did help the headache though!!! I am also on my feet all day and need to be mentally alert, so I am glad that one cup of coffee is generally acceptable. 

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I have never been able to 100% cut out the caffeine with any of my pregnancies.  I have one Diet Coke every AM and I will also drink iced tea on occasion.  Everything is in moderation.

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Add me to the list. Black tea every morning. Sometimes a diet coke. I find when I am BF my kids don't seem to tolerate it well, so I know my time is limited

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I have a bit of coffee, a cup (and when I say cup I mean an 6 oz cup not like a monsterous starbucks thing) a morning and maybe one in the afternoon depending on how the day is going. 


That being said, I do totally cut it out and switch to coffee substitute after baby is born while nursing. 

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Try a single shot americano or latte. Espresso has less caffeine than brewed coffee, and it might just be enough to help your headaches. 


I'm also on the side of moderation. I have ADHD and a bit of caffeine helps me a lot with focus, especially with pregnancy brain. I'm sensitive, so usually a cup of tea or a few sips of an espresso drink is all I need. I don't see an issue with having a cup of coffee if you need it (even the brewed kind).

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