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Catching everything (or almost:))), but...

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We have been doing EC with DS since he was 2.5 mo and it is going really well, but...he pees every 25 minutes! I feel that we practically spend our whole day in the toilet! I know that he can go longer without peeing since after naps he is almost always dry, but this morning, when I decided to just wait a little bit longer than 25 mins (i.e. 26 mins smile.gif)), I found a wet diaper! It is frustrating, because on one hand I don't want to let him in a wet diaper (we use prefolds without the wrap), but on the other hand I would like to spend some time of the day outside the toilet orngtongue.gif

Also, that means that doind EC out and about is difficult, as a 25 minute interval between pees is really short!!

What should I do????



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P.S. I forgot to mention that DS is now almost 10 mo

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How much is he nursing?  That could be key to the timing aspect, etc.


Also, holding it during naps and holding it during awake time are completely different things. 


If he's 10 months, I assume he's becoming more and more mobile... even if that means just standing up and creeping/crawling.  If you scan this list, I'm sure you'll see evidence of many "potty pauses" around this time as the kiddos become less and less focused on the sensation of pottying... or at least ignore it because they are so interested in becoming mobile.  That was certainly the case with my kiddo.


Best advice throughout our ongoing process (mine started at 6 months and is now 20 months) is to just go at your own pace and do what works for you.  Don't stress, remember the journey is about communication.  Unfortunately, our society is not set up to be the same as the eastern and African cultures where this is the norm!  :(  If you want more time out of the house, away from the potty, maybe try longer between nursing/fluids (if that's an option)?  Or, give yourself a break and focus on it as much as you can while you're home and take the time you need while "out and about"??


Good luck!!



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That sounds like pretty frequent peeing for that age.  Is that also the frequency in the afternoon, when they tend to hold it longer?

Sometimes food intolerances can cause frequent peeing, or also foods that act as diuretics (e.g. watermelon).  You might want to consider food eliminations or at least a food diary?

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Thanks so much for the feedback!

Ok, today I am confused: DS went 2 hours without peeing AND with a nursing in between!!!! That might be because today, due to some errands I had to run, he nursed much less than other days. So, it might be what Momasauras suggested that he was having too many liquids. I think I will lay back a little bit, try to decrease the frequency of breastfeeding and see if he changes his pattern. It might also be that he was peeing so often because I was expecting him too....who knows??!!!


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