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Court Question

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I'm not a single parent, but my BFF is dealing with a custody issue, and I thought you ladies my know what she can do.


B and her DH, P, were recently awarded physical custody of P's two sons from a previous marriage.  When P's ex withdrew her objection to the change of custody during the evidentiary hearing, the judge asked her lawyer to draw up the new agreement.  He said he could have it in by the end of the week.  This was on August 30.  The county still doesn't have the new agreement from P's X's lawyer.  What can P and B do to speed things up?  They need a copy of the agreement to get insurance for the boys, and the youngest has special needs.  They can't transfer his SSI, add them to their insurance, get him into therapies or anything until they have that agreement.  Is there something P can file with the courts to speed this up? 


Any advice would be helpful.  Sorry for the complicated backstory!

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They can go to probate court and file an urgency motion for temp guardianship for the purpose of insurance, schooling, etc. It becomes effective same day. Good luck smile.gif
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