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How much cramping is too much cramping?

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I have had a lot.  It hasn't given me that, 'WHOA something is wrong here,' feeling so far, but just the fact that I am constantly uncomfortable and occasionally in REAL pain is starting to really worry me.  I don't remember constant discomfort being a part of the first trimester with my earlier pregnancies, but then they were around a decade ago, so I could have just forgotten.

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I'm not sure if I'm not sort of creeping myself out by thinking about it, but now I am starting to wonder if this isn't just TOO MUCH cramping.  I have had several rounds of really sharp ones.  I did cramp AND spot with #2 in the first trimester and ended up in the hospital for a week and then bedrest for months but nothing was really wrong.  The gave me megadoses of a mineral (potassium or magnesium I think - it's been a while) to stop contractions but either the bedrest worked or there was no reason to get so worked up, because I had no further complications even though it was one of the most stressful periods of my life in every other way.

I'm afraid of miscarrying but I'm also afraid of overreacting.  :(

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I have had two miscarriages in the past year. The 6 week miscarriage just started with spotting and barely any cramping at all. The 12 week one I labored and delivered an empty sack.


I would say that if you aren't spotting, I wouldn't worry too much. Your uterus is stretching and growing.


Also, this early there isn't a lot that can be done if it is a miscarriage. If your intuition is telling you something really is wrong, contact your care provider. They can do blood work to check HCG levels or do an ultrasound. 

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Thanks, manamakeri!  I finally read everything I could find about cramping last night and it turns out that the treatments I received for cramping and spotting with my son have since been discredited as less effective than placebos or no treatment.

I was up until 3, but reading that it wasn't the intervention that kept my son in there was kind of a relief.  Maybe my body does know what it is doing.  Alternately, you're right - I can't stop a miscarriage if that is what happens.  I am back to an intuitive sense of everything being ok, but I think I will be on edge until I can see an ob/gyn (hopefully in the beginning of november, if my medicaid app goes through quickly).

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