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DIY diapers for a first timer

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My dh and I made a deal when we got our dog a few months ago that he would take care of the dog poo if I took care of diapers (unless there's an emergency situation of course). I decided to cloth diaper for financial reasons and to avoid trash and chemicals, and since I'll be the diaperer, it's up to me :) My goal is to pocket all the $ savings and get myself a new washer and dryer after a while.


Originally I was looking at the bumgenius diapers because they seem the easiest, but after doing some reading, it doesn't seem like prefolds and covers are any more work. Recently an emergency vet bill has taken it's toll on our finances, and although it's not necessary to make my own diapers, I'd like to keep my diaper costs as low as possible and make my own. Plus, I enjoy being creative.


Is making my own without having a baby handy (still pregnant), and with no experience with CD a dumb idea? I can sew decently, and my MIL (who made her own CD's) would be happy to help as well. I'm just wondering if I might end up wasting a lot of money on stuff that doesn't fit my baby. I did order some prefolds from green mountain diapers to help me get a feel for sizing. I was thinking of making some newborn covers, and then some that are one-size with rising snaps after that. I discovered a new line of CD supplies (babyville boutique) available locally, and I bought the snap inserter and I'm in love with it. As far as their PUL and fold over elastic, it's hard to be sure of the quality because it's so new. I did buy their diaper making book for patterns and instructions though.


For those of you who do make your own, where do you get your PUL? I really like the idea of fold over elastic going around the diaper, but I'm wondering about how it feels on the skin.





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There is an entire diaper making forum where these things are discussed. You might find more info in there.

They also have a resource list full of patterns and dimensions so it's easier to make diapers without having a baby present.
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