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Prayers please

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Not safe anymore
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We've got your back!!


Good luck, you get to meet your sweet baby so soon!  


Good thoughts and wishes and hopes coming your way  grouphug.gif





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You've got a little time yet, even with water breaking. Still, my best wishes to you for a safe and healthy birth! Have you called your midwife/OB yet?

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Good luck! We'll be thinking of you and your little one.

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I hope things go well.

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I'll pray for you and your baby.

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Keeping you and your baby in my prayers. grouphug.gif

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Good luck, mama!

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I hope everything's going well.  

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Thinking of you and your baby. I hope your care provider is able to help you smoothly through this. 35 weeks is early, but these days it is almost always manageable with good medical care.

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Best wishes.
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Lots of positive love to you and your baby. 

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Prayers and good intentions for you and your child. 

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Thinking of you and your little one.

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My prayers are with you and your little one...

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Sending my thoughts and prayers *hugs*

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If this is of any comfort ... my truly wonderful OB who I really trust told me some time ago that after 34 weeks, they don't usually try to stop labor from happening because even though earlier-born babes may need a little help at the beginning, as they grow they show no developmental delays compared to their full-term peers ... hoping your care provider is able to reassure you of the same ... I know this may not make it any less scary at this moment, but perhaps just to try to keep in mind that chances are overwhelming that even whatever happens in the immediate future, your baby will be absolutely fine ... sending hugs and prayers your way in the meantime. 

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Thinking of you and your baby.  It sounds like everything should work out fine, but there might be a stressful time ahead.  I hope everything is going really smoothly and baby is in great shape!

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strong -healthy - hungry- chubby - awesome latching baby vibe coming your way!!!!

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Sending good thoughts your way!

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