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Weekly Chat! September 25- October 1....

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Weeks/Days along:





Body changes and other milestones:


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Name: Crystal

Weeks/Days along: 7w 1d

Appointments: None this week, but I am waiting on the second HCG level that I had drawn on Sat and I am hoping that its nice and doubled.  If not I am sure I will have an appointment.

Symptoms: Tire, oh so tired.  Gagging when I have to change a poopy diaper.  Puking most mornings.

Food:  Nothing taste good.  I am already over this.  

Exercise:  I am taking it easy since I have been having some spotting.  Mostly resting with my feet up when I can.

Body changes and other milestones:  My clothes don't fit, but my maternity clothes from my last pregnancy are too big.

Thoughts:  We leave for Walt Disney World on Saturday.  I am so stressed about getting everything together!  

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Name: Erin

Weeks/Days along: 6

Appointments: None yet. Oct. 11. 

Symptoms: I feel like crap. I'm exhausted. I'm feeling more nauseated by the day, but have forced myself not to puke because I haven't been able to make myself clean the toilets (I have 4 boys...this is a frequent chore). I refuse to barf in a dirty toilet. 

Food: Junk. Cheese, greasy junk. Other than that...nothing sounds good. Even after I make it...it sounds terrible. I made a great big pan of chile rellenos and after I made them I couldn't eat a single bite. 

Exercise: I'm up and moving. I've done a little yoga this week and took some walks with the boys. Then I promptly come home craving a nap.

Body changes and other milestones: My clothes don't fit well. I'm feeling frumpy. 

Thoughts: I'm totally excited about this little baby. I'm wondering how I'm going to make it through the rest of this first trimester. I have a really full schedule this fall and I wake up every morning praying I'll have enough energy to make it through the day. Oh and my 1 year old broke his arm this week learning how to walk. He gets his cast tomorrow. I'm not excited about having to answer all of the "how did that happen" with the accusing looks. He broke it learning to walk and carry a toy at the same time. I feel bad enough already. Thanks.  orngtongue.gif

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Name: Sara 

Weeks/Days along: 7 weeks tomorrow!

Appointments: First doc appointment tomorrow. I think I'm going to start talking to midwives soon. 

Symptoms: Queasy. On and off sore boobs. EXHAUSTED. Moody. Crying over stupid things. For the past three days its felt like I've had hair wrapped around my uvula and have been gaging and trying SO hard not to throw up. 

Food: NOTHING sounds good. I'm eating, but not well. I'm loving spicy and salty things. Trying so hard to eat fruit and veggies like a good girl.

Exercise: On my feet at work a lot. Walked all over down town washington DC for the last 3 days. I'm pooped! 

Body changes and other milestones: Bigger boobs. When I laid on my stomach last night it felt like there was a golf ball near my underwear line. 

Thoughts: Anyone else feeling like they have hair or something else in their mouths making them want to be sick?! 

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babycatcher: your poor little guy! I hope he is feeling okay! How's he taking to the cast?! 

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Name: JustOneMore

Weeks/Days along: 6


Appointments: nah...


Symptoms: feel a little sick, a little more tired than usual, stuff stinks!, my legs hurt at the end of the day...but actually, my symptoms are pretty mild, and come and go.  scares me, but i know i do this every pregnancy.  and then....7 to 8 weeks hits and i'm wiped out.  i also think this is a boy, and my boy pg was WAY easier than my 3 girl ones, so i keep trying to tell myself that.


Food: i really want meat and veggies, salad, fruit, but i don't want to prepare it.  really don't want sweets either, but tend to eat whatever is easiest.  i'm going to have my 4yo wash up some grapes in a little bit and leave them on the counter.  i also only want things lukewarm.  cold water, cold grapes, hot meat...blech.


Exercise: cross fit.  still trying to figure it out, and don't have a coach or all the proper equipment, but i check the workout of the day everyday, and then how-to videos on youtube.  i am amazed at how strong i feel already, (and how sore!), and how i already can see muscle growth.  pretty cool.


Body changes and other milestones: my hair looks bad...which happened with ds, but not with the girls, i need a shower a lot, i get cold easily, especially in the evenings, i'm not showing at all...probably because of crossfit, and probably because i'm only 6 weeks, and probably because i was still wearing baggier stuff from my last pg.


Thoughts: just wondering how this is all going to go.  is the baby okay?  is it going to get harder? am i going to gain a ton of weight? is it a boy or a girl? which midwife am i going to pick?


Erin-my ds broke his arm falling off a bench when he was 17 months old  I felt so bad, too.  And, I was pg and couldn't even go with him to get his xrays. :( He was a trooper through it, though, and all we have left to remember is a little blue cast in a memory box downstairs.  He doesn't remember a thing.  He was really cute when they took it off, though.  He had this amazed expression on his face, and wiggled his fingers and hand all around.  So sweet.

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Name:  Jenny

Weeks/Days along:  9 weeks tomorrow!

Appointments:  Next week, finally

Symptoms: Still have m/s but thankful to not be puking as much as I did with my girls.  Very tired and unmotivated to do much

Food: Yesterday I craved apple crisp and my sweet dh made us some for dessert.  Not much sounds good these days & my mouth tastes gross after I eat

Exercise: Try to do stretches daily, wish I had energy to walk more or do yoga

Body changes and other milestones:  there is definitely a bump there now.  Mostly in yoga style pants/capris.  Trying to make it to next week, 10 weeks, before wearing maternity

Thoughts: Only a week away from 10 weeks finally!  After my appt next week we will share the news with dh's work & our friends.  I won't worry about breaking out the maternity & making it obvious.  :-)  I tried on some maternity pants the other day and they were sooooo comfy.  I feel weird wearing them quite yet though but soon!  Really wish the m/s would go away. I wanted to go up the canyon to see the fall leaves but I get so queasy on car rides these days.  ugghhh  Poor dh really wanted to go but I just couldn't stomach it.

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Name: Sarah

Weeks/Days along: About 8 weeks, I think.

Appointments: First Midwife appt. today at 3!

Symptoms: exhaustion, nausea/gagging, headaches, over all I'm feeling better than I have been the past few weeks though.

Food: food is starting to sound good again

Exercise: walking

Body changes and other milestones: I think I have a little bit of a bump, my boobs are HUGE (for me) and full.  I'm going to need new bras very soon!  I probably technically need them now, but I'm going to wait as long as possible.

Thoughts: I'm excited for my appt. today.  I'm still nervous to tell my mom.  Would it be lame to have DD tell her?  lol

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Crystal, are you going to be going to the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot? It starts this weekend! I look forward to it every year. I live ~ an hour away from Disney. Sure, I can't really enjoy the wine and beer this year, but I'm hoping to be able to enjoy the food :)



Name: Gwen

Weeks/Days along: 7weeks, 6 days

Appointments: None. I haven't even chosen a care provider or anything. Guess I should get on that.

Symptoms: Constant nausea but no puking. Lots of round ligament pain when I get up too fast or turn just right. Horrible nipple pain and loathing anyone or anything touching my nipples or breats. I also alternate between hot and cold flashes.

Food: Not wanting to eat any protein except steak and cheese. Something that I wanted to eat earlier in the day is nausea inducing by the evening. Not eating nearly as healthy as I should be. Nothing sounds good.

Exercise: It's hard to exercise when I feel dizzy and nauseous all the time. If I get hot at all I feel like I'm going to puke and pass out.

Body changes and other milestones: None really. According to the scale I've gained a lot of weight. I think it is mostly water from increasing blood volume though. I'm pretty sure I'm consuming fewer calories a day than I was before I got pregnant. 

Thoughts: Have to figure out what to do about a care provider. I am 100% behind homebirthing and would love to have a homebirth, especially since this will be our last child. However, we got really badly burned with our last attempt at a homebirth and my daughter's complication free birth ended up costing us ~$5,000. We don't want to chance that happening again. It looks like it will be a choice between birth center, a local OB, or unassisted. 

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Name: "casmer"

Weeks/Days along: 5w4days

Appointments: Had a progesterone and hcg lab this morning and will hopefully hear back tomorrow morning.

Symptoms: Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty...pee, pee, pee. Breasts a little tender. Some mild cramping on and off. Super hungry when I wake up.

Food: I feel like it might be too early for cravings, but I made some waffle fries with grated cheese and onions last night and loved it.  Weird.

Exercise: Gym a few times/week.

Body changes and other milestones: Breast feel fuller, nothing else much going on.

Thoughts: Just hoping and praying my labs come back good.  I just want to be excited about everything and not worried.  I'm SO ready to be done with the 1st trimester for this reason.

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Name: Janelle

Weeks/Days along: 7weeks

Appointments: Monthly appointments, next one is October 17.

Symptoms: Tired, crampy less but still sometimes. Mostly nausea and food aversions. The nausea is killing me...

Food:  It's hard.  Lots of aversions and not eating as healthy as I want because of it. 

Exercise:  Nothing.

Body changes and other milestones:  My tummy feels so big, but I know it's just from the extra food I am eating. :(  I wish I had a real baby bump and didn't just feel fat.

Thoughts:  I really want to be done with the first trimester.  I hate it. :(

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Name: lightheartedmom
Weeks/Days along: 6w3d or something close to that
Appointment: October 19!! Seems ages away!
Food: Ugh. Nothing sounds good. I ate an avocado yesterday and that tasted good...and some mango today, that was okay. Mostly I am repulsed by the thought of food. but I really really want pancakes all of a sudden?! Made with bisquik. Weird.
Exercise: as little as possible. I do 20 minutes of standing qigong at night on the nights when I'm not falling over exhausted by the time the kids are in bed. It's a good way to clear my head and settle down. I call it exercise because it is building muscle and I've lost 4 lbs which is more than I can say for all the other "exercise" and diet programs I've tried over the last two years.
Body changes and other milestones: I'm nauseous most of the time now and so unbelievably exhausted. I feel lots of fullness in my uterus. Fluttery feelings too, which I know aren't really baby movements, but they're comforting nonetheless. DH put his hand on my baby belly (my uterus right now is just above my pubic bone) the other night and said "it's a boy." like the baby told him. It was pretty great. I feel different this pregnancy than my last few and have weird symptoms like I get cold so quickly and it's so hard to warm up! I've also been dreaming about boys. Not baby boys so much but school age and teenagers...with maternal issues and feelings mixed in...it's strange. I've been having a good deal of cramping but no spotting. I think the cramping is just from dehydration and nursing. Still makes me worry.
Thoughts: still trying to get over the miscarriage fears. I've had a few miscarriage dreams but I feel like I'm slowly going to overcome that part. My girls have nasty colds right now, I'm hoping they get better soon and that I don't get it next.
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I'm Kelly, and I'm at 7 weeks 3 days. I'm 27 and this is my first pregnancy.

I'm still nauseous constantly, but the cramping is mostly gone.

Food-wise, I'll take whatever I can stomach at this point.


I had my first sonogram today, and my first appointment with my OB. Everything looks good, and we got to hear the heartbeat which was cool. But overall I wasn't super happy with the visit. There wasn't anything super specific that was "wrong," but I didn't like the vibe I got. It was just a bunch of really trivial things that bugged me. Like despite the fact that my estimated ovulation date and the sonogram point to the exact same fetal age (7w3d), the doctor insisted on calculating it using the date of my LMP (7w5d). And ... ok 2 days is really not a big deal one way or the other, but if you have three data points, and the only one that doesn't agree is the least accurate, why on earth would you go by that one?


And then there was the testing. We were they'd do a nuchal translucency screening and advanced bloodwork at the next appointment. And while I think ultimately my husband and I probably would have opted for it, I didn't like that it wasn't posed as a question, you know? And when I asked what the point was (even if the results are horrible it's against our religion to terminate) if they can't *fix* any of those issues, she basically responded with "well everyone gets this test." Bleh.


I don't think she's a bad OB, in fact I really like her, but I think what the majority of her patients want probably isn't the same was what I want.


My husband and I had a long talk about it afterwards, and I think we're going to try to find a midwife who works with an OB/hospital, and investigate birthing centers in the area. I don't think a homebirth is right for us, but I think it's really important that we work with someone who supports homebirth, if that makes sense.

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Name: Christa

Weeks/Days along: 5 weeks, 5 days

Appointments: First Appt with the Midwife on October 11, 2012

Symptoms: Peeing all the time, on and off nauseous, the "standing up too fast" feeling a couple times a day, nothing sounds good.... 

Food: I don't usually eat a lot of red meat and the other day I woofed down a huge burger while SO and my mom stared at me.... I took a test that night! Other then that, sweets sound AWFUL and I could live of sweets usually.

Exercise: My rescue dog and I walk a lot- usually about two miles a day, broken up over about 4 walks a day.

Body changes and other milestones: Boobs are sore and a bit bigger, generally bloated- ew!

Thoughts: We are so excited! First babe for both of us! Waiting on my HCG, Progestrone, and thyroid levels from my doctor- hopefully this afternoon!

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Name: Holly

Weeks/Days along: 5w 4d

Appointments:  I had two apts last week to check my hormone level, the first one came back at 15,220 and the second one 24,517, an u/s last Friday showed amniotic sac, yolk sac and fetal pole, but no hb yet, so we have another more sophisticated u/s apt on Friday, we are hoping and praying to see the heartbeat then.

Symptoms: breast tenderness, nausea (I haven't been able to eat more than two bites of food today!) some twinges and light cramps in my lower abdomen and super moody and anxious.

Food: nothing much today, I cant think of a single thing that appeals to me

Exercise: just walking and some light stretches for back pain.

Body changes and other milestones: my breasts are feeling more full, and so is my belly, cant tell if its due to the pregnancy or just bloating but I keep rubbing it and thinking that there is a baby in there!

Thoughts: I was pretty nervous Friday when did the u/s and saw the sac and fetal pole but no hb yet, but getting our numbers back and seeing that they are increasing  is reassuring. Although I feel like I can't stop being anxious, I am trying to stay positive and calm, and remember what my nurse said, "keep taking deep breaths and stay calm till Friday"

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Name:  Corrie

Weeks/Days along:  6w 6d

Appointments:  Not for a while yet I imagine.  We don't even have a family doctor at the moment.

Symptoms:  Nauseous, sleepy, irritable

Food:  Vinegary, salty, spicey, preferably fried and with cheese.

Exercise:  Hmm, not really.  Went for a family bike ride this afternoon.

Body changes and other milestones:  None yet as far as I can tell.

Thoughts:  Nursing is starting to get a bit annoying, DS2 was awake for ages last night wanting to nurse constantly.  Bleh, I hope he loses interest on his own because I am so not up to nightweaning him.  He has the worst temper of all time :lol:

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Weeks/Days along:6 weeks, 2 days (guestimate)


Symptoms: everything is INCREDIBLY mild compared to ds's pregnancy. Some very mild nausea around midmorning...that subsides before lunch, tiredness, and the occasional sore boobs.

Food:I'm still doing well with food, lots of Kale, Spinach, green smoothies, lentils, and protein. last week I was CRAVING some mushrooms, but I seem to have finally eaten enough of them ;-) I can't stand anything sweet, or anything processed...which is also unusual from last time when all I wanted was tatertots and mac n cheese!!

Exercise:some walking, and chasing around ds

Body changes and other milestones: definite baby bump...pants are starting to get tight!

Thoughts:Definitely concerned about the mildness of my symptoms. Most mornings, I wake up feeling entirely normal, eat a normal breakfast, and then suddenly get a wave of exhaustion and nausea that lasts just a little while and is gone before lunch...leaving me feeling totally normal again. I would still say my most consistent symptom is tiredness...which is SOOOO weirding me out after the horrible ms that I had with ds. I suppose there's nothing to do except wait this out, but I'm definitely aware that I'm getting away pretty easy so far. 


My mind is completely made up that this is a girl as the two pregnancies are worlds apart in their symptoms! Which is awesome to think about because DP and I both really want a little girl ;-)

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Name: layne

Weeks/Days along: 8 weeks, 7 days

Appointments: argh.  Medicaid gods willing, I may have one by the end of the trimester.  Other than that, just my primary care confirming that my home tests were accurate.

Symptoms: DP claims I'm moody but I think he's just projecting.   Fatigue, nausea, boobs that look and feel like someone gave me a boob job while I wasn't paying attention, dizziness, cramping, sore knees and ankles, food aversions,  OMG, THE SENSITIVITY TO SMELLS! (I have been begging my family to all wear masks in the morning so I can't smell their breath, burping, vertigo when I have to climb stuff at work, vivid dreams

Food: cravings have mostly gone away.  Food is the enemy now.  Usually that doesn't happen for me until the third trimester.

Exercise: lots of walking.  restarting lifting this week.  I work retail.

Body changes and other milestones: I think I'm showing but dp claims I just look like a typical American now.  I feel like I look like Homer Simpson and can't button my pants.

Thoughts:  I'm too old for this. II'm too 

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Name:  Lisa

Weeks/Days along: 7 weeks today

Appointments: 1st one on Wednesday!

Symptoms: Still very tired, very little nausea...yay!

Food:  I am hungry, but nothing sounds good.  Except junk, which is very unlike me.  All I want is soup - making a bit pot of lentil soup for tomorrow - at least it's healthy. 

Exercise:  None....lol.  I am so exhausted, and I keep saying I'm going to pick up a prenatal yoga DVD at the library, but I just haven't done it yet.

Body changes and other milestones:  More bump this week, less bloat.  Luckily the lower back pain is gone, but still having almost daily headaches.  Blah - I didn't have headaches with any of my prior pregnancies. 

Thoughts:  I just hope to hear the heartbeat on Wed, and that everything looks like it's on track.  Despite this being totally unplanned, I've grown to love this little human so much!  Plus my kids are super excited....which is a huge relief.  All of my family now knows, and everyone is happy.  Life is good!

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Name:  Maggie

Weeks/Days along: 6w2days

Appointments: whenever my ob/gyn calls to make an appt. with me!

Symptoms: Exhausted, headaches, slightly nauseated but no vom yet, bloated....lower back pain

Food:  smells of things are starting to bother me.... but I have no aversions to food yet, eating pretty good but craving chocolate. This may be completely unrelated to being preggers.

Exercise:  jogging and walking my dog, no yoga yet as I have not motivated myself. May go to a prenatal yoga class with a friend this week.

Body changes and other milestones:  bigger boobs, bigger belly (mostly due to bloating I believe)

Thoughts:  I hope that everything is okay as I was starting to worry when I wasn't experiencing morning sickness. It hit this morning. Fun. 

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