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~*~The ON(E) THREAD~*~ September 25 - October 2

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WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for September 25 - October 2 !!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


whistling.gifWaiting to O whistling.gif



Carlin BFPChart2.gif 

doddledo BFPChart2.gif

gozal BFPChart2.gif

GradStudent13 BFPChart2.gif

halling BFPChart2.gif

jsnmom BFPChart2.gif

kittenbritches BFPChart2.gif

marykgrove BFPChart2.gif

SilaMarila  BFPChart2.gif 

Sourire BFPChart2.gif

Stevi BFPChart2.gif



headscratch.gif Waiting to Know (2WW) headscratch.gif



Attached2Elijah BFPChart2.gif

cbaa2010 BFPChart2.gif


Gemmine BFPChart2.gif



traci447 BFPChart2.gif


confused.gif WTF IS GOING ON?!?! confused.gif


idea.gif Waiting to be Ready idea.gif

brichole BFPChart2.gif

jlmschirm BFPChart2.gif

Mom2IrishBoys BFPChart2.gif

Texanromaniac BFPChart2.gif

joy.gif ~ GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant: 

 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


heartbeat.gif October BFP's heartbeat.gif




heartbeat.gifSeptember BFP's heartbeat.gif


CorgiMommy BFPChart2.gif

casmer BFPChart2.gif



KM84 BFPChart2.gif

kylie 1

Janellody   BFPChart2.gif



heartbeat.gifAugust BFPs heartbeat.gif



MeredithA   chartnew.gif

arbybee BFPChart2.gif

christy1980  BFPChart2.gif

vivica2  BFPChart2.gif

belacmsage BFPChart2.gif


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Attention ONE THREAD - All you ladies on the verge of O...please take advantage of the remaining days of September Sexapalooza, these opportunities only come once a month winky.gif


Here's to a reproductive week!


cbaa, yay! for 3 eggs.  I'm so, so  hoping that this is your month.  I'm going to have my fingersex so hard for the next 2 weeks orngbiggrin.gif Sheepish.gif


gemmine, yay! for sore nips!  I don't often say that but for your nips, I make an exception.


Stevi, I hope you have an easier time lining up BD's this month.  Last months soldier extravanganza was pretty impressive, though. 


gozal, faerie, kylie, what's the story, ladies?  I'll admit that I did POAS on Saturday morning (10 DPO) that was negative so I'm really just waiting for AF.  I've given up all but the smallest bit of hope.  I hope that you guys are fairing better than I. 


A2E, chart-stalking and wondering how you're feeling this cycle.  You can't just pop back in here and not give us updates.  In case you missed the memo, it's September Sexapalooza around here.  How's that going for you?


Carlin, your temps are insane.  If you aren't pregnant this cycle, well, I don't know, because I think that you are definately pregnant.  Unless you're sick, but I really hope not. 


This place is going to blow up with BFP's in two weeks.  I can feel it.


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Aw, AndtheStars, I'm so sorry. Same thing here. Just POAS (late on 12dpo and stark negative) - I'm out. Waiting for AF Tues or Wed. BLAH. I am so glad you're here to keep me laughing - your commentary always does! I'll be back to chart stalk after I get some sleep (weekend roadtrip, a good way to keep one's mind off how nonpregnant one is).

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AndtheStars, I've got to admit I don't feel good about this cycle either. greensad.gif I have some hope, mostly because I haven't tested yet, but the feeling...You know that feeling? Even before you know you're pregnant, you can kind of feel a change in your body. It happened with my last 2 pregnancies, and hasn't happened this cycle.


Tomorrow I'll test, though!

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for the new thread Andthestars!  I liked seeing october 2nd in the title as hopefully by that date I will know if my last month trying was the month for me or not.  So sorry about your BFN  when it looked so hopeful for you (to me anyways).  Wonder if your regular cycles will keep mine on time now that we have syncronised and have o'd very close two times in a row!  Sorry about your BFN too Gozal :(


Well my good news for the day is my dd finally stopped vomiting after 7 days!!  She even ate a couple of bites of food today for the first time in the whole 7 days.  That was THE worst!  My poor little one.  She is still very weak but is up and playing and laughing again, thank goodness.  Being a nurse is positive as i know how to help her but negative in that I was having a freak out and imagining all the things that could be wrong with her.  I ended up calling a doctor to the house on the weekend as I thought we were going to have to go into work to get her some IV fluids, but thankfully we avoided that and he gave me some reassurance that she was doing better than he would have imagined after being so sick for so many days.  So glad that is over with!  The other good news is my house is finally ready to go on the market!  The yard is all done and the inside is all "house on the market" like, with all my beautiful things packed away in boxes.  So fingers crossed it sells quickly and we get the house of my husbands dreams!  (I like it too).


AFM:  Nothing really to report.  I dont really have any symptoms that are worth mentioning cept i have a HUGE pimple on my face which is really annoying me.  I always get one on day of ovulation and another on day of AF pretty much every cycle but this one is very early as I am now nearly 12 DPO and my last two LPs have been 16 and 17 days long.  




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Thanks for the welcome back smile.gif I actually feel a bit tense about it all now my name is in the list again. In some ways im all excited and ready for baby number 2, but on the other im so completely Not ready and have so much to do before TTC begins confused.gif I just want to feel 100% ready...is that possible? I felt ready enough at least to try last time...eek. There is no perfect time anyway.

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ALLTHESTARS!! -Hallo all, thanks for new tread - I can now savely be moved to graduates.  Thanks for ALL the support, hope I dont see you to soon - but will be lurking!

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Andthestars, thanks for the new thread!


Kylie, Gozal, Andthestars, I'm still a wee bit hopeful at least  one of you will be surprised with a BFP in the next couple days, but hug2.gif anyways. Sorry for a disappointing cycle!


Fairie, you are amazing! You must be a total super mama to get your DD through a week of being that sick and get your house ready to show at the same time. I know what my house looks like after any of us have been sick for even a couple days!


Samy, I don't think there's any such thing as the perfect time. You'll be ready when you have to be!


AFM, temps are down after a terrible night sleep, and I'm up at 6:30 in the morning waiting for a friend to drop off her kid for the day. I don't know if the drop means anything, but it's definitely put a dint in how positive I feel about this cycle. Oh well, we'll see what tomorrow brings I guess.



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Just waiting to O over here. . . . 2whistle.gif  Any time now, body, any time.


I Oed (I think) around this time last cycle, but it doesn't look like it is happening any time soon (no rise in temps, no change in CM and my OPKs are still negative. . .).

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Just wanted to say hi & thanks for the new thread... I'm in boring land over here at 1dpo... My positive things are, my boobs dont ache tremendously as they usually do after o, and i have some sticky cm with (so far) NO spotting! So far I think Clomid agrees with me. My nips are also sore, prob from the hcg shot... I hope it does away & comes back about a week from now! Starting Endometrin tomorrow!
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AndtheStars, thanks for the new thread. And I still have my fingers crossed for you this cycle.

cbaa, big time hopes for you this cycle! Glad the clomid is agreeing with you! 

Kylie and gozal, I hope the next few days bring surprises instead of AF to you both!

Faerie, wow what a bug your daughter had. :( So glad he weathered it well and is getting back to normal! Here's hoping the early pimple means good things...

Carlin, I've been stalking your chart big time and noticed the drop. here's hoping it's back up tomorrow!


AFM, I'm CD 11 today and DH and I started Sexapalooza September yesterday even though there's no sign of O for me yet. What can I say - he's leaving town on Saturday. Which reminds me: ARGH! He's leaving town on Sat and there's no sign of impending O here at all. Here's hoping things ramp up quickly. 

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GradStudent, here's hoping for a sneak-attack O that, BAM!, just all of a sudden hits.  You're covered on BD's so I think it would work out. 


CorgiMommy, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be moving you to graduates.  Tons of sticky, healthy, take-home baby vibes coming your way, mama!


Carlin, your 'low' temp today is still about as high as your highest temp from last cycle.  I still think that this is going to turn out well.


faerie, thank goodness your DD is feeling better.  yeahthat.gif to you being the toughest, most awesome mama ever to get your house ready for sale in the midst of that bow2.gif  I hope that our O's do line up next cycle too (if you don't get your BFP).  I'll send out all my strong O vibes to your ovaries next month. 


gozal, yeah, bummer for us.  I'm actually having pre-AFish cramps as we speak which would give me an 11 day LP.  For someone whose LP's have been consistently 13-14 days forever, this is great news! (where's the sarcasm font?)  I'm glad that we'll be synched up for next cycle though.  Weekend road trips are good ways to 'celebrate' non-pregnancy. 


cbaa, how are your 3 eggs doing today?  Your September Sextapalooza is over!  Now rest up and start thinking strong implantation thoughts. 


samy, I second Carlin, you'll be ready when you have to be.   


kylie, I really hope that you get a surprise tomorrow.  I'll be anxiously stalking.


halling, I hope you get the same BAM! O that I am wishing for GradStudent.  Don't worry, it's only Monday.  You have five days of BD and maaaybe Saturday morning depending on when your DH leaves.  That should be plenty of sperm.   


AFM, see above about pre-AF cramps.   

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Congrats CorgiMom! Lots of sticky vibes comin' your way!!!

LOL AndTheStars, you're too funny! I'm here... Oing as we speak! I was not aware it was September sexapolooza! I will definitely participate tonight. I'm a little afraid we missed our window. I'm Oing SUPER early this month... like as we speak on CD 14!!! ACK!!! I wasn't prepared for that so we hadn't started our BDing fest yet. I usually O closer to CD 16-19. I'm hoping that eggie lasts another couple hours in order to get ahold of it tonight! :P

I'm sorry I'm not more active during the first 2 weeks of my cycle... I just kind of go into hiding because a.) the AF blues and b.) I don't have much to say because it's a boring part of my cycle... And this week is SUPER busy. My son is turning 8 on Thursday and my daughter is turning 5 on Sunday! EEK! In November, it will be 5 years we have been at this baby makin' thing. I'm trying to have positive thoughts about that and hope the end is in sight. smile.gif
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Andthestars thank you for the new thread!  Maybe the AF cramps are implantation.  You're not out until 'she' shows up!  Still holding out hope and baby dust for you.


Gozal so sorry about the BFN - dumb stick.


Kylie can't wait to see your test tomorrow! Must show pictures.


Faerie YAY for your baby feeling better! and YAY for your house being on the market!  So many things to be happy about!


Sami this is our first time ttc so we just went through the whole are we ready thing and finally just bit the bullet.  now we're over the moon. it all seems to work itself out.


GradStudent O baby o!  Keep up with the sexapalooza and you'll be looking good!


Cbaa so great that your body likes the Clomid you must be relieved!  What will the endometrin do?  Sorry for asking but the trigger, hgc and endometrin all are new to me.  Keep up the resting and thinking babies!


Halling when will DH be back?  Hopefully andthestars is right and BAM O!


AFM 3 DPO and absolutely no symptoms whatsoever.  The girls aren't sore like they were last month, I had some twinges over the weekend but really nothing to speak of.  3DPO is so boring except that DH is a sweetie and keeps talking to 'the nug' - maybe that will coach the babe into implantation? 

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AndtheStars: Thanks for the new thread! Can you send some of that BAM ovulate energy my way?

I've been having watery cm the last couple of days and thought for sure I would get a positive opk today but I got a negative and since I haven't taken any others I don't know if I missed o. I don't think I did but there is still that neurotic part of me that has to have a little freak out. I'm sure no one else can identity with that ;-)
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Sarahfaith- I just saw you and I are from the same place & we are almost cycle buddies... We could have due dates together & have baby play dates someday! Ohhh the dreams!  The endometrin is a progesterone suppository as there is a question as to why I get so much spotting in my LP, the trigger was to force ovulation when my egg was ready- the clomid made them get big, but then the trigger makes you O as many eggs are mature (3 for me, maybe 2, but likely 3)- it gives you 36 hours more of maturation, then you ovulate- its like a faux LH surge. I hope you never ever need to know any of this stuff!


A2E- Welcome to the 2ww... I hope this is the lucky cycle with your early O- get on it and catch that egg! loveeyes.gif Time to seduce DH!


Corgi- Hope to see you on the other side soon!!! goodvibes.gifSticky Stick STICK!!!


Kylie- test it up chica- I hope to see double lines in the morning!


GradStudent & Halling - makebabe.gifSending O vibes your way- the body is a frustrating organism!


Faerie- What a relief that your DD is feeling better, how stressful! I am glad that you didn't get sick! I second and third what PPs said about getting your house ready to show on top of that, Supermom! Also... uh 12 DPO... why isn't anyone else begging you to POAS? It would be the best pimple ever if it is because of a sticky little bean.


Carlin - I'll be watching your temp tomorrow, how are you feeling?


Samy- I have to agree that you will have plenty of time to get read when the time comes.


AndTheStars- I hope that those cramps are not early AF and they are your little nugget snuggling in tight for the next 9 months.


AFM- I already updated today but I wanted to do some personals. Still 1dpo... Still nothing exciting, hopefully my 3 little eggs have hooked up with 3 little sperm and are making their way down my fallopian tubes and will be all ready to dig in tight over the weekend, one or 2 of them. The days go by so slowlllly.


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Someone please stop me from:

a) checking my cervix

b) googling "soft cervix before period?"

c) having any hope

d) all of the above


thank you!


ETA:  PS, I am taking suggestions for a change to my avatar.  My pregnant belly with beautiful henna was supposed to be inspiring but now it's just depressing me.

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Hi ladies!

Samy- I never said hi to you, so... hi!  wave.gif There's definitely no perfect time, and if/when pregnancy happens and you are blessed with another baby, it will all work out (and then you could never imagine life without that baby!).


cbaa and sarahfaith-  I'm sending sticky baby vibes both of your ways!  I would definitely join that playdate if I didn't live across the country (if I was invited anyway) winky.gif    cbaa, I know we have to be hearing about a BFP from you with 3 fertilized eggs traveling down right now!  Woohoo for 3 eggs!


AndtheStars-  Ugh sorry about the BFNs.  I'm still hoping you get that BFP in a couple days since 10 dpo is really early still!  What's this about a soft cervix?  Does it feel different than usual at this time of your cycle?  Hmmm that might be a good sign!


gozal-  I'm really sorry that this cycle wasn't the one.  We better hear some good news from you in October!


kylie and faerieliss- please test!  We are all anxious to hear the results.


halling-  Hope you O before your DH leaves!  That would be frustrating.  But I agree with the others to make it a busy baby-making week!


gradstudent-  I agree with AndtheStars that the BDing is quite impressive. thumbsup.gif  Not having any sperm around for the eggie definitely won't be a problem!  Come on O!


marykgrove-  Let's hope that O is still to come for you and that you didn't miss it!


Carlin-  hmmmm well I say that dip wasn't much of a dip to be concerned about, but maaaaybe it's an implantation dip. smile.gif Can't wait to find out!


Attached2Elijah-  Happy September Sexapalooza for you!  Thinking positive thoughts for you for a successful cycle.  Have fun celebrating birthdays with your kiddos!


CorgiMommy-  Yay, so happy for you!  Come on, little bean, be sticky and grow grow grow!


AFM, only at 4 dpo.  Still thinking it's not going to be successful this cycle, but I still have that little glimmer of hope that it's possible.

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I got my BFP! joy.gif


I forgot to take a picture, but it was definitely two thick lines. I'm so excited! This baby had better stick!


Next week when we go to Melbourne for my mother's 60th, I'll get to tell her I'm pregnant again... love.gif

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