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Veggie/Fruit Seed Giveaway/Exchange

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Over in the How to budget and still eat healthy thread, llwr mentioned that an affordable way to put food on the table is to grow your own from cheap or free plant seeds or starts. I think this is completely true and a great idea, and figured that there are a lot of gardeners here who have extra seeds that they'd like to give away or exchange. I know I do! I hate to see my extra seeds go to waste, since there's no way I ever use an entire packet since I only have a container garden.


I think the concept should be as simple as possible - just post a list of what you have available, along with the quantity. Mention whether you're just giving them away or if you're looking for something in exchange. If you're interested in receiving seeds from someone, just message them to work out mailing details privately. You can fit a lot of seeds into a standard envelope with one first class stamp! 


I'm going to pull out my seeds during one of the baby's nap times tomorrow and post my giveaway list. :-) Hope everyone joins in! I think this will be a fun way for us to try some new seeds and all save a little money to boot. 

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Okay, well I didn't get around to posting my list last week, but I have it ready now. :-) These are all seeds I'm willing to give away. They're from the last several seasons, but have been stored well and should have decent germination rates. Quantities vary for each one, but I could send at least five seeds (and probably more) of each variety I think. Just PM me if you'd like some! And please feel free to join in with your own offers - now is the time to start thinking about the spring garden!  


Swiss chard

Red Blush bunching onion

Alibi cucumber

Compatto dill

Wee Be Little pumpkins

Tom Thumb pea

Alpine strawberries

Martino's Roma tomatoes

Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes

Blue Jade corn 

Golden Nugget peppers

Lollo Rossa lettuce

Tennis Ball lettuce

Common chives

Common English thyme

True Greek Oregano

Curled parsley

Sweet marjoram

Sweet basil 




Blue solaize leeks

Lacinato kale

Envy soybeans

Lady lavender

True lavender

German chamomile

Heirloom lettuce mix


Oh, and I container garden so all of these varieties are smaller and suitable for growing in pots. 

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The oregano is gone, but I'm still willing to share the rest. :-) Time to start planting in a month or two! 

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This is a great idea! Our local library just started a seed library. I hope it works out. (Basically you "borrow" seeds from the library, grow your food and harvest seeds from that harvest to return to the library for someone else to "borrow" the next season.)


I have some basil, tomatoes, chile peppers, chamomile, chard, melons, and possibly bunching onion seeds to share if anyone wants.

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Saving my spot.  I'm in the middle of doing major seed inventory, just got my Baker Creek order in today, and will likely have some leftover and will want to trade.  :)

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