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*~Chat Thread for Sept. 26-Oct. 2~*

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Thought I'd start a new chat thread... Anyone out there still pregnant?? 


I'm still pregnant, with no symptoms to speak of.  Sigh.

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Still preggo here too!! I am thinking I may see October with a baby still inside. I will cry about that later. :)


I am headed to the chiropractor this morning since I have a pinched nerve issue in my left hip. I thought it was resolved but it's not. I get zinged pretty badly when baby gets super wiggly so he much have a head or shoulder pressing on a nerve. I thought I had explained it ok to my midwife who kept telling me to relax with it and let baby move on his own, and finally I was able to re-word things and let her know that it will send me to the ground it hurts so badly. Nerve pain sucks. So, I am really really hoping that they can fix it today, since I don't think I can handle that pain plus focus on relaxing during labor. I am slightly frustrated because I feel like this is extending this pregnancy, but maybe there is a reason that this baby needs to stay in for a little longer. 


My midwife is sick with a cold and the other midwife that was going to be her helper had a major major family event that will keep her from the birth if it happens this week. I don't want to keep waiting until everything is convenient. :) 


For the most part I feel good, probably too good. And I slept really well last night. Always nice, but no contractions to speak of that woke me up. 


Hope everyone else is feeling good pre/mid/post labor! 

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Hugs and good thoughts for all of you mamas still waiting. grouphug.gif

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NC05 - I hope you get the pain resolved!  Maybe the chiropractor can do a couple extra adjustments to get labor started??  


Not much going on here, just about to go for a long walk... or as long as I can handle.  I'm still feeling relatively well, though, for being 40 weeks pregnant.  I know people that are less pregnant than me, but more miserable than me.  Guess I'm just lucky, knock on wood.

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Sending lots of labour vibes to all of you still waiting on your babies! 

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The adjustment seemed to do the trick as far as the nerve pain is concerned. I am so excited to be able to walk without fear of that feeling!  He adjusted my sacrum too which I have heard can start labor but so far nothing going on. I honestly didn't think I would be pregnant with #3 in the 4th week of September.


I keep trying to think of any reasons why I might be psychologically holding this baby in and I can't think of any. We are so prepared it is silly. I even took all the birth stuff out of the bedroom and put it in a closet just to quit looking at it and having to step around it. I even cleaned/sterilized all my pump parts and have no intention of using it. We have prepped our boys as much as possible for baby's arrival and my dad now calls every morning to ask if I have had the baby. We even have two names to choose from which is huge since a name has been a huge struggle this time around. We even have one if he comes out a girl! :)


I am starting to feel like I talk to myself in the chat thread too. and am obviously getting bored since I check for birth stories way too often. lol, although I know there are a couple others still pregnant. I know it's coming!!!

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Hang in there!  Wishing everyone smooth and easy births this week!  Come on September babies!


Had our first well baby visit for Tiel and she's almost back up to birth weight at just 5 days ppartum!  Yay for super duper breastmilk.  LOL  I wish I could say I was back to prebaby weight but ah well, ask me in about 9 months.  Though I did go through my dresser and pull out the maternity stuff that isn't breastfeeding friendly... I'm going to need some more clothes I think! 


I'm still on my babymoon though (3 days in the bed, 3 days on the bed, 3 days near the bed) so other than required trips out (like to the dr) I'm not going anywhere, and I'm not even doing much in terms of house stuff.  Dumping my dressed was more a necessity since I needed SOMETHING to wear.


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NC05 - You aren't talking to yourself, I'm right there with you!  I'm beginning to think we might be the last two September holdouts... ;)


I'm starting to get tired of the daily phone calls/emails from friends/family asking "still pregnant?"  Come on, people, you know I'd call or send out a mass email if I had the baby!  I know everyone means well, but my patience seems to be wearing thin lately.  

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I am here too.  Guess it's a good thing I took over the DDC updates since this baby doesn't look to be coming anytime soon either.  Thing is, there is this cupcake place that I got a Groupon for SPECIFICALLY for this birth.  It's for a dozen high end cupcakes that we were planning on celebrating this baby with.  


They will be closed Sunday through Wednesday of this coming week. 


So really, this kids has till Friday/Saturday morning (they sell out early) or looks like October for me......if I want my cupcakes.




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scsigrl - I hope you get your cupcake, sooner rather than later!!  


I had a few contractions earlier today, about 12 minutes apart, and got a little excited.  But that was while I was driving in the car... when I got home and was up and moving, they stopped.  Kaput.  Nothing.  Oh, well, today's my wedding anniversary, at least I can enjoy one last "date night" with DH.  

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ValH....looks like it's just me and you now. 


It's kind of sad around these parts now.  Hope you are hanging in as well as ya can :)

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I guess it is just us!  How are you hanging in there?  What was your actual due date?


My real-life friend that was due next week had her water break today.  I'm thrilled for her, but a tad bit jealous too.  When's it my turn???

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Here are some labor vibes for you two! And flowers too! flowersforyou.gif

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Originally Posted by ValH View Post

I guess it is just us!  How are you hanging in there?  What was your actual due date?


My real-life friend that was due next week had her water break today.  I'm thrilled for her, but a tad bit jealous too.  When's it my turn???



Eh, I am really trying to figure out if this baby is just physically not ready to come or if there is *something* holding me back.  I have really examined it and I can not come up with anything emotionally that would be doing it.   I am really not happy though.  We have a ton of food issues in this house so I made up what I thought was enough food to get my kids through a few weeks of off time for me but that stock is shrinking fast.  I want to go out to get stuff to start another batch of chicken (my DH will NOT do the chicken making. Grosses him out! lol) but I am 1/2 afraid I will start it and then go into labor and not finish it.  Who knows :(


My EDD was the 24th.  


I would want to kick my friend if I were you ;)  But I am a mean ol' nasty "overdue" pregnant woman ;)  I went 5 days late with #1 and 2 early with #2 so I was really not expecting this :(  Plus I know my midwife is waiting on me to leave for her DIL's birth in another state and I am getting worried about that a little.  Gggrrrrrrr


Sorry for the book.


How are you holding up?


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Hang in there!! You are almost done cooking those babies!! They come when they are supposed to, but I am on the other side and was getting impatient for his arrival just two days ago. I miss feeling baby wiggled inside since it is such a cool unique feeling. So, rub those little baby parts and know your turn is coming!!
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Thanks for the encouragement, Ms. B and NC05!!


scsigrl - You are more overdue than me at this point, so I bet you are super frustrated!  Especially with the midwife needing to leave town.  My fingers are crossed that it'll happen soon for you!  Have you tried anything like getting your membranes stripped?  I found out that's what put my friend into labor yesterday.  I'm going to discuss it with my doctor at my appointment tomorrow... we might not do it tomorrow, but it's definitely something I want to try before they move to induction at 42 weeks.  


But besides being impatient, I'm doing pretty well.  I slept the best last night that I had in weeks, probably.  Today is my last day of actually having to go anywhere for work... I'll work from home tomorrow, and then be done.  I'm hoping the baby comes soon, though, because I know I'll be bored next week if I'm home all day with nothing to do.  There's only so much cleaning that can be done, and the freezer is overstuffed as it is, so that limits my cooking!  I just keep trying to remind myself that every day he stays in there is a day longer I can enjoy having him to myself, and a day's worth of strength that he's gaining.  

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ValH, I am a homebirthing Mom.  I don't even think my MW would sweep the membranes but no, I wouldn't anyway.  I am not *that* overdue yet.  If we go past the weekend, I may try something.  I know babies come when they are ready but really, I just wasn't expecting it.  

DH pissed me off though.  Said something about there was a conference he "could have" gone to conference that was over this past weekend "had he know".  Yeah, cause flying from Ohio to Portland when I was 40 weeks was EVEN an option?  I don't think so dummy! lol

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DH's just don't think sometimes!!  Plus, I've noticed that the further I go past my EDD, the more stupid things people tend to say... or the more sensitive I get.  If I hear "come on, pop this baby out already" from one more person, I might have to smack someone.  Hard.  

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LOL  I would KILL anyone who said anything like that to me right now!  THIS is EXACTLY WHY I never gave my EDD out.  To ANYONE.  Not even my Mother.  DH doesn't even remember when it was (he asked once and told his boss because he'll start his leave as soon as the baby gets here but other than his boss, my MW, me and sometimes him if he remembers, no one knows the "date".  Well, till I posted it here ;) 


We have a friend who's DH was in CA when she went into labor a month early.  He JUST made it home for the birth.  Last time I birthed, the MW didn't even make it.  So traveling at 40 weeks?  Why would he even THINK, oh see, I totally could have made it.  Dork!


I ordered cupcakes today.  We go to my Mom's on Thursdays for dinner and they had a kind she's always wanted to try (bubblegum?  Ewwww) so I am taking them over.  Now I will have a fix so I *guess* the kid can hold off till next Wednesday.


Also, had a MW appt. today.  She did say something I hadn't though of that may be "holding" me up.  I know this is our last baby.  So maybe I am keeping him/her in to saver the pregnancy thing as it's the last time I will have these feeling of baby running around and all that.  I will process that some and maybe that's a part of this process this time around.

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Of course, maybe smacking them will be the final ooomph you need to get labor going?  Maybe you should try?  LOL!


Hang in there... I ended up having this babe at 42 weeks 2 days, with labor starting on it's own literally hours before my scheduled induction.  And just days after being told I was still long/hard/closed/posterior despite some pretty strong prodromal labor.  So it can happen.  Heck, it WILL happen for you... even though knowing that provides bumpkus in terms of comfort, I know.


And I hear you on being prepared.  I prepped soooooo many times and then we ate all the food/used all the stuff and now, when we actually do need it, there isn't anything there and it's not like I can run to the store!  So I vote for "go get the stuff" and if labor happens it happens and if it doesn't then you'll have the food on hand that you'll need.


DH stuff- my DH is an amazing, wonderful, loving man and incredible father.  But he has severe ADD and given that he is currently in charge of the house and the three older kiddos while I'm babymooning with dd3?  ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The house looks like a tornado hit (I clean as I go, he prefers an all in one fell swoop clean at the end of the day but has been falling asleep with the kiddos each night and not actually getting to that fell swoop so we're getting sedimentary deposits of mess), the kiddos are a mess and the tantrum factor is through the roof (at 6yo, 4yo, and 2yo routines are really important to them and all routines have gone out the window... meal times, bedtimes, homeschool, stories, everything is jumbled or late or forgotten), nothing is getting done, appointments are being missed, etc.  And dd1 and dd2 have just started attending an afterschool program... and they've been going in pajamas, with unbrushed hair, and apparently telling people they "don't eat lunch anymore".  ARGH! ACK! HELP!  I adore dh, but sometimes I despair a bit.  LOL  However, when I come downstairs and try to right the chaos I end up bleeding a lot more and getting totally wiped out, so I need to just let this all go.  But dang it's hard!

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