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Fenugreek Stools in 6 month old?

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This is a tricky one...


We just started solids (DS is EBF) and we are just doing baby oatmeal (not doing BLW, at least not right now) for now.  Today is day 3 on oatmeal.  ALSO, I just started taking fenugreek capsules on Saturday - 3 pills, 3 times a day with meals to increase my supply. DS usually only poops once a day, sometimes every other day.  Today?  He went at 1 am, again at 6:30am and again at 8 am.  Not usual for him.  Also, his poop appeared to have some chunks of almost scrambled eggs in it.  


Is this the oatmeal or fenugreek?  I suppose I would have to stop one of the two.  I was planning on today being the last day of oatmeal (for now) and start with a new food tomorrow so that would help to see but I would still be starting with a new food (carrots) anyway.  So, it's not only the frequency of stools that has me wondering (also could be that he is getting more milk, but still...) but it's also the appearance of the poop that has me wondering what is going on?

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My guess is that it is almost certainly the oatmeal. If you didn't feed him scrambled eggs, it's probably not scrambled eggs in his poop--mostly likely half-digested oatmeal. I think it's pretty normal to see poop changes after introducing solids. My son got a big constipated for a week or two after we started to vary up the types of solid foods he was eating.

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