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School and breastfeeding can be challenging when the baby is very very young.  If at all possible, I would try to get more time away after you have the baby- one week just isn't enough time to recover physically and for both of you to get good at breastfeeding, especially since you've never done it before.  Most lactation consultants don't recommend introducing a bottle before 3 or 4 weeks.


The principal seems supportive- is there a way you could work from home to try to keep up at least a little bit after the baby is born?


That said, I was unable to take more than a week off from school when my youngest was born (3 months ago); my husband came with me and got me when the baby needed to nurse.  After three weeks, babe stayed home with a bottle and I pumped every 3 hours.  It's doable.  It's not pleasant or ideal, but it's doable.

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It sounds like you've got some good support starting already--yay! Personally, I didn't have much trouble with breastfeeding once my milk came in, but the first night before my milk came in was frustrating and a bit daunting. My son wanted to try to nurse all night, and he cried every time I tried to put him in his bassinet. I was so tired that I was about to cry to. I ended up just propping myself and him up carefully and dozing while he kept working away most of the night, which is probably why my milk came in really heavy the next day. Whew. That was a long night, though. You may have a few of those--try to get at least a sidecar crib to help you nurse more easily at night even if your parents are being weird about co-sleeping. Having the little one right there within easy reach and NOT having to get up really helps with night nursing.


On pumping during school: make sure that you get a dual electric pump (I loved my Ameda pump), and see if you can get a pumping bra. I never actually used one, but it looked like it would make it lots easier to pump and read/type whatever at the same time. I usually ended up just pumping and typing one-handed, myself, and kept wondering if maybe I needed a dual pump and a pumping bra. I may try that with my next child, actually!


Well-wishes for the rest of your pregnancy, and good luck with juggling all this!

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