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Originally Posted by Snugglebugmom View Post

Nica, they took it one step further here and called me back today and asked me to go to L&D to get assessed if I really can't make it into the office this week. So I asked:"Exactly what is it that you guys are so afraid of happening? Is there something I need to know, something you haven't told me about?" And she said no, it's just that at this stage in pregnancy it is very important to get checked weekly. And that they would call again and check in with me tomorrow if I didn't go to L&D tonight. Sigh. You know what? At this point I am thinking it is just not worth the hassle. I will drag my 3 year old (who fortunately seems much better at the moment) and my 9-month-pregnant butt over to their office tomorrow, just to get them off my back. The bus trip should be fun, it will take about an hour not including time spent waiting at the terminal for the transfer. But I can promise you this, if my water breaks on the bus, there is going to be one pissed off pregnant lady kicking up dickens at the OB office. irked.gif

Yuck, I SO feel your pain.  My doctor is in another part of town and our bus system SUCKS.  So it only takes 15 min by car but the bus takes a whole hour or more, with transfers.  And it's a sort of sketchy part of town so those buses are always PACKED, very hot and full of unsavory dudes and people who see absolutely no reason to offer a seat to the very pregnant lady carrying a 2yo.  shake.gif


I have been really dizzy and having wierd spells where I almost faint if I walk too far so I have informed DH that I don't care what it does to his schedule, I need to start taking the car to the appts, especially because they're every week now.  


Good luck to you, Mama - the things we do, eh?


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What a pain! So sorry they are coming down so hard on you. Good luck with that bus trip. Maybe you'll get lucky and just go into labor tonight!
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How frustrating!! It feels to me like they are bullying you and personally I wouldn't like that one bit. Maybe you can call them in the morning and tell them you would be happy to come in, if they could just call and let you know what time they will have some to pick up you and your child and ensure that you will have a ride home as well. If they think it is that important than maybe someone can take their lunch break to come get you.The worst they can say is no and then you are in the same position of deciding to take the bus or skip the appt. Maybe worth a shot.

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So I went in today, to get my doctor and his assistants off my back. It took us 3.5 hours for an appointment that lasted all of 10 minutes. irked.gif Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled everything is fine. But I am not all that happy about having to go in for a NST this Friday (at 39w6d, I haven't even hit my due date yet!), another prenatal appointment on Monday, and from then on 2 NSTs a week, as well as a weekly OB appointment. For crying out loud, this is a PREGNANCY, not a potentially fatal affliction!

And of course at the end of the appointment, the doctor said:"At your next appointment we will discuss what we are going to do if baby isn't here yet."

Yeah, you know what, dude? We are going to wait. And wait. And then wait some more. When I am at 42 weeks and the placenta is showing signs of deteriorating, THEN you can induce me. Up until then, back the f!ck off. 

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Glad baby is ok. How frustrating about your dr. Why are they doing a net o soon and so many of them? Personally I would decline. Hope baby gets here soon and this all mute
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Originally Posted by theboysmama View Post

 Why are they doing a net o soon and so many of them? 

That was my question too. The OB says it is standard practice and that the placenta starts to deteriorate at 40 weeks. Which I think is a crock. And why start when I am not even at 40 weeks? And have another appointment three days later? It just seems unnecessary, and it feels like panic mongering. Ugh, so frustrating! I'm trying to convince the little dude to start his evacuation process, just to get these annoying medical professionals off our backs, but he doesn't seem to be in any hurry. Even the prodromal labor has all but ceased. He seems very comfortable in there, and he moves like he has all the space in the world (yeah, ouch!). Sigh. 

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Iris, weren't you diagnosed with GD? Or am I misremembering?


GD does change the thinking around placental age, and also protocols for testing.


Sorry to hear it was such a hassle to get there. My first pregnancy was like that -- all the testing and appointments and traveling to and fro took hours and hours every week. So frustrating. This one has been still taken a lot of time, but so much less that I am not going to complain!

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yes, if you have a GD dx, that is why the extra testing. Also, many OBs don't like for GD moms to go past 40 weeks. But it sounds like there is a problem with communication with your doctor. He should be explaining this to you if this is indeed the case. If you do have GD, you may want to bring/print out your diet and blood sugar monitoring logs for your next appt. If your numbers are very good, you may be able to get them to back off a little. IME, they don't want to deviate far from their protocols, but in my last pregnancy, I did get them to put off the start date for a lot of the NSTs, extra appts, and that bought me enough time for DD to be born.

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No, that's the thing. I was never diagnosed with GD. One of my levels at the 2 hour test was wonky (the 2 our one, actually, the first two were on the low side), so I was diagnosed with being glucose tolerance impaired. Then at my next appointment I was sent for a random glucose draw and an A1C, and both came back completely normal. I never even saw a dietitian, was just told to not eat cake, ice cream and cookies. Weight gain, fundal height and fetal growth have all been exactly on par with my dates. 

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Hmm. You might have a particularly cautious OB practice, or for some reason they have flagged you as high risk. I would ask for (demand?) better communication about all of this! At your next appt, can you just say to the OB, "I really am confused about xyz" you know, do it in a non-confrontational way but try to get him to spend more than a couple of minutes explaining it to you (and I'd ask the doc, not necessarily the nurses, unless you particularly have a good rapport with one of them). Are they considering you high risk? Do you know why? Can the doctor explain it better? I have also been told that there is evidence for increases in "unexplained fetal demise" past 40 weeks. Both of the midwifery practices I have been to who do homebirth (so, fairly low-risk women only) feel that there is not good evidence that routine testing on schedules actually prevents these rare but tragic outcomes, however, the OB practice I was also seeing with my last pregnancy felt the opposite. My current MWs recommend, but do not insist, on starting routine monitoring at 41 weeks in my case (due to age), at 42 weeks for all moms, and earlier if I desire it or if there is any cause for concern. And, if I *wanted* to start biophysicals and NSTs at full term, they would order them for me.


As for scheduled induction... I am pretty sure you can refuse that. At least in the US, even though the doctors might act differently, I have been told by quite a few health care practitioners that its ultimately my choice to consent to these treatments.


Other than the inconvenience, the tests themselves are, as I understand it, non invasive. Advice I've read is that if there is ever a result that indicates some worry/concern, definitely ask for a repeat test before rushing to other interventions.


With my test that got me my GD dx, (I never did one this pregnancy, just went straight to monitoring) my 1-hour result was elevated and the rest were normal. It might be that the Dr is concerned that there has been hyperglycemia. In a way, too bad they haven't had you self-monitoring, that can go a long way to reassuring caregivers that you are, in fact, doing fine.

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The OB made an appointment for the first NST for tomorrow morning at 10 am at the local hospital, without consulting with me of course, and as it turns out, the hospital is dealing with a C Difficile outbreak and kids under 13 are not allowed up on the L&D floor. Since I have no one to take care of my 3 year old, I called to cancel and reschedule for next week. You'd think I was trying to get out of a meeting with my parole officer. They refused to just cancel and reschedule, having it done after hours when DH is home is not possible, and then they told me to talk to my doctor about it. At that point I was about to start crying, I said:"I cannot talk to that man! Just cancel the appointment, I don't want to reschedule, I will figure something out and call back next week." 

I am seriously so sick of this healthcare crap. I have my next OB appointment on Monday, when DH has the day off, and if I get anymore lip from that stupid doctor, I am going AWOL. I will show up at the hospital when I am in active labor, and they can all kiss my ass.

I think I'll go and cry for a bit now. Thanks for following the drama, you guys. I'm sorry, I know it must be getting really old. 

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gah they sound like jerks. how can they make an appointment without consulting you or giving you a choice of times? Personally I would jot down (in writing) how inflexible they've been about all of this... just simple statements (dates, people you talked to, your efforts to reschedule and their unwillingness to accommodate your needs for travel and childcare).


(and hey, I just noticed in your signature that our daughters have the same birthday- mine is a year younger)

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is midwifery care an option for you? I know it is late in the game but there are mw's where I live that will take you on at last min. for a real discounted rate. You might even find one that is willing to barter or take payments or sliding scale or something.

I am just worried that this is not looking good as far as how you will be treated while in labor and birthing. They already want to be in charge and bossing you around and can't imagine that you can trust your body.

I will be praying for you (hey maybe it will be an all new dr when you show up in labor). This sounds like such a difficult and frustrating situation. you are so close, I would decide what it is that you and your dh want for the remainder of this pg and the birth and then stick to your guns.

Hang in there mama.

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That is so sweet of you, Nicole. You're right, what this means for my laboring and delivery has been on my mind all day yesterday and today, and I think it's the main reason I'm so upset. I feel like they are not listening to me, they are not hearing me. I have asked for clarification several times, but I don't get an answer. My doctor doesn't suggest, doesn't discuss, but announces. This is what you are going to do. It makes me that much more angry because this is my third child, I am not an idiot, I actually have done this before and I know what to expect. irked.gif

I hit 40 weeks on Saturday, and all day today I have been feeling a bit off. Restless, quick to yell and cry, slightly nauseated at times, crampy, with pretty uncomfortable Braxton-Hicks. For some reason (and I may be way off) I feel like labor is not that far off. If that's the case, I will be in the hospital over the weekend, and this particular doctor will hopefully not be on call.

I need to make sure that DH is on board as far as refusing unnecessary interventions is concerned, but he really seems to be so far. When I told him the doctor had "threatened" induction, his first reaction was:"Oh hell no. Not until you are actually at least a week overdue, and only if there is an indication that the baby is not doing well." He's extremely annoyed by the whole process, thinks they are making things way more complicated and scary than they need to be, and I feel like he will be a good advocate for me.

Thanks for caring, you guys, I have been feeling incredibly alone today and your reactions really make me feel better. 

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Hugs, Irishug2.gif.I haven't had any advice for you or anything, but I have been reading along (in horror at the way you've been treated) and hoping that you would start to get some clarification and answers...instead it seems like they are just being more and more unaccomodating and authoritarian. I'm really glad to hear that your DH is supportive and will be a good advocate for you...I hope for your sake that labor isn't far off and that rotten OB won't be on call!

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so glad to hear that your DH gets it. You need some backup. (and, I am *really* hoping you go into labor when bossy doc is not on call!!)

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Iris- So glad you took that as supportive, that was my intent. After I posted i read it and was a little worried you might think I was judgemental or bossy. If you re-read this whole thread there are just a bunch of red flags in regards to your ob's bossyness and I am worried about you. Hang in there and know that prayers have been lifted up and you and baby are in my thoughts as well.

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Originally Posted by Snugglebugmom View Post

No, that's the thing. I was never diagnosed with GD. One of my levels at the 2 hour test was wonky (the 2 our one, actually, the first two were on the low side), so I was diagnosed with being glucose tolerance impaired. Then at my next appointment I was sent for a random glucose draw and an A1C, and both came back completely normal. I never even saw a dietitian, was just told to not eat cake, ice cream and cookies. Weight gain, fundal height and fetal growth have all been exactly on par with my dates. 

Ah, I'm sorry, I misremembered then. Well, in that case, it definitely sounds like your OB's risk attitudes are incompatible with yours. That sucks, and I'm sorry. I'm glad you and your DH are on the same page and I hope you have good luck with the on-call doc when you go into labour.

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