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7 year old autistic boy is missing

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in my county, just 10 miles away from our house.


There are so many people/dogs/planes/helicopters looking for him that Im starting to have a hard time believing that he just ran off. His mother says he would never go anywhere without someone he knows, and that he isnt the type of kid to just run off without anyone. His family is convinced that someone took him, but authorities insist that because he is a special needs child it is likely that he just wandered off. This mother is being put through the ringer around this area for letting her autistic child out "near dark, without supervision". I feel so bad for her. Its bad enough to have your child missing, but for no one to believe what you say about how he acts and for people to chastise you for your decisions while you are having to go through this rough time must be so hard.

The local story is this:
He was playing hide and seek with his siblings and a friend. He ran in the house to get a coat around 7pm and went back out. His sibling who was going to hide with him says he never came back out of the house. His mom says he did leave the house. There was a gap of time of about two minutes between his mom knowing he left the house and the sibling running in to say they couldnt find their brother.

I picked up a flyer at the grocery store last night and I cant stop thinking about him and his family.
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The authorities are refusing to issue an Amber Alert for this child, because they do not believe he has been abducted.
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I think not issuing an amber alert might mean something more. Either way show some decency, at this point the amber alert says we're looking and we care. How crappy all around.
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Well, thankfully he was found. And the authorities were right, he had just wandered off. He was found 42 hours after he went missing 3 miles awake near a creek.
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So glad he was found!

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