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replacing worn out applix?

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anybody know any mdc wahms who will replace the old velcro tabs?  should i do snaps?  these are mostly bg's.  their velcro stinks. 

also, what do costs run usually for replacing them? 

thanks everyone-- trying to get old diaps ready for new babe.

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I'm sorry, I don't know anyone that will do this for you, but I recently went through this project myself, also preparing for new baby. I'm sorry to say, but it really sucked. The bumgenius refresher kits are only $1 each for the velcro and elastic but I only used the velcro. It was incredibly difficult to work with in my sewing machine and I sewed about half of them by hand (ouch!). One tip I found useful was to put wax paper over the sticky/hook velcro part to run it through your machine so the thread didn't get wound up in it, and then you can just tear the wax paper off after you sew.

I was disappointed that there's no replacement piece or easy way to fix the long velcro strip on the front of the diaper as several of mine had started to come a little loose. Was going to glue them, but the sewing project got me so frustrated that I ended up selling a dozen of my bg's and using that money towards fuzzibunz' current buy 6, get 2 free promotion. I had a few fb's in my stash and they just held up so much better than the bg's. Once I finished the velcro on the bg's, they looked great but I never wanted to see them again!

I have a friend who replaced velcro with snaps and I think that would definitely be worth looking into! Did you try posting on the WAHM thread? Good luck!
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I just found a local WAHM to replace the old applix on my GroBaby diapers with snaps. I think I paid her $20 for 10 diapers. They're like brand-new, except better! Totally worth it!

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