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Baby Liam is here! - birth story

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Liam Shea was born on the 20th, 8 lbs. 15 oz. I'm happy to say he is uncircumcised!!! Yay! DH got the name he liked, but no circ which makes me very happy.


We left for the hospital at 6am on Tues after my water started leaking. DD came fast (4hours) for a first born, and the hospital is an hour away so off we went. And then nothing happened...


My doula met us there (thank god for her!) and I walked around and around the delivery room. This hospital redid their delivery rooms a couple of years ago and they are a good size and very nice. My friends drove down to take care of dd (McDonald's for lunch, she got spoiled) and then they took her home. Nothing was happening while I was worried about her.


My OB kept calling in to find out what was happening, but nothing until around 5ish. My water completely broke, I was 5 cm (3 at check in that morning), and then pain! The contractions went to every 3 minutes, but soon never completely stopped. That wasn't the problem though. I felt such incredible pressure on my rectum, and was extremely uncomfortable. Without my doula, I'm sure I would have made everyone miserable and asked for drugs or something. As it was, she kept me relatively calm and my dh kept stroking my hair and telling me I could do it. Shortly after my OB arrived it was time to push, but I refused to move. So I delivered on my hands and knees. My doula said it was very funny watching my OB and the nurse (awesome nurse too, I was so lucky) try to figure out how to catch the baby as it would come out upside down from most deliveries. I was forced to move with my dd, and I never liked it, but they didn't even mention it. After pushing for however long (I cannot tell how long it was through any of the transition and pushing stage) Liam arrived. And yes I was very loud. I think I sort of scared DH, although he did say it was a good thing he couldn't see my face wink1.gif The baby was 1/4 turned around, hence the back labor and pressure. He came out facing DH!


The entire birth process was very natural, everyone was helpful and they trusted me to trust my own body. My OB and doula both mentioned that they see very few births like that unfortunately. The other nurse had never seen a delivery like that in 35 years! I was so happy with the hospital this time around, it was very much low key and like a birth center.


My dd is adjusting to her new brother. Typical 3 1/2 year old behavior, helpful one minute, whining the next.


Now to go enjoy my family!


Congratulations to everyone too on their new additions. We make good babies!



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Congratulations, and welcome Liam!  So glad he isn't circumcized!  Sounds like a wonderful birth.

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congrats!!! my birth was very similar and they teased the ob that he played midwife doing a hands and knees delivery! haha..we rock!

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Congrats!  What a beautiful birth story, and such a lucky little guy!  Enjoy your babymoon.  :)

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Congratulations! love.gif

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