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What are you doing about birth control afterwards?

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After ds I didn't really have to worry about it (my then fiance and I were having mega issues and I knew it wouldn't last... I ended up leaving him when ds was less than 2 months old and we hadn't had sex since before ds was born so it was never an issue). I didn't date (or have casual sex) again for years, until I met my now dh. For quite awhile we used condoms and I was on the pill. Then we stopped the condoms.... then we stopped the pill and that's how we got here ;)


We don't want any oops though. But we have no idea what to do about birth control. In theory, we'll use condoms until I can get on birth control pills again (and then we'll likely stick with the double protection for at least awhile). But what kind of pill is safe to take while breastfeeding? How soon can I start it? What other options are there for breastfeeding moms? I will not do an IUD (tried it once, had a horrible experience with it, won't do it again).

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To be honest, I realized how much better I felt off the pill - had been on for more than a decade - that we to this day use condoms.   I just don't like messing with my body chemistry that much anymore.  DD nursed for 4 years and the first year or so I wasn't that interested.  But yeah, we use condoms - less messy

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I've never really been on BC, but yeah, now that I'm having a third, I straight up am getting a Mirena... 3 kids.. no way I would remember to take a pill everyday. And you can have it while nursing, and you can take it out when you want to. I want something I can just put in and foreget about it.

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We'll use LAM in the beginning, then go back to FAM with condoms for fertile times. I'm not comfortable with hormonal BC while breastfeeding (or anytime, for that matter) and would never consider an IUD...so that pretty much leaves FAM/NFP and/or barriers.
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We're also planning on condoms/ FAM method.


Steph, per your question, they have progesterone-only pills which are thought to be safe while breastfeeding (they can sometimes interfere with supply though).  I think they're called the mini-pill, and one would start taking them around 6 weeks or so, I believe (but your doctor will definitely want to discuss with you regardless).  


Other options for breastfeeding moms include FAM (fertility awareness method) along with LAM (lactation ammenorhea method). A really good resource to check out is Toni Weschler's book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  The basic theory with LAM is that if you're exclusively breastfeeding on-demand, *most* women won't resume ovulation until 6 months postpartum, but you'd also be simultaneously checking your fertility (based on basal body temp, cervical fluid, and cervical position).  FAM is definitely a bit more work- you HAVE to be diligent and consistent, and there is definitely a learning curve.  The idea is that you track your own fertility on a daily basis based on these signs, and during your fertile phase, you'd use alternate methods- either condoms or abstinence.  Obviously, you have the best idea about what would fit into your lifestyle and family the best, but there are definitely hormonal (birth control pills safe for breastfeeding) and non-hormonal options.

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Sigh. I have no idea what I'm going to use after the birth. I used Nuvaring for several years until one day it just disappeared and I ended up here (seriously. To this day we have no idea where it may have gone...we didn't even realize it was missing for at least a few weeks, although once we did notice it definitely explained why I'd randomly turned into a hormonal crazy person. My DH insists on calling it the immaculate disappearance, and my midwife keeps joking that the baby is going to come out wearing a bracelet). I really liked it for the convenience factor, but I don't think it's considered safe for breastfeeding, and after I lost it I realized that I just really didn't like what it did to my moods or my body. IUDs scare me because of all the horror stories, FAM scares me because that's why my big sister is now a mom (and I know my own body well enough to know that my system is not stable enough for my fertility signs to be reliable), and I want to avoid hormonal methods, but I HATE barrier methods...so I am sort of at point non-plus.

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We used condoms between DS and this baby. We will use them again until DH goes for his vasectomy. Which he will most likely do sometime in the baby's first year.

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I've been on pills in the past, and before we started TTC I was on Nuvaring.  Nuvaring worked really well for me, but I want to avoid hormones this time around.  I think I'm going to get a copper IUD.  I've heard the horror stories, but also the stats seem okay enough for me to give it a try.  My doctor said the mini-pill works really well for a lot of people and is the least likely hormonal method to interfere with breastfeeding.  I hate taking a daily pill, though.  I did fertility awareness for TTC, but I'm not sure I trust it for catching my first PP ovulation and TTA.  I really don't want to be pregnant again for a while.  

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I had been on the pill since I was 15 because it helped with really painful periods..  After DD was born we used condoms for awhile, then I tried several different pill brands and the nuvaring - we were trying to figure out if hormones were causing my migraines.  This time, I will go back on the pill again (didn't end up affecting the migraines at all) just because I can't deal with the monthly issue of hard periods!


I did like the nuvaring though...I might give that a second try

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This is it for us, so DH is getting a vasectomy. He plans to time it around football playoffs and spend some time relaxing on the couch. I am thoroughly supportive of this idea.


Between DS and this one, we used condoms with spermicidal gel. The one time (seriously, ONE time) we did not use gel, the condom broke, and here I am in the DDC. I have always been a dual methods devotee, and clearly that was the right call!


I like the idea of FAM a lot, but it does not work well for me, personally. I am not that organized, my temperatures are affected by my autoimmune thyroid condition, I can't reach my cervix (it's seriously hard to reach -- every health care provider who tries comments on it), and there is significant evidence at this point (in the form of two kids) to suggest that I ovulate either at irregular times in my cycle or possibly twice per cycle.

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DS3 and now this baby were both conceived while using condoms. Clearly, I should not rely on that for myself any more, unless I'm okay with more surprise babies... Which, I'm not. I don't want to do hormonal prevention, I don't want to do FAM (seriously, the only times I WANT sex is when I'm fertile- not willing to abstain, and condoms clearly won't work as a back-up, anyway!). I also don't want to do anything permanent. I'm feeling like this MIGHT be my last baby, but I'm not ready to commit to that just yet. I feel like my best option at this point is a copper IUD, but the horror stories really make ms nervous. :-/
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It took us 6 years to conceive ds & just over 2 to conceive this one. We would still like more so we most definitely will not be doing anything. Even if we had decided we weren't having more I don't know we would do anything as it takes such concerted effort (drugs & whatnot) for us to conceive.

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I plan on using condoms and spermicide until I can figure out my own body a little more for FAM, I guess. Thanks for the definition, Amy!

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I had a copper IUD put in and it's great - nothing to remember (or forget, as the case may be), and nothing left to chance.  Plus, no hormones! 

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Originally Posted by mamatohannah View Post

I had a copper IUD put in and it's great - nothing to remember (or forget, as the case may be), and nothing left to chance.  Plus, no hormones! 

I had a copper IUD and had to have it removed after about 6 months because my periods were frighteningly heavy and lasted almost 2 weeks.  It was awful!  Looking forward to the big V here!


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I just ordered the Fertile Focus microscope on the recommendation of my midwife. You look at a dried saliva sample each day, and the crystal pattern shows ovulation. It's apparently 98-99% effective. I also have always done informal fertility awareness. My cycles were very regular and between changes in my sex drive and vaginal mucous, ovulation was always pretty predictable. Not sure how this will play out after having a baby though--especially while breastfeeding. I feel like I have a whole new body.

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Getting another IUD. I had a copper T last time but I'm leaning Mirena... The heavier periods were a pain. I can't do estrogen, and the IUD is so easy. I loved it aside from the increased bleeding and cramps.
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grrr, DH said he was all for the vasectomy but has done exactly nothing towards getting one... I guess we can wait until PP at this point. I kind of want to do it while we are all still on state insurance, the state loves to pay for sterilizing poor people. However the MW told me that new law is that birth control has to be covered by all insurance, so maybe that's not even an issue anymore if he switches to employer-provided insurance.

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DH has been talking about getting a vasectomy, but I don't think *I'm* ready for that yet. :/

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With the saliva tester thing do you need to purchase a new kit every month? We are doing nothing but LAM right now and may go back to FAM but would like some extra assurance, especially with 2 little ones etc. Contemplating getting the copper IUD, but it's expensive, and I don't know how well my body will work with it....
Any info on the saliva thing would be awesome! thanks!
BTW we are like super fertile people over here so just using FAM isn't always best for us. We conceived baby #2 after an accidental pregnancy miscarriage (the month right after mc) when I showed NO signs of ovulating. Our joke is that I don't even have to ovulate to get knocked up. LOL
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