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Yup, I knit the body of one in just an hour or so this morning.  The only problem is, I don't know how to crochet, nor do I have a hook so I can't even teach myself.  I'm wondering if I can do something with a knit i-cord.  Maybe after you look over the pattern you can give me an idea :-)  (this is one of the bad parts about self-teaching. lol!) 


Oh, I was going to avoid the problem by finding a different pattern on Ravelry! That's usually my lazy solution for when I don't want to learn something new. I will say that the actually crochet chain is super easy. I make the drawstrings for my soakers that way. Plus, it's always good to have a crochet hook around for when you drop stitches while knitting. So it might be worth it to just go grab one. 


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Bah. greensad.gif  LOL!  I guess I should learn.... 



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Oh, I was going to avoid the problem by finding a different pattern on Ravelry! That's usually my lazy solution for when I don't want to learn something new. I will say that the actually crochet chain is super easy. I make the drawstrings for my soakers that way. Plus, it's always good to have a crochet hook around for when you drop stitches while knitting. So it might be worth it to just go grab one. 



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I'm working on these as christmas gifts.  We're going to personalize the mugs by using a porcelaine pen and writing a message along the inside top of the cup.  Something generic and cute, like "good morning, sunshine" or something like that.  http://www.simplynotable.com/2011/button-up-your-cup-new-and-improved/   Both ideas are in my pinterest (personalize mugs are on my Craft Ideas board.)

That is way cute! I might go nuts after actually learning how to knit. There's soooo many cute things to make with yarn!


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Oh, forgot... this is the next thing the girls and I are going to do: http://www.wednesdaycustomdesign.com/blog/2010/11/7/messiest-merriest-and-whirliest-diy-balls.html


We are going to make them in colors that match the baby's room and hang them from the ceiling over the changing table.

This is so cool and a neat idea for making Christmas ornaments too.


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Wow - I'm not nearly so crafty so everyone is getting homemade hot fudge sauce for Christmas :)


I am feeling the need to stockpile food and made a huge costco run today. Hopefully this motivates me to organize the pantry now that I have all these dried/canned goods to put in there! I think once we order that 50 #s of ground beef we should be set until I feel like cooking/shopping again! :)

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Hey, I guess I have been nesting by crafting. Trying to slog through the last couple of inches of my epic baby blanket. I suddenly got that itchy restless feeling that I associate with nesting, but it was to start a new creative project. I'm going to make a mobile for the baby, and a pair of longies. 


I love Pinterest. I'm a very visual person, so I love having the photos to look at as inspiration for kid stuff, interior decorating ideas, craft ideas. I'm mostly trolling Pinterest itself for ideas, but I do use it as a bookmark system as well. I'm kaypea there as well, if anyone is interested. 

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I think that's me too, Kaypea. Nesting by crafting. And cooking. I really haven't been doing much specifically related to the baby. I've just been very... domestic. smile.gif
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That's a good way to describe it, Amanda. I have NEVER been one of the domestic types, ya know? But all of a sudden I just want everything cozy and organized and everyone's tummies full. It's a good feeling. I feel alot more useful now than I ever have and I feel great because of it.

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I'm kind of feeling the OPPOSITE of nesting lately - I literally have two social events/interactions planned per day all this week, and next week is starting to look the same. It's like I am madly trying to see everyone, and do all those kinds of things with DD that we won't be able to do for a while. It's like a feverish need - I am always thinking about who I need to see, and trying to make our schedules work. 


Still no organizational, cleaning urges though - with my first pregnancy I was feeling most strongly that way from 30 - 35 weeks or so, and then nothing after that, and this time that was right when we were moving, so perhaps I missed my energy window. 

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It's good to make dates with people!  I plan to do that during weeks 38-42.  If I go into labor, I won't feel bad about missing a coffee date because I'll be too busy with my new baby! :-)  I am trying to get DH to put some dates on the calendar as well- for him and I.  

We have been painting the boy's dresser and the crib this week.  It's taking longer than expected, mostly due to threats of rain and early evening sunsets.  We sure could use a couple more hours of daylight....   But I should be finished with both pieces by the end of the week. 

Overall our house is clean and organized, so we just need to finish these last few things.... I feel pretty good about it though.

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I've been on a roll today..  We decided to buy another goat, so I went and picked her up this morning.  She's already pregnant and due to have babies Jan. 1st, so hopefully in a few months we'll be getting enough milk to drink and make yogurt.  We currently have another pregnant goat and one milking goat.  However, we have a dwarf breed and one just doesn't make enough milk for our family.


Now I'm making enchiladas to put in the freezer, racking some hard cider into a glass bottle, and steam cleaning the carpets.  Slowly we're getting all the projects done...  We still have to bottle about 75 gallons of wine, clear out the rest of my garden, clean the garage, and organize my spare bedroom and all of the baby things.


We just found a deal on buying a half of a cow, which will be delivered next week.  Between that and all the freezer meals that I've made in the last few weeks our freezer will be stuffed full, which is a good feeling. 


My 36w home-visit is on Monday, so I also want to get my house clean.  I did manage to finish my birth kit yesterday, so the most important part is done.


Just a few more weeks! Eeeee!

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Holy cow, Abra. You've got alot to do before baby arrives. lol

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lol.gif  Yeeeaahhhhhh....  The wine bottling is the most time consuming.  This just happens to be a very busy time of year in general, then I want to cram in all the extra baby related stuff too!  Tomorrow we're going to start cleaning wine bottles, we only have to do 400 or so...   bigeyes.gif


Then, on top of it all our dog is due to have puppies around Nov. 23rd (my edd is Nov. 21st).  We decided that we wanted the $$ from the puppies more than the sanity.  We're nuts, I know!


Oh yeah, and I want to make Christmas presents too.  I might be aiming a little high here.  dizzy.gif

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Holy cow, Abra. You've got alot to do before baby arrives. lol


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I've hit a wall!  Agh!  SO many things to do, no idea where to start.  It's not really necessary stuff, but things I'd like to have done before he arrives.  I really need to at least finish decorating their room... My quilter is nearly done with Owen's blanket for his bed, and I need to sew a few coordinating pieces and get some wall art.  We need to finish sealing the crib and dresser, too.  Maybe  by the end of this week I'll feel more prepared.... I hope so, at least.  I should also pack my birth bag.  I'll be full term this week so that would be good to have that ready. 

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I've kind of been......putting stuff off since I found out that I won't be here to have the baby, I'll be 300 miles away from 37 weeks until the baby is probably a week old. I really really want to sew up some inserts but since my mom has a sewing machine and I stitch by hand, the sewing of the diapers might have to take a back seat until I can get to mom's. I don't know if I've slowed down in doing stuff because I'm depressed my birth plans were messed up, or if I'm waiting for the right time to do it all because I COULD do it, I just choose not to at this point.

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I'm still mostly at the "planning and list-making" stage of my nesting. I have made a couple freezer meals (but I've got a lot more on my to-do list for this week), washed baby clothes and diapers, and done all the shopping that I needed to do for remaining baby stuff and birth supplies. So I have everything (except the birth pool, which I can't pick up until next week). But the house is still REALLY disorganized and a huge mess. DH and DS are going to be gone from November 2nd through the 7th, and I'm planning on getting one room done per day while they're gone.

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I've finally started nesting! This weekend was our prepare for baby weekend, and we've been sorting and washing baby clothes, shopping for homebirth supplies and baby gear. We're planning to clear out the guest room today, because it's the one bedroom that's on the lower floor, the same level that our birth tub will be on, and I imagine I'll want to labour in there. Up until now, it was filled with all of the things that we haven't unpacked from the move. 


We still have a HUGE list of move-related to do's, like hang pictures and shelves and make and hang curtains and hang towel bars and coat hooks, and make a useable entry way, and we still have lots of unpacking to do too, but we're concentrating on all baby and birth-related tasks, and that has helped me focus. 


I'm also just in the last 3 inches of my giant knitted baby blanket, and I'm weaving in all the ends now so that I can just keep knitting until I go into labour, and then bind off. If it's a little short, so be it! When I'm bored of knitting the blanket, I'm also working on a pair of longies. I really wanted to have at least one more sweater knit for this baby, one more hat, one more pair of booties, and a kicking bag, but clearly that isn't going to happen. 


I wish we could make freezer meals, but our freezer is about the size of a shoebox. I don't know why the co-op decided that a teeny bachelor-sized apartment fridge was the right appliance for a 3-bedroom townhouse. It's frustrating. 


But it feels so good to be getting things done. 

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I don't usually mind not drinking beer/wine/coffee (yeah, I give it up even though I don't *need* to- it keeps me up at night) while pregnant but I'm getting to the point now (33 weeks!) where I just really want some.  It's not about drinking it even, but just the experience.  My husband has been brewing beer this pregnancy (he's made 3 so far) and I get little sips but I just want to drink one of his homebrews with him!  And I love drinking wine with just about anyone winky.gif  DH also roasts his own coffee and works in the coffee business so he often has tastings and cuppings at his store.  He's such an expert, I love drinking it with him and learning new things smile.gif  So, for me it's the experience of those things and I MISS IT SO MUCH.  I can't wait until he can make me a latte on a cold winter morning.  Or we can stay up and drink a beer together.  Sigh.

I totally understand how you are feeling!!! I didn't find I was missing being able to have a drink too much even over the summer when my DH was having an ice cold beer, but now, I would do anything for a glass of red wine. I am waiting for the day! LOLbouncy.gif


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Great job ladies! Yesterday I went absolutely crazy house cleaning. I am usually a neat freak, but over the last few months there has been a definite slide in this area. My DH is pretty helpful, but our standards of clean are a little different! So I went nuts cleaning-dusting, vacuuming, windows, etc. I feel so much better. However I feel like I can't stop. It is in every room now I feel like I have to stop and start organizing. For example if I go into the pantry, I am in there for an hour getting rid of expired food or trying to make things easier to access. We finished the nursery as well so that feels good! Maybe I should use this burst of energy for some make ahead meals?smile.gif

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I've had the urge ALL DAY to nest with food preparation, but nothing to do it with. We don't have enough containers to store food for freezing AND keep small leftovers in the fridge. And we don't have enough food to make a whole crap load of dishes to store away in the freezer. Frustrating. irked.gif