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Luke is here - home water birth

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Luke Conor

Born 9/26/11 at 3:45am

At home in the tub!

8 lbs, 14 oz / 22 3/4 inches


This little guy really had me guessing! I had had practice labor on and off for few weeks and had been dilated and mostly effaced for at least two weeks. I had light contractions on and off all day Friday the 23rd, followed by red blood most of the day on Saturday and Sunday, but no real action. Also on Sunday my bag of waters began leaking some. But by bedtime on Sunday I had no action and was quite perplexed.  I went to sleep about 10:30 after checking in with my midwife.


I woke up 2 hours later at 12:30 to full on labor...emptying bowels, painful contractions that I was moaning through and nausea and shakes. I got DH up pretty quickly after getting a few things settled and asked him to call the midwife and let her know this was the real thing, and move our daughter out of the room so I could have the lights on and be noisy. The midwife arrived around 1:15.  By then we had made up the bed with a plastic sheet and some old sheets on top, so I was laying on it and trying to rest in between contractions, which were about 5 min apart.  I got kind of frustrated at how slow and light they seemed and kind of wanted to get the show on the road. I must say I didn't really enjoy any part of labor this time, it was just too intense and I had the heavy nausea and shakes for most of it. Anyway, I moved to the floor and leaned over the bed with a few contractions, which made them much more intense and I could feel the baby moving down. I asked the midwife to run the bath and got in there after a bit. It felt nice to get in the water but at that point I was in full on transition and needing some real moral support. I was feeling all the typical transition feelings of wanting to run away, wanting to go to the hospital and get an epidural, etc. It was just a little after 3am at this point. I started having some massive contractions once in the tub and could feel the baby moving ever lower. Then with one particularly big one I felt him move way down and I could feel a bit of burning, and feel that wonderful head right there! That really motivated me and I gave a great push with the next one and got his head out. I paused at that point (agony!) waiting for another contraction, at which point I pushed like a mad person and got his shoulders and body out. He came right up onto my chest and cried, sweet little one. He was born at 3:45am this morning 9/26 (day before my due date) and weighed 8 lbs, 14 oz. I believe he's 22 3/4 inches long. So big boy, not a surprise. :) I wouldn't have been that surprised for him to be even bigger as my son was a pound more than that also at 40 weeks.


Anyway, nursing seems to be going well and we just got in a really nice 2 hour nap together so I am feeling pretty great for the time being. No tearing, just a skid mark, and only very light blood loss. So I am hoping for a good recovery. My two older kids slept through the entire thing and got up to meet their baby brother just a little before 8am. It was so sweet. :)





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Congratulations!  Enjoy your little man!

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Gorgeous baby and Mamma!!! Congrats and big hugs to you!!! Awesome story! Gotta love transition, eh? The day after the birth I could still taste the pain and it made me shudder. Now, 10 days after the birth Ive totally forgotten. I mean, I know it hurt but I just dont remember what it actually felt like! I guess this is the power of Darwinism at work?! If we all remembered would we ever want to do it again? ;-) As I pack up my maternity clothes..thats right...pack them up, not give them away...and snuggle my precious gift, I do think...maybe... ;-)

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Hooray! Congratulations!! I am feeling a little green right now, but am very happy for you!!!!! 

You look amazing and your baby is precious!! Good work!

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Congratulations!!!  What a sweet little boy.  Seems like not so long ago we were both posting on the "bleeding" thread, and it's just so awesome to now be holding our precious babies. 

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joy.gifGood work!

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Congrats!  The two of you look amazing!

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Congratulations! love.gif

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