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Halloween Costume?

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Anyone come up with a crafty costume idea that incorporates the blooming belly? We have a costume party to go to when I'll be 35wks. and would love to come up with something other than Santa Clause.

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I got this for Halloween. 

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I need some ideas too!!

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Well, there's the old stand-by....you be the nun, your SO be the priest.  innocent.gif

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Mummoth-these shirts are hilarious!

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I wonder if they make pregnant skeleton shirts...those would be amazing!!

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Avery... check my link!

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LOL!! I didn't see your link!

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Preggo brain!


They're glow in the dark, too! I haven't worn a costume since I was 11 or 12, my kids are going to be thrilled.

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These are great!  I'm really tempted to get a twins one.  I was planning on being a giant jack-o-lantern (I already have an orange maternity tee)

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These are my favorites:  (I've always loved the traditional pumpkin belly paint, too...)








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I've always wanted to go as Mother Earth and paint my belly like the world :)

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I totally bought the nun costume!

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I just got the idea of Kung-Fu panda from a post by Mummoth ...lol.gif  I think my kiddos would like that one.

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LOL! I got my shirt in the mail today!

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I'm gong to put on an orange shirt and put a jack o lantern face on the belly.  Nothing too fancy - I'll just be wearing it when I take the kids trick-or-treating.

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