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anyone eliminate/decrease allergies by things OTHER than elimination?

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I am wondering if anyone has decreased their allergies (whatever kind) by DOING things rather that eliminating (food, covering for dust mites etc). I am thinking fasting? probiotics? colonics (yikes!), um...herbs whatever.



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Avoidance is the only thing that will "cure" a TRUE allergy.  There is nothing else to be done.  There are things to help with healing a leaky gut (probiotics, GAPS diet for some) but that's about it.



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Raw, local honey supposedly has immunotherapy qualities, but I haven't noticed any change in the perception of my environmental allergies (but...YUM!)  Allergy shots can have some effect (again, immunotherapy) especially for grass.  But they are a huge commitment, sometimes for up to 3 years.  Similar (oral) trials based on that theory have been tested for peanut allergies.  So, for now, the hope is still being placed on training the immune system to stop attacking these substances in the body.

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Homeopathy can help your allergies...but you need to see a homeopath-- not just take a Rx on your own-- as he/she will prescribe based on your WHOLE person at the time of your visit-- and also account for your past history.  My allergies (had shots as a kid and as an adult) are MUCH better.

Good luck!

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some people with gluten/casein sensitivity have good luck with enzymes. i got mine from klaire labs, but i got the pills and they are full of maltodextrin (corn) they have liquid too i think. i did have issues with bananas a few years ago and didn't eat one for a couple years per a naturopath recommendation. when i started eating them again, it was fine. I am beginning to believe we can affect the cells in our bodies and how they work and process things. like maybe we can meditate our way to immune system imperviousness
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I know that this probably wouldn't work for everyone, but I've found for myself over the years that actual prolonged exposure helps build an immunity to an allergy.  I don't have food allergies, but I have extreme reactions to environmental stuff like dust, pollen, pets, etc.  Case on point:  we recently acquired a kitten after not having a cat for years.  I was miserable for the first month and gradually, over a three month period, I started to adapt to the kitten.  Now she can sleep on my head at night and it is not a problem at all.  Sometimes to ease the allergy, I'll take Clariton and stay in the environment and after easing off the medication (slowly), the allergy simply goes away over time.

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Having a healthy & strong immune system, and clean blood helps a lot so that the body isn't sluggish in responding and then over-reacting. High doses of vit c over 2,000mg/day can help as well as any other things that are immune boosting or blood cleaning like chlorophyll, also essential oils like DoTerra Balance.

Sabadilla and allium cepa are homeopathic remedies I've found to be awesome at relieving seasonal allergies/hayfever, recommended to me by a homeopath, but readily available at my local herb/health food store.

ETA: oh and also I follow the genotype diet (newer version of Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type) by Dr. D'Adamo, which has helped me tremendously.

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My mom insisted on trying something with me in high school called "NAET" you can look it up online... it worked quite well, I have milk all the time and it occasionally bothers me a bit, but nothing like it used to- I would not be able to function if it did. Also, my brother had a true allergy to bee stings, we had to carry an epi pen with us at all times. NAET took care of this for him. There is also something called "BioSet" which is very similar. My SIL has had great success with this for my nephew. The woman who created BioSet work with Dr. N who developed NAET for a time, then modified her own version. I highly recommend both.

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I've known several folks that have had great results from NAET as well :)

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