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Measuring large...

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So... today was interesting.  We had our checkup with our midwife today, and at 20 weeks, my fundal height measured 27cm!!!  Up until now, my measurements matched my gestational age exactly.  Our ultrasound only showed one baby, but now I'm paranoid that it could mean any number of things - a hidden twin, gestational diabetes, or even too much amniotic fluid (which should have shown on the ultrasound).  My dates are as accurate as can be - I even know my ovulation date.  I'm hoping that it's only because it's my third pregnancy, and that everything is stretching and growing quickly due to muscle laxity.  Anyone else have experience with this?  We're not planning on mentioning it to anyone until we have an idea of why I grew so much so fast.  Thank God for MDC - I love having this outlet as I'm not used to holding big things back from my friends and family.


Thanks for any insight you might have!!


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I wouldn't worry about it. I always have measured ahead on fundal height. Babies position, fluid, swelling.. all of those things can contribute.

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I wouldn't worry about it. I always measured large (and also had the biggest weight gains) in the middle of my pregnancies. It evened out towards the end. We all seem to follow our own growth curves...just like kids!

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Well, fundal height cms can be off plus or minus 4cms or 4 weeks. So if you're measuring 7cm more that means about 3cm ahead, now my fundal height has gone up in 1-3cm range depending on baby's position, the fullness of my bladder, or if I was constipated.  

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I'm measuring really large! I'm way ahead of other triplet moms in the February club. Actually, I'm no longer in the Feb 2012 club because my girl Dahlia is growing like a singleton and moved our EDD up to January 28, 2012. I just pre-registered for my c-section scheduled for November 29, 2011. I'll be 31w 3d. I am not happy about it but the doctors don't feel I have enough room and made the final decision yesterday based on a number of factors. :(

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The only consistent thing about all 3 of my pregnancies is measuring large. And awesomely, delivered by that large measurement- not the edd. Which is odd/ interesting, because you hear a thousand ways that "it's just to see growth". I measured 21w3d yesterday, but according to an ultrasound I'm appr 18w. I'm not worried about it whatsoever. They all came on their own sweet perfect timing.


But, I also hope you are in good health! In my own mind, I can't think of anything that would change the size of uterus except growing a baby. Right? Even if you gained very much (which I have previously) the uterus is going to be what it is...and all weight is over/ around it. That fundal height is so interesting to me.

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I think that what was the most startling aspect of this measurement was that it had increased so rapidly.  I measured 16 cm at 16 weeks and then 27cm at 20 weeks.  Baby was in a transverse lie, so that shouldn't have affected it too much.I think it will be very interesting if I keep up this measure of growth, or if it was just a huge growth spurt (or other factors you ladies listed above).  In the meantime, there's nothing really to be done - baby is moving regularily - a lot of gentle movements with only the occasional kick, and although I've gained a lot of weight so far (more than what I'm used to anyway) I'm still in good health and eating a balanced diet.  Thanks for the answers mamas!


Smurfette - On one hand, it's unfortunate that they have to be brought so early, but I'm sure the decision was made based on what would be the best for the babies.  Definitely keep us posted - with a lot of pictures wink1.gif


Mysweetfiona - with my other boys, they pretty much followed the curve.  DS1 was a bit larger than DS2, but both were always consistently within 2cm of what would be expected.  They were both born right around their due date.  I gained the recommended (for my body type) 25lbs-30lbs with each pregnancy, and lost it right away.  So far this pregnancy has been very different... little to none morning sickness, overwhelming fatigue, rapid weight gain (inspite of no real change to diet/drinking).  I love how each pregnancy develops it's own story.


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I'm measuring "large" too.  I think it's funny when my midwife told me that, really. lol.gifI had my ultrasound last friday and baby is measuring perfectly, I asked the perinatolagist that the midwife was concerned that that baby was big, he smiled and said at this point, babies generally don't measure big, different women have different sized uteruses and carry differently which can cause the belly to measure larger than other women, babies don't start to show variation in growth until later on, like 28 weeks. With DS, I had ultrasounds every 4 weeks due to high BP, Ds started measuring big around 30 weeks and ended up being 10 lbs, but they told me my belly was measuring "large" from 16 weeks on.  So I think that at this point in the game, it's really not an issue. thumb.gif

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Last pregnancy, I was measuring small.  My doctor was worried that my baby would be tiny & nearly sent me for further testing.  Two weeks later, I birthed a nearly 9 pounder.  She was shocked.  


I don't hold much confidence in fundal measurements!

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