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Super busy and getting lonely

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I have been separated from my STBX for 9 months now. I have two young children who I have always stayed home with. They just started preschool. I am working from home part time and also taking online university classes half time. And of course managing the entire household myself. I'm not known for stellar time management skills. It's like any free time I have, I feel I should be doing something productive. I  have so much I should be doing. Yet I also waste too much time online, one reason because I am lonely. I don't want to date. I have friends, but we are all so busy with the kids schedules and I am so busy with my things, it is hard to put the effort into planning something. I do hang out with a group of friends once a week.  I work and go to school at home, so I am alone doing those things.  All in all, I've been feeling stretched thin for a long time.


Do you ladies have any suggestion on how to keep your life fulfilling and balanced when we are "doing it all?" Any little self love rituals you do or time saving tricks you want to share?

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Hugs mama. I too have this problem and am looking forward to the replies.

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hooo boy do I remember this. I moved out - and started a new home.  can you imagine my surprise wehn i went to the grocery store adn realized that my
"usual" shopping list was woefully inadequate?  :)


hang in there. You're going through an emotional time where you are trying to be at ease with yourself and you probably aren't used to being alone.


Find a hobby like reading or gardening, or something to that effect. Something whre you can just be with yourself.  and then make sure you do it.


As far as doing everything - you'll get to a place wehre you knwo that you are responsible for it and you'll get it done.  And as to being lonely - make friends outside of the internet, outside of your old circle with your stbx and I promise you - you'll rediscover parts of your soul you thought had fled a long time ago. 


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I feel your pain, mama....I feel very lonely too. I dont have many friends, but the ones i have are all married with kids, so I feel very out of place around them and feel even more out of place when they talk about their husbands.

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