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prodromal labor

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I have had BH for months, this is my fourth pregnancy so everything has been more intense this time. Well for the past two weeks I have had days where I have contractions all day/all night. Breath-taking ones. The baby also has decreased movement. I've been losing mucus for a week now. I'm dilated to almost 5cm!! I cramp in my cervix area and my lower abdomen like menstrual cramps. Several times I have actually thought, "This is it! Better finish up the housework and get things ready!" but then they fizzled out :( I was having contractions yesterday every 2-5 minutes for quite awhile, and after I started writing down the time, they stopped 30 minutes later. That's happened a few times before. I had read about prodromal labor before but have never experienced it until now. I will tell you, this sucks. And is sooo discouraging. Dh got home from work and I couldn't even talk, I was so emotional. I finally showed him where I had written down the contractions and how they stopped and told him I was so tired and I cried LOL He hugged me and said, "I appreciate all that you are going through to have our baby." That made me laugh :) I know it's not easy dealing with people who have outbursts out of nowhere (I know this bc we have 2 teenaged daughters) I felt alot better after my cry but damn this makes me feel like I'll NEVER have this baby. I'm due tomorrow, BTW.


Anyone have previous experience with this? I'm hoping this will mean labor goes quickly and easier than normal, since your body is doing all this work before "real" labor. Though this certainly feels real enough when it's happening.

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I'm right there with you! I had prodromal labor with my first, so I was kind of expecting it again. What i wasn't expecting was to carry this baby 2 weeks longer (and counting) than #1. Sigh....

Unfortunately, prodromal labor did nothing to make my first labor shorter-- I had a cs at 44 hrs in for fetal distress. My first experience doesn't make me think much of the "usefulness" of prodromal labor, but hopefully it works differently for most people.

I hope it changes to true labor for you soon!
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is this what its called when i feel like ive been in labor for weeks, and am dilated to "almost" a 2? i have SO many contractions, my poor midsection is so tired and sore, im just begging for my water to break!

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For me, I actually would have hours of true painful contractions 6 min apart that would just suddenly stop and not produce a baby.  That was what I called prodromal labor.  

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I had a great deal of this, this time around. I think I had 5-6 sessions where I was writing down times and then it stopped. And a ton of more painful contractions in the days right before labor. My labor was just over 3 hours this time so for me, I would say that the work done beforehand contributed to a shorter and more intense labor.

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I had two full days of prodromal labor (according to my midwife) wherein I had real and painful contractions every 6-30 minutes, very irregularly, during which time my cervix effaced and moved from its posterior position, followed immediately by active labor for an additional 20 hours. If prodromal labor shortened the length of my active labor... I guess I'm grateful?!?! It did mean that once I got past transition I only pushed for 23 minutes though...

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With my first child I experienced prodromal labor for fourteen days straight until she decided to pop out. The contractions were regular and they never stopped they would be every five minutes apart but never get any closer. I am currently going on day three of this with my second child.This time, however, things are a little different. The contractions are no where near consistent like they were with my daughter and they slow down all the way to a mild cramping sensation all the way up to "ow, ow, ow" back down again and then back up. It doesnt seem to matter if Im being active or if I am relaxing they do this all on their own and it has become quite annoying. I have learned how to check myself and I would say I am two-three cm but I dont want to go into the hospital until I am at least 4 because with my daughter they sent me home 6 times in two weeks and I am not ready for that kind of discouragement again. Oh and my biggest concern is I am only 34 weeks along but am measuring big.

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