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Sam's Club

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We don't have a Costco, but we do have Sam's. What are your thoughts? I don't like the connection with Walmart. Are there savings to be had or do you just end up with bulk? We eat a lot of produce, brown rice, organic when possible. Do they have organic milk or yogurt?

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Their organics are limited.  Organic produce has a small selection but better than the rest of the store.    it definitely saves me money.   But I am careful about what I buy.  You are free to go in and check it out and see what they have that you would buy, crunch the numbers and then decide if you will save.  i buy bread, yogurt, produce, crackers, flour, rice, roasted chickens lol , lunch meat, speghetti sauce and canned tomatoes, olives and socks there.  Saves me a ton. I buy other stuff but I don't know if it saves me much.

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They carry Horizon 2%. No organic yogurt, but they do carry Greek yogurt. Several options for Tillamook cheese which isn't organic but they don't use growth hormones in their cows, including the Tillamoos which is their version of string cheese. No brown rice but sacks of Jasmine rice. 


We don't have a Costco either, and Sam's is an hour away from me. We make a big trip once a month and stock up on the essentials. We buy very similar products to the other poster. The olives alone almost make it worth it for my family! We go through a case a week. Chicken broth, tomato paste, green chilies, other things for soups. I buy multiple packages of ground turkey and chicken and freeze them for our meat that month. Oh and the Cliff Z-Bars and their fruit strips! Huge savings on that. 

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