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Expecting our RAINBOW babies - graduates of "hoping, healing & conceiving again" tread 2011

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I think it is time we can start our own pregnancy tread for ALL graduates of the "hoping, healing & conceiving again treads".  We have had a BFP explosion, and we have old friends a bit further along.  Here we can discuss our concerns and problems in the safety and company of other mamma's like us.  Compare BETA results, and our pre-natal screens and finally show off our scans and in what seems like a lifetime away - our newborn baby pictures.


I think if you post, just put your amount of weeks pregnant and I will update regularly so we know who is here?  This is the first time I'm doing this so be kind please.innocent.gif




Vermillion - 30 weeks and expecting baby #3, 1 child in heaven - EDD - December 2011 - Team babyboy.gif


hildare - 23 weeks and expecting baby # 4, 2 children in heaven - EDD - February 2011


Loveandlight33 - 19 weeks and expecting baby # 4, 1 baby loss - EDD March 2012?

Cameragirl - ? weeks and expecting baby 3, 1 child in heaven - EDD 11 March 2012 -  Team babyboy.gif


Ekandrmkb - 14 weeks and expecting baby #3, 1 child in heaven, EDD 12 April 2012


Callieollie - 11 weeks, EDD 13 May 2012


TandN - 10 weeks, EDD 17 May 2012


Slshoe128 - 7 weeks and expecting baby # 9, 7 children in heaven, EDD June 2012


CorgiMommy - 7 weeks and expecting baby #4, 1 child in heaven  - EDD - 2 June 2012


Khylie2011 - 7 weeks and expecting baby #2, 1 child in heaven - EDD - 2 June 2012


MatushkaAnna - 7 weeks and expecting baby #7, 1 child in heaven - EDD - 8 June 2012


Zubeldia - 7 weeks and expecting baby #3, 1 child in heaven  - EDD - 4 June 2012


Thecountrymouse - 7 weeks and expecting baby #3, 1 child in heaven - EDD 10 June 2012


Rainy Daye- 7 weeks and expecting baby 4, 2 children in heaven - EDD - 10 June 2012





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Thanks for starting this Corgi. I was about to start a thread in PAL.


Perhaps we can give a bit of basic info like due dates, history, etc.


Well, I am (tentatively) due on June 4th (going by conception date and May 31st by LMP). This is my third pregnancy but I only have one little boy who is 2. I had a missed miscarriage in JUly and a D and C on August 1st. We were so very lucky to get pregnant on my first proper post-miscarriage cycle.


I've had two beta tests. At 11dpo my level was at 53 and at 14dpo it was 377 (24 hour doubling rate!)..


I am nervous, to say the least!

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Gem, you better be joining us soon!

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Yes some background does make sense.  My name is Maryke, I have a DD of 8 and a DS of 3, me and DH lost our first baby girl 'together' at 14.5 weeks due to me contracting meningitis.  I had a D&C and when nothing happened for another 8 weeks I got put on DUPHASTON, a progesterone replacement that builds your lining and promotes a healthy cycle.  We are now only 17DPO and my BETA's at 16DPO was 220. i need to go again on next Monday to check doubling time. 


I am also really scared, and keep checking my panties for bleeding.  I have never been like this before and it is ruling my life at this moment.  I am scared that I am not going to get to enjoy this pregnancy as this fear will not go away.



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Would love to see you here VERY soon as well Diana!!!!

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Gem and Diana - you are hilarious! I love the popcorn (only in pictures - the smell makes me sick).






I'm Anna, 37 and married to DH for 14 years. We have DDs 12, almost 11 and 9 and DSs 8 and 4 1/2. We lost our sixth child, a boy, at 12 1/2 weeks gestation due to unknown causes. He was born after expectant management at just past 15 weeks. We've been ttc for 5 months and just got a BFP TODAY! My due date is June 3rd but I always deliver late, so who knows. I won't be having betas drawn and am not racing to the doctor. I kind of want to know if this little one will stick around first. I've had cramping (still having it) and since I don't remember that with any other pregnancies it's scaring me. I'm trying to relax and put this baby in God's hands. No spotting, but I'll be checking every time I go to the bathroom.


Oh, so for the board: 4 weeks and expecting baby #7, 1 loss, TDD 3 June 2012

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Anna - remember the absurd cramping I had before I got my BFP??  I am still having it - and also never had it before, but Dr said it is normal.  I am also not sure why I got the Betas drawn in the first place, I'm trying to just go back to how it use to be - get a BFP, tell EVERYONE and buy baby stuff.  But it is not happening.  It also has not really sunk in for me that I am REALLY pregnant - but it will come with time I suppose.

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Ok Corgi, since we're on THIS thread...let me try to convince you...






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Hi all - Gem and Diana - can't wait for you to join this board "full time"...although the little icons crack me up!


Great idea to start this thread, Corgi.


Congrats to everyone here.


My quick summary: I'm Elizabeth. I'm (gulp) 39. I am about 11.5 weeks (just under), with a due date roughly around 12-15 of April. I got pregnant about 5 months after losing our second son during labor on his due date - we don't know why, he appeared to be healthy (no physical defects ) - his heart just stopped in the last 5 minutes of pushing, and they could not revive him. It's apparently a medical mystery (this after 2 hospitals and numerous experts have looked at the data). We have ruled out malpractice though, because there was no sign of neglect or anything on the doctor side.


My DS1 had an irregular heartbeat when I was in labor with him; he's been checked again recently and his heart is 100% fine; and we've done genetic testing, so it seems like there's no reason to believe this will happen again (no trend regarding "bad" hearts). Of course, I'm a mess. I will probably get closer and closer to crazy the longer this pregnancy lasts, as there's not really a milestone to pass during the pregnancy that will let me get a sigh of relief, unfortunately. So, I'm really happy to have this forum. 


I've had no blood levels tested that I know about - but confirmed seeing a heartbeat at 9 weeks. Next appointment is next week Monday, that is the nuchal test and 1st trimester screening for Downs and Trisomy disorders. I DID have cramping early on (MAnna and Corgi) - I still occasionally get one or 2. Severe nausea in the afternoon/evening - that's gotten a little better, but still around. I guess it makes sense as the placenta is working on taking over (according to my new OB, who is great) around this time in development. I also just generally feel fat because I refuse to buy maternity clothes yet and I just CAN'T wear my old stuff that I wore with my last pregnancy. I need to not even see that stuff - haven't even pulled it out of the basement. Guess that's a sign of a little emotional PTSD...


Anyway that is all - for the summary - 11 weeks and expecting baby #3, 1 loss, TDD 4/12/12.

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That made me smile!!!!


I am getting exited now - I cant belive Im going to be holding a newborn (if all goes well), in just 8 months!  What a absolute miracle!  Cant wait to get a date for my first scan - probly around the 22nd of October.

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Corgi, I had no idea you'd have meningitis.. so sorry, mama.


MAnna, I am just over the moon for you. I had the same questions: cramping ... but i had it with all three pregnancies. hug2.gif


How's everyone doing?

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z - yes, I always get very sick when pregnant - not sure why.  Got chickenpox with DS, and ended up in hosp for a week and membranes ruptured at 33.5 weeks with DD due to a viral infection.  i am hoping that the fact that I am managing my stress better and working for myself will reduce the risk of getting ill due to too much stress this time around.  I always take the max amount of vitamins I can but never seems to make a difference.  


Due to this tread, I can feel myself getting more positive and exited.  I cant wait to see everyones scans and we can also post pics of our preggy bellies - I still boast quite a nice one from last pregnancy!!!!

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Love this thread! luxlove.gif I'm a TTC after loss oldie but 2011 was the year that I actually gave up on trying to get pregnant after having no success for almost 3 years, only to have a total "oops" surprise pregnancy (who'd have thunk it!) this past spring... but anyway, I hope you all don't mind if I   privateeyes.gif and maybe post a little here? shy.gif I'm just always so happy to hear about the new little rainbows on their way! So HUGE congratulations to you all!!! love.gif I also post on the PAL thread in the PAL forum, but it's so slow lately! :/


Here's a little history on me since many of you probably don't know me because I'm a loss forum dinosaur! (at least it feels that way as most of the ladies I was here with back when have thankfully had their rainbows and moved on heartbeat.gif)


I'm Liz, and 27 weeks pregnant with my sweet little rainbow boy after losing my daughter at 17 weeks in December 2007. And as I already mentioned, we dealt with secondary infertility for a long time after losing DD only to get pregnant after a one time "oops" when we finally decided to no longer try!  I was on medication to treat high prolactin levels that were causing health issues (as well as the inability to ovulate!) so while I knew normal ovulation was supposed to happen, I guess after 3 years of nothing I didn't really believe I could be fixed that easily... But my little nugget had other plans and he came the second he had an opportunity, on his own terms! Best surprise EVER! love.gif So that's me and here I am! :) I also have a 9 year old DS who is VERY excited about his little brother! He's waited SO long for this too, longer than me, really!



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ek, I somehow missed your post!


I honestly cannot imagine what you're going through... babies should just not die, and to not have a reason for your Rex's death must be its own sort of hell. If you want to read my friend's blog about Otis then PM me. It was such a difficult time. Now she has this gorgeous boy, one year and one week, after she lost her boy in deliver.  And I wish you could pop to Maine for a little bit of serenity.


I have been having nausea since dpo 8... gah. I was feeling terrible yesterday late afternoon when I took ds to the park. I had severe sickness with DS and so while I really find it so hard to be constantly nauseous, it is nevertheless relieving that I am a bit sick again already. I remember having high hCG numbers with him, so I wonder if this one will be the same. Certainly so far my 14 day hCG seems to be very high (of course I am now worrying about that!!). I only had the blood draw so that I could get a little bit of reassurance before my scan. I don't want to be blindsided... before the third scan with the lost baby I had my hCG checked and it was nowhere near doubling so it helped to prepare me for what I was going to see (i..e no more cardiac activity).



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OOps, x-posted! V, welcome! And so glad you're here!


Corgi, I'm already excited for your scan!

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Originally Posted by CorgiMommy View Post

Anna - remember the absurd cramping I had before I got my BFP??  I am still having it - and also never had it before, but Dr said it is normal. 


I had really bad cramping with all my pregnancies. For the first 8 weeks or so it felt like AF was coming ANY Second! Totally nerve wracking, but also totally normal. But normal is never very reassuring when it's happening to you, especially after loss, is it?


It also has not really sunk in for me that I am REALLY pregnant - but it will come with time I suppose.


Haha, it still hasn't completely sunk in for me and I'm just now heading into my third trimester! lol.gif I'm about as connected to this little guy as possible, and he moves all the time... I tickle him and he nudges me, reacts to me... but I still have moments where I'm like "holy $%&!, there's really a baby in there!!! How did that happen?!" lol.gif It can be really surreal!

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Welcome Vermillion!  You are the same as I would have been with my baby girl!  Amazing to see how they grow inside you!  Congrads and glad you joined us!

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I have to admit that the cramping does worry me. I just don't think I had that with any of the others. And it's not vague cramping, but uncomfortable cramping. I finally just took some Tylenol (not IBU) thinking that if this is normal, then there's no point in being uncomfortable and having extra excuses to worry! (Y'all, keep telling me this is normal...)

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