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Expecting our RAINBOW babies - graduates of "hoping, healing & conceiving again" tread 2011 - Page 6

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Can I tiptoe in here? I know the same can be said for all of us, but I am so very nervous and tentative with this one. Got confirmation this morning that there is indeed a little bean in there. I'm a bit nervous, as my symptoms (or rather lack thereof) are the same as with Paisley. With Bug I was exhausted and with Riley I knew almost from conception that I was pregnant and had symptoms even before I could realistically test. With this little bean and with Paisley I haven't really had symptoms...more just suspicions because I've been more aware of when I ovulated and knew there was at least one time around ovulation with each of them that we didn't use protection. (My problem isn't getting pregnant...it's staying pregnant. I'm evidently rather a fertile myrtle, I just can't hang onto them). 


Of course right now I feel like crud, but I think it's more due to this crummy head cold that Bug gave me!! Sitting here drinking orange juice and wondering what all I can do naturally to relieve the crud. I guess you could say with this little bean I am CAUTIOUSLY optimistic...because unlike with Riley and Paisley, I have been religiously taking prenatals and will be calling later today to see about getting in to see a doctor right away to check my levels and see if I need to be on progesterone, etc. I'm going to be so much more proactive in trying to keep this bean!! With Paisley, even after the early (4wk) loss of Riley I think I got too laid back about it all after the first 2-3 weeks...and wouldn't you know, at 4 weeks from knowing (at 8 wks) I started spotting...and hearing the heartbeat didn't mean anything.


The lack of symptoms at this stage don't worry me overly much...but like I told my friend, if it meant a healthy take-home baby, I'd be totally willing to deal with morning sickness!! I had pretty much round the clock queasies with Bug, but only threw up once...so yeah...I'd welcome the queasies (even the pukies) if it means this one sticks and is healthy!!


001 (2).jpg

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CONGRATS TEXAN!!!! Love the line!

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Fantastic!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

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So, does that mean we are having a March 2012 DDC reunion in here, Zub? I am crossing my fingers and praying hard that we'll all get our take-home babies come June!!

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TEXAN! broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifwheeeeeeeeeeeeee so excited for you! Gah, September was just....TWELVE BFPS SO FAR?? Whatever y'all did, can you bottle it and sell it to me???

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Hi all,


Texanromantic - Thats a lovely line you have there lady - congrads! broc1.gif


Violetray - Don't stress that is a clear line, their tests are probly just not sensitive enough! 



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Texan!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! I was thinking about you last night and I couldn't remember what your chances were, but I was hoping....!!!!!


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I want to be a part of the March 2012 DDC reunion mecry.gifI think I had pretty much joined and left by the time you guys joined. Best of luck to you! I keep telling myself that will all the BFP's here and pg people in my life that my turn must be just around the corner. But I have been saying that for a really long time now...

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Sending you lots of positive thoughts Texanromaniac! Or should we call you Rainey Daye?  I'm so glad you have joined us.  joy.gif


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You know, just because it says Texanromaniac doesn't mean that we can't call you Rainey Daye...


Sila: ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))


I can't believe I might have been in labor today. It seems about as real as this current pregnancy, which is to say, not very real.

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Hugs to you SilaMarila.  

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Texas- Congrats! I think your line looks great, but I completely understand being nervous and analyzing everything too:) Glad you joined!


Sila- Hugs! I know the journey is not easy, hang in there!


How is everyone feeling today?

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Congrats Texan, what great news. Sticky baby, sticky baby!

I am in the march DDC still but rarely go there, so glad there is this thread to ruminate. I also want to change my username, & had never thought of pming a mod. I made my name when the site was *much* smaller & now that I know about all the anti mothering trolls it makes me nervous to have my uncommon name as my username. Plus, I know plenty of people on mothering IRL & I haven't told anyone I'm pregnant except my bf & just recently told my family. I'm starting to show, but no one would say anything because it could just look like I had suddenly gained quite a bit of weight (although I haven't). My belly is rounded lending more to pregnancy, but still. Anyway, back on topic, I may show up as a different name one of these days. smile.gif I'll let you all know, but may eventually delete the connection. I'm not usually so private, but I've found out a lot about these anti mothering trolls lately & it skeeves me out that people are like that. I did like the semi privacy of the loss boards.

I know it's early for many of you, but does anyone want to do a bead swap? I'd be happy to organize it. I think it'd be great to have something in labor to remind us of the community of women that are with us in spirit.

Anna, thinking of you as you make it through the day. (when is your bday?) I'm so glad you have a new baby growing to give your love to today as you remember the babe you should be birthing (or holding, or still waiting for). In no way suggesting this new wee one is a replacement, only suggesting you have new hope today. Much love.
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Love this thread.  Congrats to all of you who are expecting! joy.gif  I *totally* feel you all on the nervousness.  I am 17 w right now and *still* dealing with that.  Every little twinge and cramp scares the living daylights out of me and I have only just now started acknowledging baby movements to myself, because I felt like if I started saying "That's the baby moving", I'd add more worry to myself when I *wasn't* feeling baby.


But, we had a fabulous 12 we ultrasound, and yesterday heard a fabulous galloping little heartbeat. So I'm starting to feel safer.

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And Sila, big hugs to you. I understand your want to stay away from the medical side of it. Really hoping ovulation happens for you soon, I want you to have a chance every month!
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I appreciate the hugs. Thank you.

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Thank you, Sommer. I wrote a letter to Innocent today: http://prayingwithmyfeet.blogspot.com/2011/09/letter-to-my-son-on-his-due-date.html

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You lot, so sorry not to add personals but I am living in terror right now. I don't feel nauseous any more and my hair is coming out in enormous clumps. I was experiencing this a few weeks ago post d and c and all bloods came back fine. But I do not feel confident about this at all.

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 Zubeldia - Nausea often comes and goes...  And the hair may just be related to hormonal fluctuations.  I know it's hard, and I can understand being so scared.. .hug2.gif

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Seconding Diana. When is your next check of any kind?

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