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Okay chickas, I'm kind of here.  hide.gif  I'll probably waver between here and the freaking out thread for the next 2 weeks at least until my next scan.


I had my follow up scan yesterday.  Babe was measuring 5.5mm, and the heart rate was 129bpm.  They still reckon I'm measuring about a week behind (closer to 6 than 7 weeks), which is a bit freaky, but I'm trying valiantly not to freak out about that. 

This pregnancy feels so different to my others, and I'm hoping that maybe that is a good sign, but knowing that I've lost a baby almost every week between now and 13 weeks is not exactly putting my mind at ease.  Each baby was happy, healthy, and had a heart beat - until it didn't. 

I finally have started to get a bit nauseated the last couple of days, so that is my first real symptom. 


I'm going to post a picture of my tiny splodge.... If you don't want to see it, please don't scroll down
















2011-10-06 08.05.33.jpg

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woo hoo for fantastic hCG numbers, Corgi and Stacey! Wow. Such great news. Though I also know that this doesn't get rid of the anxiety... but hopefully both of you are going to sleep a little more soundly tonight.


TandN, great to see you, though it sounds as though you have been through so much this past few weeks. The exercise/spotting sounds not unreasonable... hope you don't have to see any more of that spotting Thinking of you.


ek, I am betting you were just a bit dehydrated. Are you feeling all better now? Perhaps you could start a walking.yoga routine, something gentle to get you eased into some activity. I really like Dr. Clapp's book and research on exercise in pregnancy. It's got some great concrete advice, too.


Violet, I saw your post in the freaking out thread. So sorry, it sounds like hell of a day. So glad you're safe. The high emotions are making me slightly crazed and I know that it's causing a lot of tension between DH and I. I'm thinking about you.


MAnna, did you manage to stay away from the coke?!!


Milk, so glad you're here. You know I feel very uneasy posting in a 'pregnancy forum' but it also feels like this is a halfway house for us who aren;t quite ready. You're definitely not alone And what a gorgeous baby! Come on little baby, carry on flourishing.


What a day. 12 hour work day following almost no sleep and lots of driving. I am just ready for bed but I can DS crying upstairs with DH and I am dreading going up there. I am also feeling very sick so, well, yuck. I'm also missing working out. I have cut back entirely on exercise as I am scared out of my mind but don't know what to do. I was thinking of perhaos waiting until after my scan before doing anything, but that seems like a long way off, and I don't know if my not exercising is just a function of anxiety. The truth is I descend even more into crazy when I am not running or biking. Okay, I better go and relieve DH.


(Milk, I keep looking at your lovely pic!!!)

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Hi ladies!!  I wanted to pop in to check in on Corgi.  GREAT NEWS for you and Stacey!!  Yay!


Zub--  Hoping and praying I'll be joining you soon.  I'm not testing until the weekend (if I make it).  Blame MAnna!  She dared me!  ;)



Continuing to send happy, sticky baby vibes and prayers to all. 

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Calebsmommy: Ack! You're following me around! I'm going to have to keep a bag on my head until you test! bag.gif


(Ok - I had to take notes for this. I hope you all appreciate my attentiveness...)


Zub: Yes, breastmilk flavor changes and a lot of preggo moms notice their old baby suddenly not liking to nurse. (They do it anyway, just make faces.) And (sigh), I broke down and had the coke, but not all of it.


TandN: Hi! Welcome!!


Ek: I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad. Remember, nausea is "good"! (: [I'm STILL not feeling sick. You all are freaking me out...]


Texan: Yep, blood is scary to me too. I saw some on a washcloth where I'd nicked myself and my heart stopped...until I realized it wasn't from anywhere near there. I'm still checking every time I go to the bathroom, expecting to be spotting.


Milk: Thanks for the photo!! Hi little baby!! (:


AFM: Not much. Not feeling sick, nothing really hurting. A bit tired and a bigger appetite (but fill up quickly). I wish I'd start feeling something soon because it's starting to worry me. I know I'm not even six weeks yet, but still...

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MAnna- If it makes you feel any better, my nausea comes and goes. I would say my biggest symptoms are tiredness and VERY sore boobies:)  From everything that I've read, many women don't experience nausea until like 8 weeks....and yes, we aren't even 6 weeks yet. I "think" I may be 6 weeks this saturday...not really sure and don't like to try to have an exact day until I've had a few u/s done:) How about you?  When do you leave for your vacation?


EK- I agree, I think you were overheated and a little bit dehydrated:) Hang in there!


Milk- I love seeing your baby! I'm sooo happy for you, I do have a good feeling for you!


Calebsmommy- FX 4 you!


Zub- How are you feeling? Did you get a better night sleep?


Texan- How are you feeling?


AFM- My in-laws get in today, so I probably won't get to be on here as much. I will try to check in at least once a day if I can....I have my u/s on the 11th:)



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Corgi, Stacey, and Milk8Shake: joy.gif


Everyone else: flowersforyou.gif

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Caleb, totally stalking you! blowkiss.gif


MAnna, I have had a few sips of pepsi here and there. I am just soooooo exhausted from the no sleep for two week thing. I also had a glass of iced green tea. But there is such little caffeine in there - so trying not to be self-critical about it. I know that most pregnant women do not give up caffeine entirely and all the sources say you're okay up to 200mg. I'm not personally comfortable ingesting anywhere near that amount, but a few sips?! We're okay, mama. As for symptoms: I've also read that each successive pregnancy is usually milder in terms of symptoms. Does that ring true for you?


Stacey, good luck with your ILs! I hope they are what you need them to be during their stay. Did I tell you my parents are coming for THREE MONTHS????? Mercy. It's going to be as we move, too, which is, well.. wow! They don't know yet that I am pregnant and I may not tell them until they get here (if I am still pregnant).


AM: Another horrific night with DS. I got home late from work and it's awful not to see his smiling face. He is so miserable. I'm taking him to the Dr's this afternoon as I worry he has an ear infection. It's worse when he's lying down, I think. He is hardly nursing.. he goes to and then stops. Not sure if it's the taste or whether it's hurting for him to suckle.


I am feeling pretty sick to my stomach. It's making me feel better about things but it is of course a bit debilitating, too. Boobs aren't really sore unless I press on them, though I do think it's probably because I am nursing still. I used to get very sore boobs when PMSing but haven't experienced that since AF returned. Trying not to worry about it. But can I moan about work? It is hell, right now. I am so busy and over burdened. I have grading coming out of my ears, reports to write, meetings seemingly all the time, and I'm not doing any research because I don't have the time. I wish we were independently wealthy :)



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Down today. It's the feast of St. Innocent and we are back from Liturgy. I just miss my son.

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hug.gif's MAnna.  Thinking of you and saying some prayers. 

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Hello. Just wanted to say good morning/afternoon...


MAnna. So sorry today must be so hard for you. Hang in there.


Zub - you just can't get a break! I hope it's not an ear infection with your DS; or if it is, they can get it cleared up quickly. With DS1, he had so many as an infant that we actually got tubes placed, which made them basically go away - it's so hard to see them so miserable. From my experience w/nursing, sounds like it's possible based on his reaction. I hope he AND you can get some sleep...


Oh, and I'm with you on the wishing to be independently wealthy. My job is something trained monkeys could do, which is why I originally took it since I was focused on my acting career, etc...but now it's just pure drudgery since it's hard to be hired for acting work when you're pregnant...and this is my second round of it with a 4-5 month break (and no baby). I also thought I was leaving, but now we're stuck until DH finds another job  (his job is just torture and he's constantly overworked).


Hi Gem!


Stacey - looking forward to your u/s news...and in-laws too? Eeek. My in-laws are currently far away, which is good because my MIL, although sweet, is pushing the notion on to my FIL that I'm some fragile flower who can't "handle" simple things like them visiting or us traveling - they (she) are strongly discouraging us from coming out to NJ in the wintertime like we always do because it will be "too hard" for me. Um...if this continues I'll be only 5 months pregnant, I think I can handle a 1.5 hour plane ride...they always stare at me like I'm going to implode, too, or crumble into bits, ever since we lost DS2. It makes me more stressed out than you can imagine. I hope your ILs are easier.


Milk - yay for picture! How exciting.


Texan - I know exactly how you feel about the blood thing - I had a finger prick done for the Downs Syndrome screening thing, and seeing the blood even though I knew it was coming was a jolt...so silly, but true. I'm still on the lookout for spotting too, every time.


Calebsmommy - I've been going to the other thread to check on you....I'm doing this: lurk.gif


AFM - well, I think I WAS a little dehydrated yesterday. I'm feeling better today, but there's not enough time in the day for me to get enough sleep, apparently. I'm SO very tired. Makes it hard in the evenings - I feel like my most energetic moments are in the morning/day time, when I'm stuck at work vs. with my DS1...sigh. I'm going to the gym a little later though, so I'm drinking lots of water this time. Tonight, I go home for like 10 minutes and then off to the jewelry studio - just got into a holiday gallery show for November, and I need to make some things...I've been trying to get into this one for 3 years, and finally made it! Whew - but it's intimidating, some of the people are "real" artists who have been doing this for years, vs. me...


Friday is DH and my 10 year anniversary! Yike. So, we're going out to dinner at a top restaurant here...just in time for me to potentially feel nauseated. I hope I can overcome it. I also have been craving at least a SIP of red wine, but don't know if I can do it. I am down to 1 cup of tea (black but still less caffeine than coffee), so I feel I have a handle on that - and no alcohol yet of course - but of course my Dr. aunt keeps telling me it's okay to have a glass of wine here or there, particularly as you leave the first trimester. What do you ladies think? I don't want to screw anything up, but I did not drink last time either (although I did have an occasional glass right near the end, when everything was developed) - and I lost DS2 anyway. I haven't avoided a lot of foods, really, except lunch meat (don't care for it THAT much anyway, it wasn't a hardship to cut out) and sushi (which I miss).


What do you guys think re: a sip or a glass of wine? If I did it Friday, I wouldn't be having more for a while... a long while, most likely.




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Originally Posted by Matushka Anna View Post

Down today. It's the feast of St. Innocent and we are back from Liturgy. I just miss my son.

I am sorry hug2.gif

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Milk - Love that little shrimp stage :)

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Okay, here I am posting like crazy. But, I got a surprise phone call from my new maternal fetal medicine practice. They were so nice on the voicemail, the nurse was like, "It's not an emergency, nothing is wrong, but can you call me back?". I was, of course, still a little nervous, but called. The Downs/Trisomy/nuchal test results were IN. Can't believe it - it wasn't supposed to be until next week Monday!


Anyway, nuchal is fine (no spina bifida that they can see), Downs is 1:1681 (for my age it's 1:85 average), and for the trisomies (13&18) it's 1:3021 (for my age it's 1:152 average).


DH said, " I think I am ready to embrace this". He was really, really waiting for these results before telling anyone other than family (even his aunts and uncles).


If the numbers looked bad, I was gearing up for CVS or amnio just to know what we were dealing with. But, I think with these numbers, I'll avoid the big needles, thank you. Whew. Of course, asked the nurse HER thoughts, and she said "they look really good!".


I had to share.

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I slept weird last night and woke up with a backache. Even though it's all on one side and halfway up my back and even though I know that if this little one hangs in there that I will have backaches even worse towards the end...just having aching anywhere in the lower half of my torso is rather nerve-wracking. I will feel so much better (though still nervous for at LEAST the rest of this trimester) once I've met the midwives, got my levels checked, and heard back about them!!


In other news, my username got changed!! Yay!! I am now officially Rainey Daye on here as well. Don't get me wrong...I love being a Texan...but yeah...I just like Rainey Daye better. Plus, no more confusing people with Texanromaniac...and getting called Texanromantic!! 


I really am gonna try to get back on here in a bit with persies, but I really wanna just relax for a tiny bit while kidlet finally naps and maybe watch something on Hulu. Still trying to get our disorganized study whipped into shape (especially if we end up having overnight company a couple times between now and the first week of November)...and Bug was especially clingy and whiny this morning....so with him hanging all over me and my back acting out I just wanna sit back and watch something funny for 30 minutes to an hour. Then we'll see how much time I get after that to myself!!

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Yeah, Rainey Daye, so glad you got hour name changed! Enjoy this time to yourself, you deserve it! Between the spotting and the backaches (both of which sound normal), you need time to relax!!

Ek, great news on the test results! I hope sharing the news more widely will give you some encouragement and excitement for this new little life inside you!!!

Thanks, Zub, it does feel like I've been through a lot these past few weeks. I'm working with my therapist in developing a progressive relaxation script that I can do with DH, complete with affirmations like 'My body will grow and birth this healthy baby'. I hope it helps.

MAnna, hugs to you!! I know any reminders like this are so hard. Was it nice to hear your son's name spoken in Church? I know when the feast day of my little one came around, it was nice to hear her name spoken aloud.

Stacey, excited for the u/s Tuesday!! I hope the visit with your in-laws goes well.

Milk, I love your little blob picture! I wish I could have recorded the screen for mine, because it looks so much neater in action. The sound of that heartbeat gets me everytime!! Sounds like this feels different for you, which I hope is reassuring.

Gem, Meg, Calebsmommy, and all the others...Hi!! Come join us soon smile.gif

AFM, 8 weeks today! Feeling totally nauseous and tired but grateful.

I'm not sure if you all are aware, but October 15th is Pregnancy and Infancy Loss Remembrance Day. I know of a few events going on in my area (one at the
hospital where I gave birth!). Anyway, just in case you wanted to see what's going on in your area.
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Dropping by to say hi to everyone.

Big hugs MAnna.

Ek, great news on the test results! So glad everything looks great. As for the red wine, I think a little is fine. I went out with hubby on our anniversary right around 13 weeks & had half a glass of red wine. I've had half a glass on vacation, I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow. I had some red wine when pregnant with my daughter too. Not much. My midwife says it's ok, & the research I've done leans the same direction. I think in America it is such a no-no is because in general Americans overindulge. Overindulgence on alcohol while pregnant would not be a good thing. Hope you are feeling good enough for a tasty dinner.

Zub, sorry about the sick boy. greensad.gif I nursed when pregnant with my dd, & ds never said anything or seemed to care. I've heard of many others caring though! And what a sweet picture, thanks for sharing.

Stacey, hope things go well with your ILs & u/s! My boobs have hurt super bad this time too, when I'd let them loose out of the bra I'd want to whine a bit. They aren't as bad now, but if I get too cold my nipples get painfully hard still. They are still sensitive otherwise, just not as bad as 1st trimester.

Corgi, what a scare with your numbers. Glad things are ok, what a tough afternoon.

Tandn, glad to see you here & hear that things are progressing well!

Rainey daye, the back ache is annoying. I had several this time around & geez they scared me too! Glad you got your name changed, was it easy? I need to do the same.

Violet, hope all is well with you. Sweet of your hubby to say all you have to do is gestate. joy.gif when I'm hard on myself about accomplishing little in a day, my hubby always reminds me of how much i truly accomplished in growing our baby.

Milk, so glad to see that little babe! Keep growing little one!

I know I've missed some people, I'm on my phone (sorry for typing errors) & just wanted to stop by & say I'm thinking of everyone.
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Stacey: Thanks. We leave Sunday after church. I think it's only about 5-6 hours so that's not bad. Good luck on your u/s! I don't know if I'll have internet access so I may not be able to check.


Zub: I think the truism about symptoms being less with each successive pregnancy is largely true. Obviously, there are variations, but my first pregnancy was a little rough (nothing wrong, just uncomfortable). I noticed my breasts enlarging even before I tested. That was kind of what told me. They got pretty bad! Also, the nausea was worse with that one than the others. Each one has been a little easier. The only thing that has been different is that I start getting lower abd pain earlier with each one. The kind that is relieved by wearing a belly band. With my last pregnancy it started at like 5 months! I think my abd muscles are just shot. Plus, I have a bit of a separation. I'm sorry you're so overburdened with work! The nausea and fatigue certainly don't make that better. I hope you don't have to wait until the 2nd trimester to get a break. And I hope DS is better soon. :(


Christine: Thanks.


Ek: Happy anniversary tomorrow! I think you're FINE with a sip of wine. Honestly. And I don't even drink (more than a sip) myself normally. Just stay hydrated!! (And thank you. I am feeling better now.) And very good news on the tests!!!


MegEliz: Thanks for the hugs honey. Right back atcha.


Rainey: Yay on the name change! When do you see the midwives? I'm sure you mentioned it, but I can't go back and find it now or I'll lose the post. Sorry! I'm sure the backache and such are really nerve wracking. Thank heavens my cramping went away because I was getting freaked out.


TandN: Yes, it was nice to hear that this morning. I looked at his icon most of the service too. (: We were going to have a memorial service on the 15th for all of the lost babies, but I'm not sure if we'll be back in time. I'll certainly be lighting a candle that day though. (Everyone know about the candle lighting?) Congrats on reaching 8 weeks! And on the nausea, lol! I can't wait til I'm there too.


Sommer: Thanks for the hugs. (:


AFM: Feeling better. My family is in the kitchen hopefully not butchering dinner (they won't!) and icing a cake. So wonderful to be banned from the kitchen! I was taking a nap until DS (4) bunny-hopped into my room on hardwood floors. Sigh. Oh well! Sending everyone hugs!

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I am just so down.  I have been having a really rough week.  I need positive affirmations.  -Violet

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Big, squishy hugs, Violet!


hug2.gif  hug.gif

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Typing this from the hospital...evidently Bug is rather allergic to peanut butter!! I only gave him the tiniest bit on an apple and he was fine at first. About an hour later he started gagging and then threw up a LOT. We got him cleaned up from that and he was just sitting there watching something on Netflix for about ten minutes before he started coughing and scratching his butt. DH carried him to the changing table and that's when we saw that he was all red and splotchy. I gave him a dose of Benadryl, but he kept coughing and getting redder...so we took him to urgent care. They gave him so many meds!! They got him stabilized but told us that since it was anaphylactic that they wanted us to transport him to the children's hospital for observation....so I rode with Bug in the ambulance. They got us into a space and we've been here for a long while. Bug crashed hard and has been sleeping peacefully, while DH and I have been sitting here watching crazy stuff on Food Network...waiting for the doctor to ever show up. I'm zonked!!
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