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Ultrasound results- Saw the heart beat!  Baby measures at 8 weeks.  Heartbeat at 165 which is in the normal range.  A week ago, today, the baby measured at 6 weeks 4 days.  It looked so much bigger in the ultrasound this time around.  I'm so happy!  -thecountrymouse

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So happy for you, Countrymouse! What a big bean you have! lol.gif

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Countrymouse- Great news! I'm soooo happy for you!


Zub- I understand your thinking...just make a list of small steps and milestones instead of thinking so far ahead right now. Maybe think of your next appt or something like that. I don't completely trust DRs either...the problem is that you can go to 5 doctors and get 5 totally different answers, so really they are giving us their opinion. I don't know, I do trust my OB that I have now, I never fully trusted my RE's opinions...but, with that said, I do think your doctor is probably right in your situation. Everything looks good, the baby measured a little small, but with it being so early, measurements are not 100% accurate. Your baby has an excellent heartbeat!!!! That is totally different than your last one, right? I have high hope for you and I'm sorry you've had to go through drama..I hope the rest of your pregnancy is typical, relaxed and boring - in a good way:) When is your next u/s?


Manna- How are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling comfortable and back to normal:) When is your next appt?


AFM- I am going to pre-k with DD today. It's only for an hour...I'm helping with their Halloween Party..I'm going to load up on my sour preggy pops..anyone else try those? They do help a little bit. They are made with essential oils and no food dyes or anything:)

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I'm about to go pop another sour lemon drop. I feel queasy this morning. Actually, I feel like I've been run over by a truck and it's hard to walk. I fell asleep for the last hour or so on my stomach and am so sore (chest, mostly) that it's hard to stand completely upright. I was feeling better, yeast infection wise, when I first woke up but I'm back to serious discomfort now. I HATE this. I don't mind the nausea, fatigue, etc., because those are clear symptoms of pregnancy (and as I told DH yesterday, I would have given ANYTHING to have continued that this past spring) but the infection is a horse of another color. It can go away quickly. I hope I start feeling better today. I can't keep lying around with ice packs.


My next appt is Nov 14th - I'll be 10 1/2 weeks then according to the last ultrasound. I hope they'll do an ultrasound that day too just for my own reassurance. If they can't find a hb I'm sure they will.


Everybody's been awfully quiet - is it because everyone's feeling "off"? (: That's a good reason.

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Wonderful countrymouse!!!

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Woke up yesterday with a head cold. I swear we are catching everything there is to catch here!! We had the whole head cold/breathing junk the same week I had my BFP and had barely gotten over it and some house organizing done when Bug had his big allergic/anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Then we barely got past that and it was relatives visiting and spotting to worry about. Then we had like one week's reprieve and then more spotting and just as that cleared up, BOOM...another head cold!! At least Bug seems like he's escaped the crud this time.


But between the cold, the nausea, and just the general fact that I am fast approaching not only the point at which I started losing Paisley, but also approaching Riley's should-have-been due date...I'm lying low for a bit. I am trying not to focus on the losses too much and just concentrate on the fact that I have an appointment finally this next Tuesday. So yeah, that's me...though I did poke my head in the June DDC. I don't think I'll announce on my other forum till the week after Thanksgiving (when I'm 12 weeks) and probably wait a couple more weeks after that till I announce on Facebook, my blog, etc.

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To be honest, I don't want to seem braggy since I'm further along. I'm past the worst part as far as worry goes. I tend to lurk a lot, at least here.

AFM, things are plugging along. Our little guy is getting more active, and DD was able to feel him rolling around from the outside. I tried to make a costume using an iron on that looked like an x-ray of momma and baby. I followed the directions and the darn thing melted on me! I had to cut a stencil, and got half of the painting done last night. Now DH and DD want one, too. I cut fast food to go in their bellies.

I'm freaking huge, too. It is so ridiculous. I look about 7 months pregnant. I lost 20 lbs in the first trimester with DD, so now none of my fitted maternity blouses work. I've been wearing a lot of yoga pants, gauchos, and stretchy shirts. I weigh now about what I weighed when I gave birth to DD, but without being completely swollen. I eat pretty well, but I tend to pack on the pounds even with the recommended amount of calories. Luckily most of it seems to be going to my belly. My hips are wider, but I luckily haven't gained a lot there.

I'm mostly over the last infusion, too. Recovery was easier this time, so I'm hoping it continues to get easier. Once you've had it a few times, usually the side effects are easier to deal with. I'm still bruised like crazy, though. The nurses at the infusion center are great with starting IV's, and I can tell they feel bad when I'm bruised all over. My veins are getting harder to access, and I want a medi-port, but I have to wait until after the little guy is born. I'll probably wait until nursing is established, and then get it done. The good news is that the gamma globulin that I get enhances colostrum, so it is beneficial in the first few days.
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Cameragirl- You aren't bragging!  It's exciting to read where you are at in your pregnancy.  That sounds like a cute halloween costume.  Glad you are over the last infusion.  You have quite a journey.  


Rainey and Matushka- Hope you both feel better soon.  Sickness on top of pregnancy is gnarly.


Hope you all are hanging in there!  I'm still nauseous but I'm at the point where I just have to throw up and get it over with.  I actually started eating some real food yesterday.  Just a few bites but it did help.  I haven't tried those preggo pops.  Maybe I will.  


Ok, back to the couch.  -thecountrymouse

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If it helps any, preggo pops are okay. Lemon drops are less expensive and may work as well. You might want to try root beer candies or popsicles. A nurse midwife recommended root beer, and while it sounds funny, it helped me some. I'm sure you've heard the other "fixes", which may or may not help. With DD, the only thing that really helped was Zofran. My jerk of a doctor didn't prescribe it until 5 months when I flat out told him to, and all because he said my insurance wouldn't cover it. He never checked to see if it would, and wouldn't give me the name of the "other drug that is too expensive" so I could check on my own. I don't see that guy anymore. My current OB said to just call her if I feel too nauseous, and she'll write a script. This time I started on 100 mg of B6, milk thistle, red raspberry leaf, and nettles before the pregnancy. It seems to have helped, but the hormonal differences of having a boy might have something to do with it.
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I've not been reading for a few days, trying to stay busy and not get on the computer. I'm putting my last ditch effort in to get this house finished up, and also spending any spare time outside of that reading homeschool curriculums.


countrymouse, so glad everything is okay and you got to see how big your baby is! how exciting. is the acupuncture and energy work leaving lasting results? i'm sorry you are feeling so yuck!


zub, good to hear from you and I am glad you are starting to feel a tad bit more that this baby might stick around. I really think everything is fine, but I also understand your hesitation to trust doctors. I'm not even seeing a doctor if that tells you how I feel about them.


Gotta run for now, thinking of you ladies frequently!

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Glad to hear everything is going well, countrymouse!  Sounds like the little bean is getting bigger (and probably nestling in tighter!). 

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Ugh- my blood work came back and I have antibodies.  I am RH-.  The antibodies could be left over from the Rhogam shot I had after the miscarriage in July or could be antibodies that my body made from that miscarriage or this recent spotting.   I just had more blood work done because they can tell the difference between antibodies from Rhogam or the attacking kind.  This is all really confusing.  If my body made antibodies, then it could attack and kill the baby.  I am just wrapping my head around this and I don't completely understand how it works.  I am trying to stay positive and just go on facts.  My aunt lost 8 babies due to the RH factor (this was a long time ago) but this is the modern world.  

I'm going to post this under I'm Pregnant to see if anyone has had this problem.  

This is not easy.  -thecountrymouse

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Countrymouse- My cousin's wife is RH- and had to get the shots with both of her pregnancies..I honestly don't know too much about it, but I know that getting the shots did help her;) Keep us posted..hang in there:)


AFM- Not much to report. Made it through the day helping out at DD school thanks to my preggie pops:)

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hey ladies, not much to report here - days are dragging by of course - I just want to get the the point where I feel I can call to make my first appointment.  I'm waiting until next week. 


MAnna- I have a question for you.  I started taking B6 and aspirin while TTC after I heard about from you and others on another thread.  Do you continue to take these into the first trimester and beyond?

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I'm still taking them. Since I knew it would be a while before I could get to a doctor (and, as it turns out, a good doctor) I asked an OBGYN friend of mine in another state and she said to continue taking it well into the second trimester (the aspirin). To be honest, I'm not positive about the B6.

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Peeking in with a suggestion. I think you guys should do monthly threads so people can take turns being threadkeeper and it doesn't turn into one monstrously long thread. So maybe a November one this Tuesday? Back into the wind I go!

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A quick hello... Life is very stressful here between pregnancy sickness, a constant sense that this isn't going to work out, my Dad in hospital, and trying to plan a move.


But, 3surfboys, I would continue the b6, but perhaps split it up into doses throughout the day 3 x 25mg as it helps a lot with pregnancy nausea, etc.


Countrymouse, oof, I am so sorry. Another stress that you do not need... Are you going to be able to talk to someone properly about it soon?


Good idea, Gem! I miss you!

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Hi everyone,just popping in to say hello. Lots of morning sickness around here. That's wonderful! you know what I mean. :-)
I am going to schedule my 20wk soon and am thinking about going to a diffemt peri. I have had some doubts about the quality of u/s images from 12 week screeng. I had a friend who is a sonagrapher look at them and she told me the measurements are probably off bc the images were not taken correctly. I had suspected this early on but not knowg much about it I asked her. The tech rushed through our exam. I also know they made a mistake in one of the reports they sent me and when I asked about it they didn't answer my question directly. I don't trust their tech and my gut is telling me I need to go somewhere else. Ugh i hate doing the dr search. Btw 17 weeks today. And since I had an amnio I know I'm having a girl!
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A girl, yay Snadaska!

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