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What vitamins for unvax'd 16mo?

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Can someone recommend a great vitamin for a 16mo who is non vaccinated? She still breastfeeds but I am pregnant so it's not as much milk.

Pediatrician recommended flouride because we have none here where we live.

I'd like a vitamin regime that's practical for her age but will help her immune system.

Can someone recommend brands that are good but inexpensive?

And what about probiotics?
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Dooooon't use fluoride, please!! Please!

The type of fluoride that is beneficial is calcium fluoride. The type of fluoride that is added to water supplies, toothpaste, and nursery water is sodium fluoride, a dangerous toxin. Check out calcium fluoride cell salts, which is probably what you want.

The fluoride deception... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7319752042352089988



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So what keeps teeth healthy? I don't want my DD to be like everyone here... Everyone, and I mean everyone is toothless! Bc ofthe no flouride thing.

Any suggestions on vitamins to give to boost immune system?
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Xylitol toothpaste is an effective way to keep teeth healthy. We are a fluoride free home, its not in our water or toothapste, and we are all cavity free.


I give my DD vitamin C and D all winter long, along with cod liver oil and probiotics.

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How do you know the dosage for a 16mo? What brands? Do they make any multi vitamins with pure fish oils and vit D without all the junk additives? I can't find any vitamins for under 2 yrs old.
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I have given DD 250 mg vit C and 1000 IU Vitamin from October to May since she was 1 year old. I give her a multivitamin twice a week to cover any nutritional gaps, but her diet is pretty healthy.


I give DD this multi. She gets 1/2 a tablet but I imagine you could do 1/4 tablet.



I give DD 1/2 of this vitamin C. I used to crush it up before she had molars and give it to her in applesauce.



I give her this Vitamin D.



I give her this Cod Liver Oil. She just chews the capsule. Its lemon flavor.,



We use this toothpaste.



I forgot to add that bone broths are a good source of dietary fluoride.

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