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new mom in PSL, FL

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I'm a new mom, who is new to this site... I was veey excited to find a site where people share a parenting style similar to whag I hope to.do with my DD. most people in my life think its going to 'spoil' my daughter if I hold her all the time, let her sleep in my bed, and don't let her cry so she can learn to 'soothe herself'... I have no experience in raising a child, but that just sounds WRONG! how can this precious little girl not be held and comforted all the time?
Anyway... just thought i'd introduce myself. I'm 26, married, I feel my baby is a miracle baby, because I had 4 miscarriages, and surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on my ovary before I was finally blessed with her! Its been a rough road, but she is.sooo worth it!
So, thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you!
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Hey! Just moved from the PSL area and wish I could've met you! Not sure if you're looking for a doctor for you or your kids but I've got to recommend this family practice http://twofloridadocs.com/ . Dr. Punger is awesome and very supportive of the AP lifestyle and breastfeeding. She's also an IBCLC so if you need any help with that. Also, if you're looking for breastfeeding support or even just to meet other like minded AP moms you may want to check out Le Leche League of the Treasure Coast. I think they meet like every 3rd  Thurs at the PSL WIC office, but check llli.org just to be sure. If you're into resale, Boomerang Consignment also a pretty cool children & maternity consignment shop off of Selivitz Rd. They also sell cloth diapers and one of the girls makes slings and all the cute little bows & tutu's for girls. Definately worth checking out. Good luck and congrats on your little one!

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