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Roid Rage!!!

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The last week or so has been so bad. I'm usually the most laid back person, I'm good at not letting things make me mad or upset, but wow I'm reaching record levels of hulk mania lately. Things that usually annoy me make me want to yell, knock stuff over or perhaps even blow things up. My poor husband has been putting up with me, but I don't know for how much longer. Last pregnancy I must have really voided out this part because I don't remember being so out of control. 


Please commiserate here if you're dealing with the same thing!!

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I have had a few days of some really bad tempers!!

I blew up over him forgetting to rinse out his glass when he was done drinking milk (my big pet peeve with him...) to the point that I ended up sobbing on the floor after acting like a two year old in a temper tantrum...

After I felt a bit better and less irritated, he laughed with/at me about it. :P

I think it's us getting used to the wonderful new hormones in our bodies.

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Haha nice! I'm glad I'm not the only one acting crazy!

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I yelled at a lady in 7-11.  She was holding up the line having a longwinded political discussion with the cashier, wherein they agreed loudly that it was socialism for them to have to pay school taxes when they didn't have any kids.  I really needed to pay for my candy so I could eat it and I get so sick of the type of views being expressed also and ended up asking, very loudly, 'DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL?  YES?  THEN YOU ALREADY GOT YOURS FROM SCHOOL TAXES AND NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO PAY IT BACK!!!!'  The cashier made a snarky remark about people taking politics too seriously and I asked him if he had been educated, paid and tried to take deep breaths until the candy joy kicked in.  I really, REALLY do not do this kind of thing, EVER.  Don't spout ignorance while delaying my candy binges.  I am not to be trifled with.

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Layne - that is the absolute best!!! Generally if I hear people saying very misinformed things it's all I can do to keep my mouth shut.  In the state I'm in I don't think I could help myself either. It would just fall right out of my mouth.  The rage being used for good ;)

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Hahah Layne that is AWESOME!!!  I HATE it when people hold up a line because of CHATTING.  SO RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Layne, that is awesome!


I'm also experience a boost of something. I've been in a few meetings at work where people were just being difficult. Usually I would be the easy-going, friendly, impartial boss. But I find myself making clear decisions, saying, "this is how we're going to do it." It's super weird. And afterward I feel like kind of a B. Is this how men feel all the time?



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I've had the same thing happen a lot lately.  Usually I'm pretty passive but people are really ticking me off these days!!!!


Oh - and btw.....when I read the title of this thread at first I thought it was about hemorrhoids.  lol.gif

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Ha!  Those really make me angry too!  Actually, I get them with every pregnancy, so it may be roid rage yet!

Originally Posted by Lisoula View Post


Oh - and btw.....when I read the title of this thread at first I thought it was about hemorrhoids.  lol.gif


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I am a crying ball or hormones this go around. DH has been wondering when I will yell at him over not getting the right flavor of ice cream, LOL. All I can do right now is cry and beg him to snuggle me all day.

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LOL this is me too!!! I'm so emotional! I couldn't find the pair of jeans I wanted to wear the other day and almost burst into tears. Everything makes me cry! And when DH tried to take me out on a date night to a movie --- omg! I cried through the whole thing. 

Originally Posted by Goddess3_2005 View Post

I am a crying ball or hormones this go around. DH has been wondering when I will yell at him over not getting the right flavor of ice cream, LOL. All I can do right now is cry and beg him to snuggle me all day.


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Lisoula - hemorrhoids, lol! Yeah this is another pregnancy perk - luckily not an issue yet......


Doing much better today. There's got to be some biological reason for the out of whack emotions. 

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I wonder if there's a correlation between rage vs. weepiness and boy vs. girl.  I was really weepy with DD and this time I'm full of rage.  Hmm...


ETA: I hope that doesn't sound sexist, I didn't mean it that way.

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My poor husband.  Its a wonder he agrees to impregnate me with how much of a b**** I am when I am pregnant.  That poor poor man.  Now if only he would stop doing things that piss me off....

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I feel you on the rage. I really have to keep it in check at work (I'm a teacher) but some of my darlings make it quite a challenge! I keep finding myself saying things like, "Does Mrs. ___ like to repeat the directions fifteen times?!" and all the kids groan "Nooooo." Sheepish.gif

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I have totally been short tempered!

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Yeah....add me to the short tempered list. DH totally can't handle it when I snap at him which I have been doing on a regular basis. He takes it totally personally and goes off to sulk and ruins the rest of his/my/our day because of it, which makes me even MORE angry.


Add into that cranky and miserable customers at work, two toddlers with regular toddler problems, and by the end of the day I am ready to explode. Someone else posted about wanting to blow things up. I totally get that. I want to yell and scream and throw and smash thing on a pretty regular basis but usually manage to get by with a snarky comment said through gritted teeth, which is pretty good if you ask me. If I yell it's usually at the kids and/or DH :( Or the dog :*(


I can't remember if this is permanent through pregnancy or not. I know I can be absolutely evil post partum, especially when I'm getting closer to starting a period again (I get mega, mega PMS without the period when I'm breastfeeding. Weird, no?)



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Bubblema - I'm not sure it's related to sex or not. I vaguely remember going through both the weepy and rage with my last!


Astraia - I'm glad you can relate. The rage is real!


I started tossing f bombs last night when the dog decided to have an "accident" all over my bedroom. My little girl ran in an said, what's wrong mommy. I felt bad about going so off at that point, I put myself in timeout for 5 minutes. I did pretty good throughout the day, just the evening I was out of control for like 2 hours. Hopefully this passes soon or I will be putting myself in timeout or taking long walks around the neighborhood to cool off!!!

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lol..You guys made me chuckle. I snapped at my poor husband last night. Our cat of 10 years is scheduled to be put down today (I think, and part of me hopes because of his quality of life) and my husband started griping about vets and how they always guilt trip you into spending $600 you don't have to keep the cat alive for 3 months more (long story there) and I said "Oh well I guess I can just get diseased from steopping in his poop and pee cause he cant make it to the chux pads!" I was soooo angry and emotional. He blew it off and then I did.

I 'get' what he was trying to say, and for good reason.

I was just angry at the moment. I guess I wanted him to be sad with me?

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