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I like Naemah. Mostly, I just think it's sounds beautiful, but the meaning is great too. It means "To live a comfortable and happy life."

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Our daughter is Ayla Mahalia, both names are Hebrew. Ayla means "oak tree" in Hebrew, which we chose because she was the beginning of our roots as a family. It also means "halo of light around the moon" in Turkish, which I found out later. Mahalia is "tender one". smile.gif

 Ayla is a gorgeous name, and I love the meanings!!! 

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Bump....still havent decided :-)

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Shoshana (rose)

Aviva (springtime)

Lila/Laila (night)

Lifsha ("Beloved" in Yiddish)

Aliza (joyful)

Liora (my light)

Malka (queen)

Marni (rejoyce)

Rina (joy) 


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Emet is a really heavy name to give a kid, just saying.  I toyed with it for DS but was talked out of it by all my from israeli friends ;)  And my daughter has a chet in her name, people manage.


Vered also means rose

Penina (pearl)

Nediva (gift)
Ophira (golden)

Ilanit (little tree)

Gafnit (little vine)

Nitzan (bud - and I think traditionally a boys name)

Nava (pleasant)

Neshamah (soul)

Priel/Prielle (fruit of Gd)

Simcha  (joy)

Orli  (golden light)

Zohar  (kabbalistic sefer)

Tzofia - just really cool ;)



b'shaa tova and mazal tov!  :)

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I really love Rebekah, but if you're into meanings, it apparently means "snare" which isn't so positive, although I guess an alternate meaning is "captivating".


I also love Rachel/Rahel. It means "ewe", but is symbolic of purity.

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My current favorite Hebrew name for a girl is Dafna, which means Laurel tree (same as Daphne).  Funnily enough, my husband (who is Israeli) actually prefers Daphne to Dafna.

By the way, the name Ashira might have something to do with singing, but it also means wealthy/rich woman in Hebrew.  I think it's beautiful in any case, a middle name could modify it to define what kind of wealth it refers to e.g. Ashira Gil (rich in joy) or Ashira Emet (rich in truth).



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My Hebrew name is Yeeska (for Jessica). I love my Hebrew name!

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Thankyou everyone. Very helpful. Mmm, Ashira Emet, might beat  straight Emet, Ashira Gil, lovely.

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I also love the names Daphna and Yeeska as well. What does Yeeska mean?

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