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Is this weaning?

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Over the past week or so, my 2.5 year old has stopped sucking when he nurses.  I am 24 weeks pregnant, and when I first got pregnant he was nursing about 4 times a day.  For the past several months it has been 1-2 times a day, at nap and bedtime.  I think it has been a while since I actually had milk, but he would always suck still.  Now, he puts his lips around my nipple and holds.  Sometimes he falls asleep in that position.  He hasn't sucked in a week.  Is this him weaning?

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I don't have any experience with this, but since u didn't have any other responses i figured i would add my 2 cents. It does seem like at the moment for some reason or another he is disinterested. Could it be due to a low supply that he doesn't feel like working hard for a small reward but still enjoys the closeness? Maybe continue letting him if he wants even if he is not sucking. If it truly is weaning time will tell for sure. Are u still producing milk? He may not have much choice now after not drinking any milk fir a week.
Good luck!
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Weaning is the process. It sounds like he is weaned. It is great that you nursed him for so long! You might throw him a little weaning party, take him out to eat, or give him a special gift to mark this as a passage in his life. It is a happy time!

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I don't think it's weaning. 


It's probably just him not getting any milk so he doesn't want to do all the work for nothing. Once your new baby is born (if your DS doesn't decide to stop nursing by then) I'm sure he'll be back to sucking like he normally does. 

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Why I think he is weaned is that he isn't sucking and he isn't getting milk. Being weaned is the point when the child no longer gets mother's milk. Some women's supply goes down in pregnancy but their child will continure to suck. We don't know if they are getting milk. Some children will wean in pregnancy and then start nursing again after the baby is worn.  

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I definitely haven't had milk for a while, but he kept on sucking until this last week.  It just surprised me a little, as I had got myself thinking he would dry suck throughout the pregnancy.  I guess I just have to see what happens as we go along!

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This is EXACTLY what my ds did (same age as yours & while I was pregnant as well). He would continue to ask to nurse, latch on & then not actually suck. He did that for a few weeks & then the requests to nurse slowed down until one day I realized he hadn't asked in several days. It was very gradual. I thought it was funny but maybe it's not actually that unusual.
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